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so sad so sexy
I Never Learn
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Lykke Li Aug 15, 2019
Lykke Li Aug 14, 2019
tomorrow at 10:30am pt 💋 ask me anything about music, YOLA DÍA & more on Reddit baby
Lykke Li Aug 13, 2019
Lykke Li Jul 26, 2019
still sad, still sexy ep out now 🌹🌹 let's dance & cry at YOLA DÍA in a few weeks YOLADIA.COM
Lykke Li Jul 11, 2019
come see me and the new songs, my last show before i go hibernate again, and god knows if and when i will be back YOLA DÍA 🍾🦋
Lykke Li Jul 11, 2019
Lykke Li x Skrillex x Ty Dolla $ign - two nights part ii 💋✨ out now still sad still sexy EP coming July 26.
Lykke Li Jul 09, 2019
🥀 Spotify
Lykke Li Jun 21, 2019
this was one of the most special moments I’ve had the honor to be a part of as a singer and songwriter. recording live at the shangri la studios minutes after writing the song. to be in the presence of such legend, new and old! thank you @iammarkronson for letting me a part of this truly special and sacred album. i loved every minute of it. thank you for being open about your pain and letting us women channel ours. i will remember this moment forever. i love you and this album very very much and i can’t believe it’s finally out! @iammarkronson #latenightfeelings #2am
Lykke Li Jun 17, 2019
sex money feelings die remix is playin on Spotify's shisha lounge playlist 🌹💋
Lykke Li Jun 13, 2019
LA, don’t forget. Get tix:
Lykke Li Jun 13, 2019
Lykke Li Jun 08, 2019
🎂this baby turns 1 yrs old today🎂 one of the hardest things I ever done was to finish this album within some mega stormy circumstances; births, deaths, separations, crisis after crisis. It helped me survive the hardest years of my life and sometimes that is all you really can wish for. You write to survive. And then let it go so you can be free. I’m proud of you baby and I hope you found some hearts along the way who felt the same. x LL
Lykke Li May 28, 2019
Change is inevitable and sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can fall together. Due to conflicts and production issues beyond our control, we are now changing the date, changing the name, but keeping all the good vibes. More heart, more women, more summer, more food, more wine, more mezcal. August 18th could not come soon enough! Thank you for your flexibility. I love ya’ll
Lykke Li May 13, 2019
Lykke Li Apr 23, 2019
Meow Wolf
Lykke Li Apr 23, 2019
#LateNightFeelings video w/ Mark Ronson out now ✨💋
Lykke Li Apr 23, 2019
YOLA FEST // June 8th // LA Historic Park 🌸✨ tickets on sale now late night feelings w/ Mark Ronson
Lykke Li Apr 18, 2019
lazy people with good vibes only at YOLA FEST 💕 read more on Highsnobiety
Lykke Li Apr 16, 2019
spoke with Second Life Podcast about my music career, YOLA MEZCAL + being in the moment ✨ listen now:
Lykke Li Apr 12, 2019
YOLA FEST // June 8th // LA Historic Park 🌸✨ tickets on sale now
Lykke Li Apr 12, 2019
YOLA FEST // June 8th // LA Historic Park 🌸✨ tickets on sale now
Lykke Li Apr 12, 2019
late night feelings out now 💔🌹 Mark Ronson
Lykke Li Apr 05, 2019
Lykke Li Apr 03, 2019
IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING, MY WOMEN, MY GUITARS! WE WILL GATHER UNDER THE STARS TO SING AND DANCE, AND DRINK AND GRIND, AND FIGHT THE FIGHT! FROM YOLA MEZCAL AND ME, THIS WILL BE THE PLACE TO BE! Los Angeles, join us on June 8th for YOLA FEST presented by YOLA MEZCAL at LA Historic Park. Tickets are on sale this Friday, April 5th at 10am PT on A portion of the proceeds from every ticket sold will go towards Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles. Can’t wait to see you there ❤️♀️
Lykke Li Feb 04, 2019