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fabric49: Magda
Nezhen pritsel
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Zlatnite Hitove na Payner 12 - Magda
Magda Aug 24, 2019
my biggest apologies to everyone in st. petersburg and moscow for not being able to make it tonight :( i will be back soon for a makeup date Mutabor Hi-Hat
Magda Aug 08, 2019
i am so very sad that my favorite festival has been cancelled due to weather this weekend :( so much hard work and love has gone into this third year and it just breaks my heart. @houghtonfestival @bartist_agency @geistagency @therealcraigrichards #windblows @blotter_trax
Magda Jul 31, 2019
preparing and experimenting for our @blottertrax live show @houghtonfestival august 11th! :) #dirtyelectrofunk
Magda Jul 13, 2019
lookin good! @danaruh @yenzo_wildlife @up_music_festival
Magda Jul 12, 2019
what an incredible location and vibe yesterday in prague @boilerroomtv @up_music_festival!!! from the truly entertaining train ride with @andrewjamesgustav and @_brunoschmidt_ to the metronome!! unforgettable day @blotter_trax
Magda Jul 06, 2019
Magda's cover photo
Magda Jul 05, 2019
what a magical night on the terrace on monday @circolocoibiza! so good to see all of you and play my new record :) @phrank #electrofunk @blotter_trax
Magda Jul 04, 2019
i want to say a huge thanks to native instruments for this nice article about sound design. it’s always a pleasure to collaborate like this. #blottertrax
Magda Jul 04, 2019
I am super happy that our next blotter trax release is out now on frustrated funk! thank you for all your support :) #blottertrax #frustratedfunk
Magda Jul 04, 2019
Magda's cover photo
Magda Jul 04, 2019
i am super happy that our next blotter trax release is out now on frustrated funk! grateful for all the support :) @blotter_trax #frustratedfunk
Magda Jul 01, 2019
managed to get past the scorching heat and huge wind gusts yesterday... so much fun closing the fusion festival!... spaceship take me please @bartist_agency #fusionfestival2019
Magda Jun 30, 2019
yessss... made it to fusion at last. can’t wait for this set!
Magda Jun 15, 2019
cosmic squirrel nation @mikeservito
Magda Jun 14, 2019
real cayooot....week 2 of our b2b USA tour. starting in boston @makeitnew_official tonight! #electrosquirrels @mikeservito @bartist_agency
Magda Jun 04, 2019
Magda's cover photo
Magda Jun 04, 2019
yesssss it all starts this thursday in seattle :) can't wait for my B2B tour with @mikeservito
Magda May 06, 2019
monday reunion @[email protected] @isnisnt.jesse
Magda May 05, 2019
Magda's cover photo
Magda Apr 24, 2019
i can't wait to join this wonderful crew in london again fabriclondon!!!
Magda Mar 15, 2019
thanks frustrated funk for our blotter trax release!!! super honored :) feeling the artwork. #frustratedfunk #clonedotnl #blottertrax
Magda Feb 27, 2019
i’m very excited for this collaboration between kookoo and perm this friday at ohm and to play some special tunes :) @letsgokookoo @baby_vulture @mieko_suzuki_
Magda Feb 23, 2019
so looking forward to this evening @closerkiev and playing an extra special long set :) #ravetildawn
Magda Jan 23, 2019
this is our first blotter trax live performance at fabriclondon on february 2nd and i couldn't be happier! TB Arthur and i will be premiering new material and playing alongside my old friend seth. detroit in the house!
Magda Jan 18, 2019
im súper excited to be back in dubai tonight!!! let’s make this one as good as last time :)