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Still Innocence
Summoning the Lost Energy
Through the Ocean to the Stars
Lost In Lustrous Night Skies
Let's Sing!
They Awoke the Scent of Winter
Welcome Winter
Glimpse of Glory
Night Spirit
Lustre Dec 13, 2018
News from Morrowless Music We are proud to announce that Morrowless Music is henceforth distributed worldwide by Sound Pollution Distribution, one of the largest alternative music distribution companies in Scandinavia.
Lustre Dec 12, 2018
Lustre Dec 03, 2018
Embrace this innocent beginning To a chapter of woe and wonder A night all dressed in white The first snow - a token of curiosity
Lustre Nov 21, 2018
Lustre Nov 21, 2018
Important customer information from Morrowless Music The web store launched yesterday was set up to remove taxes from product prices for non-EU customers, though unfortunately set up incorrectly. Product prices in the web store are now set up to show the correct, lower tax-exempt price for non-EU customers. To compensate for those of you (non-EU customers) who already placed your orders, we have e-mailed a code giving you a 25% discount on your next order to the e-mail address you provided at the checkout. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Lustre Nov 19, 2018
NEWS from Morrowless Music Official Lustre merchandise available now! Exclusively at: Since posting the news of my newly started record label Morrowless Music a few weeks ago, we have been working hard day and night, dead set on establishing a serious, dedicated label right from the outset. While planning our very first album release, we are proud to present three official Lustre t-shirts, available for purchase exclusively from the Morrowless Music web store: Don't forget to have a glance at the various, though thus far limited, other titles available in the web store. The stock is very limited on some products, which means they might sell out quickly, never to re-stock. You can choose to get your copy signed from projects such as Lustre, EITR, Nachtzeit, and Starlit. All necessary information is provided when placing your order. For now, we accept payment with PayPal only (you can still pay with credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account). We ship worldwide and the shipping cost is based on weight. Your order will be shipped within 1-2 working days, unless other information is presented on the website. Please contact us at [email protected] or PM us on the Morrowless Music Facebook page in case any issue or inconvenience arises. Don't forget to follow Morrowless Music on Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: You are more than welcome to share these news. Best regards, Nachtzeit [email protected]
Lustre Oct 22, 2018
: N E W S : I am at an early stage of starting a record label to be known as Morrowless Music. From here on, future releases of Lustre, EITR, and Nachtzeit will be made through this label. A website will be up soon at The vision I have for Morrowless Music is to be an outlet for musical art reminding me of what I cherish within the subcultures and musical expressions nowadays referred to as "Atmospheric/Epic Black Metal", "Ambient Black Metal", and "Dark Ambient/Dungeon Synth". Naturally, I wish to get in touch with artists/bands interested in being part of Morrowless Music. To be clear, whether or not you identify with the genres stated above is rather irrelevant to me in the end. If I appreciate what you do and it fits the vision I have for this label, then I'm all ears. Do not hesitate and send an e-mail to: [email protected] ...or PM me on the official Morrowless Music Facebook page: I both tend and aim to be rather picky with regards to what music I truly appreciate, and therefore naturally also what music I wish to release on this label. Morrowless Music will have a close collaboration with Nordvis from the outset. Keep your eyes open for the following upcoming releases on Morrowless Music: Lustre - "Echoes of Transcendence" (T-Shirt) Lustre - "Lunar Light" (T-Shirt) Lustre - "The First Beauty" (T-Shirt) You are more than welcome to share this post, and to inform the world of Morrowless Music. Best regards, Nachtzeit
Lustre Oct 03, 2018
EITR - "Elden" Solen svartnar, land segnar i havet, från himlen kastas klara stjärnorna. Eld fräser mot flammande eld, högt leker hettan mot himlen själv.
Lustre Sep 21, 2018
One of my all time favourite songs. Let me know one of yours.
Lustre Sep 12, 2018
Yesterday I received my copies of "Hädanfärden" and the first official EITR T-Shirt, from Nordvis. I am really happy with the result and all the positive feedback I have received so far. Thank you. Follow this link to order your copies:
Lustre Sep 06, 2018
EITR's debut album "Hädanfärden" in its entirety.
Lustre Aug 17, 2018
EITR - "Hädanfärden" OUT NOW! The debut album "Hädanfärden" of my new project EITR is now available in its entirety on Spotify: well as on all other relevant digital platforms. Follow the links below to order your physical copies through Nordvis: Jewel case CD: Silver coloured vinyl: T-Shirt:
Lustre Aug 03, 2018
Two weeks until the release of EITR's debut album "Hädanfärden". Pre-order jewelcase CD, Vinyl and T-Shirt here:
Lustre Jul 25, 2018
Approximate mockup of the "Surtr" t-shirt design that will be printed and released by Nordvis, alongside EITR's debut album "Hädanfärden". Follow EITR on Facebook: Follow EITR on Instagram:
Lustre Jul 17, 2018
Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives says Lustre is split-up. Lustre is NOT split-up, it is merely on hold.
Lustre Jul 05, 2018
Front and back cover for EITR's "Hädanfärden", scheduled for release (CD & vinyl) on August 17th through Nordvis. Tracklist: 1. Drömmarna (The Dreams) 2:49 2. Löftet (The Oath) 8:38 3. Hädanfärden (The Departure) 3:46 4. Tårarna (The Tears) 3:18 5. Elden (The Fire) 6:18 6. Återkomsten (The Return) 5:20 Official YouTube single:
Lustre Jul 04, 2018
Follow my new project EITR on Instagram.
Lustre Jul 03, 2018
Follow my new project EITR on Facebook.
Lustre Jun 19, 2018
The title track from the upcoming debut album “Hädanfärden” by my new project EITR, scheduled for release on August 17th through Nordvis.
Lustre Jun 18, 2018
Click the link below to follow my "personal" Instagram account.
Lustre May 16, 2018
Follow EITR on Instagram.
Lustre May 08, 2018
Follow my new project EITR on Facebook for further news on the upcoming debut album.
Lustre May 05, 2018
Lustre will be put to sleep for a while. In the meantime I will focus on my new project EITR. Instrumental music inspired by norse mythology. A debut album will be released through Nordvis. Six tunes that should speak to fans of Lustre and Burzum's "prison albums". More information to come. The illustration below is not an album cover.
Lustre Apr 27, 2018
"The First Snow", original cover art drawing by Joan Llopis Doménech Illustrations. 40x40cm.