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World War III
Attics To Eden (Special Edition)
Attics to Eden
From Them, Through Us, to You (Special Edition)
From Them, Through Us, to You
Madina Lake Jul 26, 2019
We’re playin @KrakenMusicFest on Nov 9th, the first independent rock festival to hit South Florida! Tix on sale Aug 2nd 🤘🏻
Madina Lake Jul 22, 2019
Madina Lake Feb 28, 2019
Attn Chicago - Jerry JBTV Music Television needs a hand. We are honored to join these fantastic artists in the battle v cancer. Your donation gets you a ticket to the show AND SAVES HIS LIFE! Next FRIDAY, MARCH 8 MetroChicago ➡️➡️➡️ Donate:
Madina Lake Jul 20, 2018
Listen up Nottingham pals. Our tour buds Lacey are playing over at the Rescue Rooms in a couple of weeks. We urge you to head down and see them play some of their killer new jams.
Madina Lake Nov 25, 2017
Here is our tribute to the one of my top 3 most inspirational fellows currently surfing life w the rest of us: Kevin Lyman the iconic visionary, who created a fantastical real-world for those on the fringes, untethered..those who’s kaleidoscopes looked different than what they were told it should. Those who migrated to the power or music, family, community, and all the positive virtues of life that they don’t tell you about, because they don’t have an equity interest. Kevin created and floated his world of escapism, suspended of judgement, agenda-free, familial rich, philanthropic, all welcoming, and in most cases, life transforming Vans Warped Tour for anyone to find...we salute you. Thanks for the 25 years my friend! We’re all looking forward to next summer’s finale and to what you’ve got up your sleeve after that. Much love, gratitude, celebration and honor to Kevin and the Warped Tour family for how you changed and improved the world http /
Madina Lake Nov 22, 2017
GET YOUR TIX! Show is almost sold out, let’s pack the joint! — — #Chicago Cobra Lounge Riot Fest THAT LYING BITCH Marina City @El Famous 🎥 live footage by @peteypassion #youtube
Madina Lake Nov 14, 2017
‪We’re coming home! 11/24 Cobra Lounge with Marina City THAT LYING BITCH and El Famous!‬
Madina Lake Nov 10, 2017
Did you miss out on Merch on our recent run? Fear not - we've got you. Pleased to announce our shiny new merch store featuring tour merch and exclusive designs!
Madina Lake Nov 09, 2017
Dear London, Check out Matthew Leone and Marko DeSantis from Sugarcultas they team up for a DJ set at the mighty Facedown Records Nov 17!!!
Madina Lake Nov 08, 2017
Check out some photos from our amazing time on Warped Rewind At Sea!
Madina Lake Nov 08, 2017
Photos from Madina Lake's post
Madina Lake Nov 08, 2017
Covering Thriller on Holloween!
Madina Lake Nov 08, 2017
Warped Rewind At Sea marked the start of something very exciting for the Warped immediate and extended family, thank you Kevin Lyman! #warpedrewind #sixthman #madinalake
Madina Lake Nov 05, 2017
#CHICAGO join us November 24th @cobralounge @riot_fest -Get your tix- Link in bio 🤘#sweethomechicago #musiclovers #goodvibrations #riotfest #madinalake #blackfriday
Madina Lake Oct 30, 2017
Thanks to everyone that came out to our signing yesterday!
Madina Lake Oct 28, 2017
Madina Lake Oct 28, 2017
Warped Rewind At Sea, we’re on our way! ‪Who’s coming?‬
Madina Lake Oct 22, 2017
Madina Lake Oct 12, 2017
#TBT Rock City. Nottingham. Arlene Ball Tour. 2010. Who was there?
Madina Lake Oct 10, 2017
Which songs do you want to hear at our upcoming shows? #MadinaReunion
Madina Lake Oct 08, 2017
We’re less than a month away from hitting the high seas with YOU and so many incredible artists aboard Warped Rewind At Sea! Book your cabin now at and we’ll see you there! #WarpedRewind #MadinaReunion
Madina Lake Oct 05, 2017
Can't wait to see all your lovely faces again! Tickets to our upcoming shows are on sale now! 10/28-11/1 @WarpedRewind 11/24 @CobraLounge in Chicago
Madina Lake Oct 02, 2017
Our band is growing! Welcome, #AtlasRocketLeone. 🤘
Madina Lake Sep 30, 2017
Madina Lake's cover photo
Madina Lake Sep 29, 2017
Tickets are on sale NOW! Get em while they’re hot! Marina City THAT LYING BITCH El Famous