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Infinity Mirror
Maximum Entropy
RMX (Mixed By Man Without Country)
King Complex
King Complex EP
Man Without Country Dec 16, 2018
Another #1. Thank you Paul Boddy. 🙏🏻
Man Without Country Dec 14, 2018
Thank you Rayna from Albumism for this! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Man Without Country Dec 07, 2018
Thank you to everyone who's supported me this year. The feedback on the album has been nothing but amazing. Due to family commitments live performances will continue to be selective, but there'll be more projects and sounds to come in 2019. 🖤🙏🏻
Man Without Country Dec 04, 2018
'Lafayette' is included among THE ELECTRICITY CLUB's 30 best songs of 2018. Can't fault these guys for their continuous kindness and support. 🙏🖤 ->
Man Without Country Nov 27, 2018
‪What a special night. Thank you to everyone who made it out, particularly those who’d travelled from abroad.‬ ‪Also a shout out to Empathy Test who were an absolute treat, and to Sam of Killing Moon for organising the night.‬ ‪📷 = Fuat Orbit / Electricity Club
Man Without Country Nov 26, 2018
‪Tonight’s the night pals! Please, PLEASE make sure your arrive as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Doors 7:30pm, Empathy Test 8pm, MWC 9pm.‬
Man Without Country Nov 23, 2018
It's that time of year again... just added these signed reversible lyric posters, as well as 20% discount on absolutely everything from CDs, LPs, downloads and long-sleeves at Enter the promo code 'AchillesDealz' before it expires!
Man Without Country Nov 22, 2018
Deadsea nu-gazin’ (also featuring shitty camera audio)!
Man Without Country Nov 22, 2018
Entropy studio jammin’ (featuring shitty audio from camera). Catch you next week, Landan!
Man Without Country Nov 17, 2018
Catch me on Beth Elfyn's BBC Radio Wales show tonight from 7pm - talking about the 1st record I ever bought, favourite soundtracks, my "desert island discs" and more! Listen live or later at
Man Without Country Nov 14, 2018
Just cruised passed the 33k monthly listeners mark on Spotify... Here's track #10 - 'Alcohol & Adrenaline - Re-Imagined (feat. Secular Ghost)' from #InfinityMirror. Also on YouTube:
Man Without Country Nov 13, 2018
It feels pretty mad to be typing this... but not only is my London show completely sold out - more tickets have been reserved than the room has capacity for. For guaranteed entry please be sure to arrive as early as possible!
Man Without Country Nov 11, 2018
"C-A-A 2.0". #InfinityMirror track #7 - Skeletons. Other streaming services ->
Man Without Country Nov 10, 2018
#InfinityMirror - the new self-produced album is out now and available worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and in physical formats. -> "...this is absolutely outstanding" - THE ELECTRICITY CLUB ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Buzz Magazine Wales
Man Without Country Nov 09, 2018
"If I can't trust you I'll never trust anyone". #InfinityMirror track #5 - Never Trust Anyone. Other streaming services ->
Man Without Country Nov 08, 2018
"It returns, it goes away. I think I'm out of the woods the minute something opens the gate". #InfinityMirror track #4 - Beta Blocker. Other streaming services ->
Man Without Country Nov 07, 2018
The #InfinityMirror deluxe CD edition includes bonus tracks 'Idiot's Lantern' and 'Jaws of Life - Stripped Version'. Grab one at -> — Products shown: Infinity Mirror - Deluxe Digipak CD.
Man Without Country Nov 05, 2018
“I never lost the sense that I don’t belong”. #InfinityMirror track #1 - Preface. Other streaming services ->
Man Without Country Nov 01, 2018
The #InfinityMirror vinyl edition is spread across two clear discs for optimum quality. Grab one at -> — Products shown: Infinity Mirror - Double Clear-Disk Vinyl.
Man Without Country Oct 31, 2018
Check out this fantastic new EP released today. Psyched to have been a part of it. 🙏
Man Without Country Oct 29, 2018
Delighted to announce that the mighty Empathy Test will be main support for my album release show in London on November 26th. Only a handful of tickets left so grab them while you can at
Man Without Country Oct 28, 2018
Belatedly introducing the super-limited, super-deluxe #InfinityMirror USB drive... Contains the album in 24-Bit wav format, bonus tracks, my first ever sample library, remix stems, desktop images, videos and GIFs. Only 2 of original 10 remain! ->
Man Without Country Oct 26, 2018
It is here. Blood, sweat, tears - all that stuff. I’m very proud and thankful to all of you. Clear-disk double vinyl, deluxe CD & USB, lossless and streaming services all available at > > > 🙏🙏🙏 — Products shown: Infinity Mirror - Double Clear-Disk Vinyl and Infinity Mirror - Deluxe Digipak CD.
Man Without Country Oct 24, 2018
Eager beavers rejoice! You can now listen to #InfinityMirror in full via NBHAP 48 hours before its release!
Man Without Country Oct 22, 2018
Tasty treats. Let the shipping commence! 🚚🚚🚚 ->