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Multisensory Aesthetic Experience
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Destination: Beautiful
The Everglow
Destination: B-Sides
Mae Jun 04, 2019
Thanks to everyone who hung out with us at BreakFEST this past weekend, and thanks to New Found Glory for having us. If you missed it, here's a review from Billboard.
Mae May 29, 2019
Come hang with Mae and me, Chad and NFG and list of rad bands while we celebrate my favorite meal with Breakfest. Local coffee, juice, and breakfast items pair well with live music. It will be an excellent multisensory experience! This Sunday, June 2nd. -Dave
Mae May 15, 2019
Happy birthday to our rock and rock n’ roll purist! We love you Zach!
Mae Apr 23, 2019
I had the great pleasure of taking @melissamccrack to see the record breaking Hilma af Klint exhibit at @guggenheim. Melissa is an incredible artist. She is a painter who has synesthesia and experiences music in color. This experience is then rendered as a work of visual art. Her creation is breathtaking and as soon as you understand it as a visual expression of a musical experience, it will come to life in an even more profound way. She is also the artist who created our album cover art for Multisensory Aesthetic Experience. In the early 1900’s @kandinskywassily was busy “creating” the field of abstract art by painting his own experiences of music. He is also someone who has been referenced as synesthetic and a whole new form of visual art came out of that unique way of creating a visual expression of a “non-object” - in this case painting a song. While the entire story of western modern art flows out of that narrative, it is alas an incomplete story. In fact, @hilmaafklintofficial was creating abstraction several years earlier.. Her story is now finally being told to the world and the impact has been truly extraordinary. In addition to breaking attendance records at the Guggenheim, it is fundamentally shifting the cultural narrative and restoring credit to where it was due. The exhibition closes imminently and I strongly encourage anyone who can to go and see it. - Jacob
Mae Apr 20, 2019
Hang out with Dave tomorrow night as he plays “The Everglow” from start to finish live and online. Show starts at 9:00 pm EST Tickets available at: • • #theeverglow #prologue #epilogue #weresofaraway #someoneelsesarms #suspension #thisissthecountdown #painless #theocean #breakdown #mistakesweknewweweremaking #coverme #readyandwaitingtofall #anything #thesunandthemoon #stageit #acoustic #live #online
Mae Apr 13, 2019
Happy Record Store Day! Our brand new album, Multisensory Aesthetic Experience is available everywhere now! Go to you local record store and pick up/order your vinyl copy today! • • • #whatismae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #longlivemae #sing #theoverview #5lightyears #nopromises #youfallwhenyouhesitate #ourloveisapaintedpicture #araceforourautonomy #letitdie #simplewords #flow #kaleidoscope
Mae Apr 13, 2019
Dave hits the online stage tonight to play his first Saturday evening show of “The StageIt Sessions” tour. Each Saturday at 9:00 pm EST hang out live with Dave as he takes you through every Mae album with acoustic performances and stories celebrating our releases. He’ll also take an evening and celebrate his Schematic album, Color (n.) Inside the Lines. Tonight he’ll be performing Destination: Beautiful from beginning to end and also playing a few songs from Destination: B-Sides. Top supporters will receive thank you gifts from Dave directly and everyone who joins will be in for many treats. Get your tickets at: or Click on the link in @_daveelkins_ bio. @ Schematic Studios
Mae Apr 12, 2019
First ever headline tour. Most recent headline tour. We’ll play anywhere on the bill with people we love who write songs we’ve been singing and will keep singing for years! • #mae #whatismae #destinationbeautiful #copeland #beneathmedicinetree #matthewthiessen #relientk #longlivemae #maetour #maetour2004 #2004 #embersandenvelopes #summertime #givingitaway #goodbyegoodnight #multisensoryaestheticexperience #5lightyears #letitdie #araceforourautonomy #maetour2019 #2019 #tbt
Mae Apr 06, 2019
Tag a band/artist in the comments and let us know who you’d like to see Mae tour with next. We’re looking forward to playing for you again soon! • • • #mae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #maeontour #longlivemae #tourlife #destinationbeautiful #theeverglow #singularity #morning #afternoon #evening #rock #indierock #alternative #music #toothandnail #maeinternational #maeglobal
Mae Apr 05, 2019
Remembering our very first tour in Japan 15 years ago today! Having just been back to Osaka and Tokyo last month, we are as grateful as ever for our Japanese fans and their warmth and connection to us. Thank you Japan! Where in the world should we play next?! You tell us! • • • #mae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #maeinjapan #longlivemae #japanese #japan #destinationbeautiful #destinationjapan #destinationtokyo #theeverglow #singularity #morning #afternoon #evening #fromtoledototokyo #rock #indierock #alternative #music #toothandnail #drumkan #osaka #nagoya #maeinternational #maeglobal
Mae Mar 29, 2019
Happy birthday to The Everglow! • On this day fourteen years ago our second album, The Everglow was released. We are so grateful to all of our family, friends, and fans who have supported us for years and years. The Everglow was a celebration and illustration of that support, as we told our story and instantly had it become your story. It still blows our minds how this album has affected you! • Would you be so kind today as to tell a story you have associated with The Everglow? We are eternally grateful for you. Thank you for allowing the story of The Everglow to continue to grow with your own stories! • We love you! -mae • • • #mae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #theeverglow #longlivemae #weresofaraway #someoneelsesarms #suspension #thisisthecountdown #painless #theocean #breakdown #mistakesweknewweweremaking #coverme #readyandwaitingtofall #anything #thesunandthemoon
Mae Mar 28, 2019
Dave has another online acoustic performance planned for this Saturday evening (3/30) at 9:00pm EST. Swipe left to see the set list and click the link in our bio to get yourself a ticket. • He’ll be singing and playing live from Schematic Studios and rewarding top supporters with handwritten set lists, t-shirts, signed CDs and more! @ Schematic Studios
Mae Mar 28, 2019
“Open up until you know there’s more than either/or” • • #mae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #sing #melody #alternative #indierock #longlivemae #123 #synthpop #rocknroll
Mae Mar 26, 2019
And then we’ll talk about forgiveness. It’s the way that we can love each other. Let it die so that death can bring life again. Hold it high what is left is a light again. #mae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #letitdie #forgiveness #alternative #indierock #longlivemae #sugarcubes #symmetrylabs
Mae Mar 24, 2019
We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! • We love you! • • • • #mae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #morning #afternoon #evening #theeverglow #singularity #destinationbeautiful #longlivemae #daveelkins #zachgehring #jacobmarshall #indierock #alternative #music
Mae Mar 24, 2019
In less than one hour, join Dave as he performs live and online! Get your tickets here:
Mae Mar 22, 2019
Congratulations to Dave and his wife as they celebrate the very soon arrival of their first child! • Dave is performing an online acoustic show in two parts tomorrow evening (Saturday 3.23.2019 at 9:00 pm EST) to commemorate the upcoming birth of his daughter and celebrate the 10th anniversary of songs released from (m)(a)(e) & the sweet sixteenth birthday of Destination: Beautiful. • He’ll be playing Mae and Schematic songs and rewarding his top bidders with special and limited items. Click on the link below and get your ticket! This will be a very intimate show that you won’t want to miss!
