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In the Wind
Magic Giant
Wonderbus Wonderbus 2019
Venue: Wonderbus Festival (Columbus, OH, US) Find tickets
Camp Misfits Camp Misfits 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Mendocino, CA, US) Find tickets
MAGIC GIANT Aug 11, 2019
Getting back together and hitting the pavement this week in the studio. What sort of things do you want to hear on the next MG record?
MAGIC GIANT Aug 09, 2019
Camp Misfits Update: Cabins and Teepees are officially sold out! A few Adirondacks and Lux Cabins available. See you in the Redwoods!!!
MAGIC GIANT Aug 08, 2019
Hopin n prayin for a free ticket to WonderBus in Columbus, OH? Tag a friend in our IG post and we'll pick a couple random winners later today. BAM!
MAGIC GIANT Aug 04, 2019
Happy Kosta day! Say something you love about this multi-talented hottie patottie Greek man. Our Kosta with the Mosta, Koco Beach, Kostaki, DJ Staki, Konstantinos, Kōöøsta, 1/2 of the Jazztell, or as Kathie Lee likes to call him, Woody!
MAGIC GIANT Aug 02, 2019
Zambricki: “Kosta, you’re such a jazz cat!” Zang:
MAGIC GIANT Aug 01, 2019
Summer lovin’ had me a blast Summer lovin’ happened so fast
MAGIC GIANT Jul 31, 2019
So inspired how Mike Posner at the top of his career left everything to tackle the simple yet massive goal of walking across America... and now is over halfway, having walked over 1600 miles in the past 108 days! So much adoration for this mensch right here. Thank you for Mike Posner for showing us not to wait till tomorrow, but to live today.
MAGIC GIANT Jul 29, 2019
Find yourself a man who looks at you the way Zambroccoli looks at Zang at the farmers market
MAGIC GIANT Jul 26, 2019
MAGIC GIANT's cover photo
MAGIC GIANT Jul 26, 2019
We can’t get Camp out of our head! New songs, new memories... Camp Misfits 2019 here we come!
MAGIC GIANT Jul 25, 2019
Anything you say or do may be used against you
MAGIC GIANT Jul 23, 2019
We’ll miss you Firefly Music Festival!!
MAGIC GIANT Jul 22, 2019
Holy smokes! TWO MONTHS TILL CAMP MISFITS and it’s almost sold out! Prices rise tonight at midnight EST. Can’t wait to get back in the Redwoods with you!!
MAGIC GIANT Jul 18, 2019
Camp Misfits year 2 here we goooo!! We’re beyond excited to announce these incredible artists rocking out with us in the California Redwoods under the stars! Only a small batch of tickets left. Prices rise Monday at midnight. Let’s go!!!
MAGIC GIANT Jul 18, 2019
Who’s coming to the 2069 reunion tour?
MAGIC GIANT Jul 15, 2019
How many bassists does it take... #happybirthday Jerry Schueler
MAGIC GIANT Jul 15, 2019
How many bassists does it take... #happybirthday Jerry Schueler
MAGIC GIANT Jul 13, 2019
We back Chicago!!!! Free 101 WKQX block party banger TONIGHT. We play at 8:30 - corner of N Oakley & W Belmont
MAGIC GIANT Jul 11, 2019
Family portrait. Who’s the daddy?
MAGIC GIANT Jul 03, 2019
We gave @Zambricki a mullet for his birthday. What did you get him?
MAGIC GIANT Jul 01, 2019
Are the dog days really over tho?
MAGIC GIANT Jun 28, 2019
Gratitude to everyone who submitted for the Daydreamers scholarship. We were moved by your stories and excited to roast some s’mores with the winners at Camp. Shout out to @capstagramm and an anonymous donor for sponsoring these beautiful souls! See you in the forest in less than 3 months!!
MAGIC GIANT Jun 26, 2019
Well that was insane!
MAGIC GIANT Jun 22, 2019
MAGIC GIANT Jun 20, 2019
We are psyched to be apart of this one, Miami Beach Pop! Join us for 3 days in the sand on Miami Beach 🏝 Tickets on sale Friday at 10am est.