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Low Vs Diamond Jul 13, 2018
Hey LVD Fans! Check out Jonny and Lucas' new EP by their band TAMPA the BAND you might enjoy it this summer! It came out today. Follow them on insta and fb. PEACE
Low Vs Diamond Aug 01, 2017
Jonny and Lucas are playing live tonight! for the deets go to TAMPA the BAND
Low Vs Diamond Jul 06, 2017
Low Vs Diamond Mar 21, 2017
Low Vs Diamond Mar 20, 2017
Hey LVD peeps. Jonny and Lucas are playing tomorrow night in their new band TAMPA the BAND at Bootleg Theater at 9:45. Free and fresh. Come say hi!
Low Vs Diamond Oct 14, 2016
HUGE News! LVD frontman Lucas Field and bassist Jonny Pancoast have teamed up again to form an incredible new band called TAMPA. TAMPA's first 3 demos can be heard at The guys are already playing shows around LA, so be on the lookout! Debut EP and Merch to come... LIKE their page for updates. Trust me, you're going to LOVE it.
Low Vs Diamond May 01, 2014
Tad Moore and Howie Diamond of LVD are jamming with The Demons I Knew this Sunday!
Low Vs Diamond Feb 26, 2014
Tad Moore has surfaced..
Low Vs Diamond May 08, 2013
where was this taken?
Low Vs Diamond May 08, 2013
Low Vs Diamond's cover photo
Low Vs Diamond Sep 11, 2012
Untitled Album
Low Vs Diamond May 11, 2012
brought back from the dead :)
Low Vs Diamond May 11, 2012
Low Vs Diamond's cover photo
Low Vs Diamond May 05, 2012
If you haven't checked out the new summery rocker from Soft Pipes, you can stream it now at!
Low Vs Diamond Jan 13, 2012
SF Peepes Come on down tonight at happy hour free @ 5pm and tomorrow at 7pm... YES IT IS!
Low Vs Diamond Jan 11, 2012
Portland People come out to see Lucas play tonight at Mississippi Studios!
Low Vs Diamond Jan 10, 2012
Low Vs Diamond Jan 06, 2012
Filter Love... tour starts Wednesday in P-Town
Low Vs Diamond Dec 27, 2011
Lucas Field west coast tour dates announced...Happy New Year, see you at the show-----
Low Vs Diamond Dec 12, 2011
LVD peeps! You miss those guitars? Watch former LVD guitarist Anthony Polcino aka Soft Pipes play live for strangers in their homes for a very cool, very original new web series called "Knock and Rock." View all the videos at
Low Vs Diamond Dec 05, 2011
Hear Soft Pipes (LVD guitarist Anthony Polcino) on MTV's "Friendzone" this week! "Stay Pretty" will be featured on Wed. 12/7 with an on screen ID and "You Heard Me Calling" will be featured on Thu. 12/8. Get your adolescent tv fix!
Low Vs Diamond Nov 15, 2011
Lucas's record is out today on amazon and itunes, so go BUY IT and look for him on tour soon! this record is the shit!
Low Vs Diamond Oct 28, 2011
Brooklyn based blog The Wild Honey Pie is now featuring a behind the scenes mini documentary on the making of Anthony's project Soft Pipes new EP, "Stay Pretty." Have a look, won't you? Sharing and liking the Soft Pipes page on Facebook is also highly appreciated. Enjoy!
Low Vs Diamond Oct 26, 2011
LVD people....check it and like lucas field's facebook