Mae Mar 22, 2019
Around this time 10 years ago we were wrapping up production on (m)orning. 2 different versions of the EP were released beginning with the limited edition tour only release with scented discs. This was also the start of Cell Records. • “Night/Day” was less than a month away from digital release and “The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love)” was being wrapped up in the studio around this time a decade ago. • Who came out to see us on the (m)orning tour in the spring of 2009? Do you remember the lineup? Our good friend Kenny Vasoli and his band Person L played right before us every night and our soon to be buds Barcelona opened the tour every night. What a show! • Please share your favorite (m)orning and (m)orning tour experience with us! We would love to hear from you! • What (m)orning songs would you like to hear on our next tour? The whole album perhaps?! • • • #longlivemae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #amelodythememory #morning #mae #music #alternative #indierock #melodicrock #melody #memory #thehousethatfirebuilt #boomerang #nightday #thefishermansong #weallneedlove #2009 #2009tour
Mae Mar 21, 2019
Happy first day of spring! • On this day 10 years ago we released the song, “A Melody, The Memory” independently as part of our 2009 song per month campaign. • Anyone who saw us on tour last fall knows that we played this song every night. • This song brings nostalgia and romance together over a song and a moment. Please share with us your favorite memory from a favorite song of yours. The power and ability that music has to bring us back to a place of remembrance is so amazing! We celebrated that 10 years ago and we celebrate it again today. Happy birthday “A.M.T.M!” • Is that your song I hear playing? Because I’m feeling it too Does it take all direction and control over you? When you sing do you slip away back to that place in your mind? Let our love be the one thing you won’t leave behind Rewind and play It’s time to go backwards again I’m moved by the way all the notes in time make the melody Hold me and sway into the moment we share Where we can stay so attached to the memory How I long just to hold you And see you let go as we dance I know you’re reminiscing through our romance Can you hear the piano and the pulse of the drums? Does the tune and the groove bring you back to our love? Oh come and find it honey Rewind and play It’s time to go backwards again I’m moved by the way all the notes in time make the melody Night into day can we move onward from here? Where we can stay on and on attached to the memory Oh I know you can feel it Let me take you there Rewind and play It’s time to go backwards again I’m moved by the way all the notes in time make a sweet melody Night into day we have been captured again A new time and place to make a million new memories • • • #longlivemae #multisensoryaestheticexperience #amelodythememory #morning #mae #music #alternative #indierock #melodicrock #melody #memory
Mae Mar 20, 2019
Thank you Japan 🇯🇵 @ Kyoto, Japan
Mae Mar 18, 2019
Just another Monday night in Tokyo 🇯🇵❤️🥂
Mae Mar 16, 2019
Osaka! We can’t wait to play for you this evening! Tokyo tomorrow!
Mae Mar 08, 2019
“Everyone of us is an aperture through which the entire cosmos looks out.” Alan Watts Each one of us is a life that is part of the larger system of Life. Certain moments in our lives allow us a glimpse into how we are both at the same time. Have you ever experienced the boundary dissolve between yourself and the larger system of Life? If so, when and how? Mine usually happen in nature... - Jacob #multisensoryaestheticexperience
Mae Feb 28, 2019
Mae babies... young Dave (19) and Jacob (21) sitting on the pier pondering the future.. Next to Dave is another Dave, the one and only Dave Pogge who not only played bass with MAE several times throughout the years but also wrote the current band bio (which is our favorite one ever written). There are so many incredible humans who have been a part of bringing the MAE vision to life throughout the years and we honor all of them. We have always imagined MAE to be more of an experiment in art and community than a band for its own sake. Thank you for being a part of that community. We are continuously humbled to have such a genuine, wonderful group of humans to call our friends, fans and collaborators. 📸 - @josedob3
Mae Feb 25, 2019
Happy Sweet Sixteen to Destination: Beautiful! • Thank you to all of our dear friends and family for 16 years of love and support! • We would love to hear from you today! If you have a favorite song, lyric, or memory from our band’s very first album, please share it with us. • We look forward to sharing some of our favorites memories with you as well. • Much love -mae