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Dust into Diamonds (10th Anniversary Album)
Watch Out!
Pretend or Surrender
Lovex Nov 09, 2018
Hello World! Ylex is searching for best finnish rock songs. Go vote for Guardian Angel and have yourself a spectacular weekend! -The1
Lovex Apr 30, 2018
Hyvää vappua kaikille!!😎🤘🏻🥂🤪 - Lovex -
Lovex Apr 27, 2018
Finally, it's the weekend!! 😎🤘
Lovex Mar 12, 2018
Have a nice week!! 😊
Lovex Dec 21, 2017
HO-HO-HO and Merry Christmas!!! 🎄✨ We decided to release a single called "The Game" as a Christmas present to all of you guys and... it's out right NOW!! -Lovex-
Lovex Aug 05, 2017
#Superman #suomi100 #lovex
Lovex Jul 13, 2017
Thank you for the great music and pioneering for the finnish bands like Lovex! #him
Lovex Jun 10, 2017
Have a nice weekend and thanks for supporting us!! 😎 👌🏻 Btw. Have you found any new favourites from our new album? Personally I'm so proud that this one is finally out! -Christian-
Lovex Jun 08, 2017
Dust Into Diamonds | 10th Anniversary Album is finally OUT!!! Guys.. this is really something special for us!! When you look at all those song titles (new singles and old ones) you´ll suddenly notice that it is more than ten years long journey together (time sure flies..😳) So much great memories, lots of different countries and different cities, more than 350 gigs all together etc. That all means a lot for us! We have absolutely the best fans from all over the world so thank you all and Cheers ❤️😎🍾 Christian & Lovex
Lovex Jun 08, 2017
ARE YOU READY???!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Lovex Jun 06, 2017
Lovex May 28, 2017
#lovex #backinbusiness
Lovex May 10, 2017
Hi guys!! We are really excited to announce that Dust Into Diamonds - 10th Anniversary Album will be released 02.06.2017!! Here you can find some pre-order links:
Lovex Apr 28, 2017
OMG!! The single called "Dust Into Diamonds" is out NOW!! For the first time in our career it´s also out worldwide incl. USA! (That´s something that lot of people have been asking during the years) So we are really happy, proud and ready to celebrate!! 🍾🥂
Lovex Apr 27, 2017
Wait a minute... 🤔 That's TOMORROW!!! 😱💎💎💎
Lovex Apr 25, 2017
Wanna see us live before I look like the guy on the right? If yes, go to ! And hey, Dust into Diamonds out on FRIDAY!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥🔥💎💎💎💎 -The1
Lovex Apr 21, 2017
Have a nice weekend guys!! 🥂 😎 And remember, Dust Into Diamonds will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 28th of April. Here you can find pre-order links:
Lovex Mar 18, 2017
#partytime #excellent #lovex remember to vote on #stagelink
Lovex Mar 18, 2017
We wish all the best today for Teemu Packalen who is facing a tough opponent at #UFCLondon. We had an honor to work with Teemu when we filmed a music video for a song called Dust Into Diamonds!! Have you guys already watched the video?
Lovex Mar 12, 2017
Have u guys already voted? If not.. ► PLEASE VOTE HERE:
Lovex Mar 09, 2017
Lovex's cover photo
Lovex Mar 09, 2017
We are planning live shows and tour for this year!! But where should we go? Let us know by voting for your city ► VOTE:
Lovex Mar 08, 2017
Fans out there! Tomorrow something really exciting's comin up! Stay tuned to find out what's going on here ⚡️#LOVEXlive
Lovex Feb 21, 2017
Lovex promo pictures 2017!! (Photos by Carolin Büttner Photography)