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Something's Changing (Remixes)
Work It Out (Deluxe)
Something's Changing
Something's Changing
Nebraska (Remixes)
Live at Urchin Studios
Work It Out (Deluxe)
Work It Out
Like I Used To
Lucy Rose Nov 17, 2018
‪I’ll write whatever you want..... ‬ ‪
Lucy Rose Oct 09, 2018
These past few months I’ve been enjoying taking long walks. Playing music, listening to music, reading books, drinking beer and in all honesty being away from my phone. Life is so complicated but I’ve found simplifying it has helped me find the joy I’ve been missing. I’ve nearly finished my new record, you will have it early next year. Please love yourself. Lucy x
Lucy Rose Sep 20, 2018
I've managed to get some lyric sheets for Shiver finished. Join my mailing list to find out how to get your hands on one.
Lucy Rose Sep 12, 2018
Due to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to join Passenger on the rest of his worldwide tour. I’m really sorry, I hope I haven’t let anyone down. Lucy x
Lucy Rose Sep 01, 2018
This will be something special !
Lucy Rose Jul 10, 2018
I’ve made one more video for you too, to go with JM∆C remix of Strangest Of Ways. Another spontaneous shoot where I stopped the car after crossing the border into Austria on my European tour and then asked my husband Will Morris to film it for me. Was quite surreal listening to the remix in this awesome landscape. Watch now:
Lucy Rose Jul 06, 2018
Huge thanks to for writing this piece about my remixes and all the delicious gear the artists used to make them. Music geeks dig in!
Lucy Rose Jul 06, 2018
Making a Something’s Changing remixes album was just an idea to start with, where I wanted to get friends and musicians I loved to remix some of my songs, mainly because I was hoping something would come out of it that you would enjoy. Today the whole remix record comes out and there’s a huge variety and range of music on there for you. Have a listen and let me know which ones you are enjoying!
Lucy Rose Jun 22, 2018
The video for the remix of 'Is This Called Home' was filmed in Prague the day I had a show there and Anatole had sent over the song. I wanted one video to have a more human aspect so we shot it in the busiest area in Prague, it’s a beautiful city & full of life so it makes the perfect backdrop. Watch now:
Lucy Rose Jun 22, 2018
The next pair of ‘Something’s Changing' remixes are out today! I feel very privileged to have had the hugely talented Anatole rework my track ‘Is This Called Home’ and the equally awesome Otzeki add their magic to ‘All That Fear’. Listen now:
Lucy Rose Jun 21, 2018
The video for the amazing Anatole remix of ‘Is This Called Home’ is premiering now on Pilerats. Out everywhere else tomorrow!
Lucy Rose Jun 20, 2018
Nice place to spend your birthday.
Lucy Rose Jun 08, 2018
The video for the Liz Lawrence remix of Moirai was filmed in Minneapolis at the house we were staying at. We were lucky enough to spend most of the North American tour staying with different people so it was nice to be able to capture one of these beautiful places. Watch now on Vevo:
Lucy Rose Jun 08, 2018
The second pair of remixes from the ‘Something’s Changing’ remix album are out today! Liz Lawrence has taken on ‘Moirai’ and Fryars has reimagined ‘Second Chance’ and I think they are both awesome! Listen now:
Lucy Rose May 25, 2018
I didn’t plan to make any music videos for the remixes but I started getting sent them while I was on the road in different places and I thought it would be cool to capture me listening to those remixes when I first got them. The first video was filmed in Fiji where I had a short break in between tours, it really was the perfect setting to listen to this inspiring reimagination of my song 'Intro' by one of my favourite new bands Chartreuse. Filmed by Will Morris and edited by George Cotterhill, watch it now on Vevo:
Lucy Rose May 25, 2018
Incredibly excited to announce the ‘Something’s Changing’ remix album is out on July 6th. I’ve always loved hearing my songs interpreted by other musicians and I can't stop listening to the remixes on this record. The beautiful Chartreuse remix of ‘Intro’ and Connor from JAWS' awesome take on ‘Soak It Up’ are out today and I’ll be releasing a pair of remixes every fortnight until the album comes. Enjoy!
Lucy Rose May 24, 2018
I’ve been working on something special with a few friends of mine, can’t wait to tell you more, check back tomorrow or sign-up here and I’ll drop the news in your inbox tomorrow!
Lucy Rose May 05, 2018
Tonight is my last gig for this album in Valencia. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows last year and this year, it’s been beautiful. See you soon with some new songs, thanks again for sticking with me on this journey x
Lucy Rose Apr 30, 2018
The hugely talented Jon Mackay Illustration has made me other beautiful screen print for my last tours in North America and Europe. He has also done one without dates. If you’d like one then be quick as they will only be online for a couple weeks -§ion_id=22759476
Lucy Rose Apr 26, 2018
Only 6 more shows left and then home! Slipped a couple new songs into the set too....
Lucy Rose Apr 23, 2018
Was lucky enough to have some free time yesterday to wander around Prague, it’s such a beautiful city. This week I’m playing in Warsaw, Poznan, Leipzig, Würzburg and Darmstadt.
Lucy Rose Apr 19, 2018
Hey guys! A little update from the road, I’m a week into my European tour and the next four days I’ll play in Zurich, Munich, Vienna and Prague. Got a new song in the set too, l and working on others. Here’s some photos taken backstage after my show in Amsterdam by Laynamo Photography. Hope you’re all well. Lucy x
Lucy Rose Apr 09, 2018
Feels SO good to be home for a few days but it’s time to pack and get going again and I’m feeling really excited to hit the road in Europe and meet more of you! Also been writing new music so hopefully it won’t be too long till the next record. I’m gonna do an instagram live tomorrow 6pm GMT so get those questions ready! (please excuse the cheesy selfie)
Lucy Rose Apr 04, 2018
I’m heading to Europe next week to play some shows, support comes from my great friend AJIMAL.
Lucy Rose Apr 02, 2018
Huge shout out to the amazing Charlie Cunningham who supported me around the UK and North America, one of the most talented musicians I’ve come across and absolutely hilarious too. Pleasure to share the stage with him every night.