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No Words Left
Work It Out (Deluxe)
Something's Changing (Remixes)
Something's Changing
Something's Changing
Nebraska (Remixes)
Live at Urchin Studios
Work It Out (Deluxe)
Work It Out
Like I Used To
Moseley Folk & Arts Festival Moseley Folk & Arts Festival 2019
Venue: Moseley Park (Moseley, UK) Find tickets
Lucy Rose and Sama Dams with Samantha Crain and The Sheers at Mississippi Studios (September 25, 2019)
Venue: Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
Lucy Rose with Samantha Crain at Felton Music Hall (September 28, 2019)
Venue: Felton Music Hall (Felton, CA, US) Find tickets
Lucy Rose at Fabrique Club (October 5, 2019)
Venue: Fabrique Club (São Paulo, Brazil) Find tickets
Lucy Rose Aug 21, 2019
Day-dreaming about past and future tours once more. It’s always a haze, a mixture of excitement and exhaustion, with the hope of doing good. At the end of the year I’ll play one of the most meaningful gigs of my career so far at the Barbican in London. I’m not wishing away the next few months but I’ve certainly started counting down the days.
Lucy Rose Aug 14, 2019
My last festival of the season is Moseley Folk & Arts Festival joining some brilliant artists. Hope to see some of you there.
Lucy Rose Aug 10, 2019
Happy Saturday to you all ❤️! Ok my tip of the day/month/year/decade is to follow Chartreuse! I’ve never done this before but I seriously believe in this group of extraordinary musicians and their first release will be coming out ...... soon! Would be amazing if you could join them at the beginning of their journey. Thanks guys x
Lucy Rose Aug 07, 2019
growing out
Lucy Rose Jul 24, 2019
Hello friends. Sorry it’s been a while. But life has been very beautiful recently, I’ve been lucky enough to play some really love shows and travel a bit. The last couple weeks I’ve been experiencing the folk scene at Winnipeg Folk Festival and Vancouver Folk Festival. So much amazing music out there, it was a beautiful time. But I’m back home now, preparing for some UK festivals this weekend. All in all, I wanted to let you know I’m good. I’ve started writing for the next thing and I feel excited about the future once more. I wonder a lot about how you guys are doing, I wonder how I can ever thank you for being here with me. I wonder if you’ll ever know the difference that you make. I hope you do. I’ve attached some photos of my last few months, it’s nice to look back at them and remember.
Lucy Rose Jul 05, 2019
‪In 2007 I travelled to London to see my favourite artist Scott Matthews play a show and since that point he’s been one of my greatest influences. His music has carried me through life and I’m beyond delighted to announce he will be supporting me at my Barbican show in London. ‬
Lucy Rose Jun 27, 2019
2.30pm, Friday 28th June, The Acoustic Stage, Glastonbury Festival
Lucy Rose Jun 24, 2019
For those who haven’t been able to come see us play live, I wanted to make something for you. It’s been really special for me to play these songs with these incredible musicians, it’s brought me a lot of happiness. Watch here:
Lucy Rose Jun 16, 2019
We’ve been away on tour for a month, starting in Mexico, onto LA, Australia and then SE Asia. Tonight we are playing in Bangkok and tomorrow we head home in preparation of Glastonbury next weekend. At this point I’m not sure when I’ll next be touring like this but I have some final dates for this album on my website, festivals, Canada, Brazil and finishing with a one off show in London at the Barbican. For all who have managed to get to a show thanks for making it worth it and for those who haven’t, I’ve made some special live performances for you. Keep an eye out, they’ll be out soon.
Lucy Rose Jun 12, 2019
tonight we play a show in Kuching
Lucy Rose Jun 08, 2019
making friends
Lucy Rose Jun 05, 2019
An album that made me feel so vulnerable and exposed, being accepted as something worth spending time with. Thank you The Guardian.
Lucy Rose May 29, 2019
treat me like a woman
Lucy Rose May 23, 2019
Played some songs off my new record for The Quay Sessions with Roddy Hart. You can watch below.
