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Hard Lines
The Great Unwanted
Lucky Soul
Lucky.Soul Aug 18, 2019
Hit 200 likes! New content coming soon! 😏😏
Lucky.Soul Aug 07, 2019
A few shots from Bideford Music Day 2019! Big ups to photographer Stuart McConnell!
Lucky.Soul Aug 01, 2019
Aw yeah festival time πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Lucky.Soul Jun 06, 2019
Need to learn some new covers... suggestions?
Lucky.Soul May 10, 2019
A cover from a few years back I did with a talented friend of mine! Take a peak πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Lucky.Soul May 06, 2019
Lucky.Soul May 06, 2019
Lucky.Soul May 06, 2019
Photos from Lucky.Soul's post
Lucky.Soul May 06, 2019
Lucky.Soul Apr 14, 2019
Down at the Riser this afternoon if anyone is keen 😎🎢
Lucky.Soul Apr 04, 2019
Gigging with Kurt tomorrow @ Coopers Bideford see ya there!
Lucky.Soul Mar 20, 2019
I’m back bitches!! Power Trip by J.Cole
Lucky.Soul Apr 18, 2017
So I wrote this song years ago... and recorded this video about a month ago! As always like and share πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Lucky.Soul Oct 12, 2016
Hello beautiful souls! So I think my last link was broken so I took that post down... Well anyway, this is my first take at rap\hip-hop! Made this song for a movie in China. Take a listen! Like, Share, & Comment! Would love to hear what you pretties think! Cheers!
Lucky.Soul Jun 07, 2016
I got 2 videos so far of my performance! Here's the first one!
Lucky.Soul Jun 05, 2016
Lucky.Soul Jun 05, 2016
Oh my fuck so much fun you guys! I went up there and killed it. Fucked the Mic so hard it got a sex change and called herself Macy. The next band didn't know what to do without a Mic.... hahaha. Thanks SAU for the stage and lights and the awesome crowd and vibes. Hopefully have some video soon!
Lucky.Soul Jun 03, 2016
Yo guys! Haven't posted anything in a while... well I'm playing at a festival this Saturday evening.
Lucky.Soul Oct 21, 2015
Of course, I had to play Sweater Weather πŸ˜‰
Lucky.Soul Oct 19, 2015
Bringing my covers to China! Playing at an open mic. They loved me so. Let me open for both sets and close the night down. So awesome!!
Lucky.Soul Oct 19, 2015
Good number of people! Many foreigners! AND I MET A GUY FROM FUCKING LANGLEY?!?!!!!!!!!! Used to work at Willowbrook Mall hahah. Crazy small world.
Lucky.Soul Sep 27, 2015
54 RMB this time!! Yaaaya!!
Lucky.Soul Sep 22, 2015
Made 67RMB busking for an hour! Feeling stoked! πŸ˜€
Lucky.Soul Sep 20, 2015
Busking in China!!! Who else has busked on 2 continents? !??
Lucky.Soul Sep 12, 2015
Played at a bar for my friends birthday! Everyone knows this one so it was cool with everyone joining in. Video/Audio isn't the best but oh well!