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Into the Night World
Phantom Shadow
Rise of a Digital Nation
A View from the End of the World
Jets 'n' Guns (Original Soundtrack)
Deus Ex Machinae
Machinae Supremacy Jun 25, 2019
Might have to get one. :)
Machinae Supremacy Jun 21, 2019
Today it's Midsummer's Eve in Sweden, but it's also Machinae Supremacy's 19th birthday. Can't believe it ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ So if Machinae Supremacy turns 20 next year, how do we celebrate that? What do we do, to mark the occasion? ♪♫♬
Machinae Supremacy Jun 02, 2019
Our song "Player One" was just added to this playlist. If you use our link to listen, it pushes our song higher in the list or something like that.
Machinae Supremacy May 30, 2019
We are coming to Nordsken 2019 and Game over - Music Festival this weekend! Don't miss it! 🤘🎸👾🕹
Machinae Supremacy May 29, 2019
Loading up the car for our trip to and #gameoverfestival2019 🤘📦💯
Machinae Supremacy May 23, 2019
Done! Through the miracle of Moore’s Law (well, sort of), two big cabinets are now one!
Machinae Supremacy May 23, 2019
Wireless monitors and channel mixers
Machinae Supremacy May 23, 2019
Tour gear construction 🚧
Machinae Supremacy May 18, 2019
We found out that Redeemer had only been available on Spotify in 108 of 250 countries because of some old admin system. This is in the process of being resolved now.
Machinae Supremacy May 17, 2019
Which type are you? 😂
Machinae Supremacy May 14, 2019
Oh hello, I didn't see you there :)
Machinae Supremacy May 14, 2019
We have sum geegz coming up. Let us tell you about them! 🙃
Machinae Supremacy May 13, 2019
Theme of the day
Machinae Supremacy May 13, 2019
This seems particularly appropriate today. #NowPlaying
Machinae Supremacy May 06, 2019
Jessica who plays cello on our song "Europa" was on Saturday Night Live this weekend! So cool! 😍
Machinae Supremacy May 06, 2019
Happy birthday, Rob! 👾🤟😎
Machinae Supremacy May 04, 2019
Tribe, Friends and Allies, #maythe4thbewithyou
Machinae Supremacy Mar 10, 2019
We're happy Marvel are celebrating strong women with Captain Marvel and Black Widow entering production soon! Buffy will always hold a place in our hearts, but who's your favorite Action Girl?
Machinae Supremacy Feb 28, 2019
Double U tee eff Rob?!
Machinae Supremacy Jan 29, 2019
Which "March of the Undead" song, in your opinion, captures the vibe of the "zombie apocalypse" best?
Machinae Supremacy Jan 28, 2019
By Aly Wichsen @awichsen #pixelart #fanart 🎊💝
Machinae Supremacy Jan 20, 2019
Do you stay silent when you scream within?
Machinae Supremacy Jan 14, 2019
We’re coming to Finland in August! 🤘😀 See you there! Tickets: Event:
Machinae Supremacy Jan 11, 2019
Today marks a fine day in the MaSu space. Please wish our badass bassman Gordon a very Happy Birthday!
Machinae Supremacy Jan 07, 2019
You guys just _have_ to check out The Epic 8 — a squad of Finnish E-sports YouTubers going up against the pros in this series. First episode out now! BONUS: We made the intro music!