Lucy Rose May 17, 2019
love playing music with these guys
Lucy Rose May 10, 2019
European tour is done! Finishing in Paris last night where Alain Bib took some photos. My next show is in Mexico City, then onto LA and Australia. Big thanks again to everyone who came to see us play and to all the in-house crew and promoters who looked after us in each venue.
Lucy Rose May 09, 2019
Acoustic Stage, Glastonbury Festival ❤️
Lucy Rose May 02, 2019
Back on the road again today. Spending the next week playing shows around Europe. Feels good. The sky is blue, there’s plenty of smiles and looking forward to some delicious beers. And I got a new guitar which has opened my mind. New songs on the horizon. Also Will’s brought his film camera so there will be more photos for you guys. Here’s some from our week around the UK, where we were all fighting the norovirus, we can laugh about it now. Also we have Will’s cousin Tom selling merch for us, his first time to Germany and he’s so excited, so go say hello to him! And of course Samantha Crain our support act has joined us in the van and is bringing the most amazing positive energy. I wish we could always tour together. That’s it for now, back to the journey.
Lucy Rose Apr 30, 2019
Eu finalmente estou voltando para o BRASIL em outubro! 🇧🇷 Vejo vocês com o meu novo show em 4 cidades: Porto Alegre (02) no Teatro Unisinos, Curitiba (03) no Teatro Bom Jesus, São Paulo (05) no Fabrique e Rio de Janeiro (06) no Teatro Odisséia. Compre já o seu ingresso aqui:
Lucy Rose Apr 28, 2019
Cologne, Brussels, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Paris.... you are next!
Lucy Rose Apr 24, 2019
It feels like in ways I’ve been the most open I’ve ever been and in other ways I’ve been the most distant. I think that’s down to me being in some sort of survival mode because of the honesty of the record and what it means to me but I’ve missed chatting to you guys. So I’m gonna do an Instagram live tomorrow evening 5pm BST where you can ask me as many questions about the album and film and anything really. Hope to see you tomorrow.
Lucy Rose Apr 21, 2019
Last week I finished my UK/Ireland tour. I had no idea what to expect playing the new record live or how it would feel. I’m still trying to understand the mixture of emotions I experienced every night but the one thing I know is that you, the people in the audience brought the joy. Thank you so much for coming to these shows, supporting me, understanding and accepting me. This year I only have one more headline show in the UK and it will be at the Barbican in London. I really can’t wait! Happy Easter 🐣
Lucy Rose Apr 18, 2019
Last year, I asked you guys to vote for me to come and play in your hometown. As you may know, the town with the most votes was Kuching in Malaysia and I’m pleased to announced the date I’ll be coming to visit and play is Wednesday 12th June! I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw the result of the votes. I've done hundreds and hundreds of gigs over the last ten years and the place that most people wanted me to come play I've never been to before. I feel so bad I haven’t been sooner but so excited to be going! As always feel very lucky to be able to visit a new place, have new experiences, meet new people and learn how on earth people in Kuching ever heard of my music in the first place. I’m also playing two other dates in Asia: Far East Square, Singapore on Friday 14th June and Live Arena Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday 16th June. Full details and tickets for all shows are available from my website:
Lucy Rose Apr 09, 2019
My tour starts today and in a venue I’ve always wanted to play, Union Chapel. Been looking forward to this for.... well it feels like a very long time. Last month I played an open mic to try and deal with my nerves before a show. I got there at 7pm put my name down, number 29 on the list, watched 28 musicians play their songs and at 10.20pm I could play my two songs. By then I was so keen to get up and play my songs my nerves had almost disappeared. It reminded me of the endless years of open mics I did just like this, waiting for my turn, my chance to play my songs dreaming that one day I could play my own show to people that wanted to see me play. Yes my nerves most definitely will still be there this evening but they won’t overcome the huge gratitude that I feel being able to play my own show to people who came to see me. It feels as surreal as ever. See you later.
Lucy Rose Apr 08, 2019
As you may know my husband Will Morris is the man behind the camera and all the artwork and photos for No Words Left. We’ve spent a lot of time putting this book together, so it feels really special to be holding one. We have only made 100 books and there won’t be a re-run. You can find them at the merch stand at my shows.