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The Bottom Line Archive Series: In Their Own Words with Vin Scelsa
The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box
Le Bataclan (Live) [Remastered]
The Essential Lou Reed (Remastered)
Lou Live And Wild - [The Dave Cash Collection]
Berlin: Live At St. Ann’s Warehouse
The Creation of the Universe
Animal Serenade (Live)
The Raven (Expanded Edition)
The Raven
The Bells
The Blue Mask
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Metal Machine Music
Rock and Roll Heart
Growing Up In Public
Perfect Night In London (Live)
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Between Thought and Expression: The Lou Reed Anthology
Magic and Loss
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Lou Reed Oct 29, 2018
In January 1979, Lou Reed and John Cale dropped by WPIX to chat and share some tunes. This is one of the most entertaining radio programs I've ever heard, with Lou's wit on full display alongside his excellent playlist. Absolutely give this a listen if you've never heard it before.
Lou Reed Oct 28, 2018
Lee Ranaldo & The Dust (with Thurson Moore) covered Rock 'n' Roll a few weeks after Lou's passing. Here's a recording from that show in London on November 21, 2013
Lou Reed Oct 27, 2018
There's a bit of magic in everything And then some loss to even things out - Please share your memories of Lou in the comments
Lou Reed Oct 22, 2018
Don Fleming recently gave an interview about the Lou Reed Archive Collection at NYPL The New York Public Library including what sort of material people will be able to access once it's made available to the public.
Lou Reed Aug 06, 2018
I happen to love Andy Warhol, period, and I just think he's fantastic. -Lou Reed Andy Warhol was born 90 years ago today. With Lou in 1976, photo by Mick Rock.
Lou Reed Jul 30, 2018
Producer Sean Slade describes a smokin' recording session with Lou Reed.
Lou Reed Jul 24, 2018
45 years ago July 1973 RCA Records released Lou's third solo album 'Berlin'. After panning the album on it's release Rolling Stone magazine later included it in their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. When asked if he felt vindicated, Lou said, "For what? I always liked Berlin." Listen @YouTube: Listen @Spotify:
Lou Reed Jul 09, 2018
#OTD 9JUL2002 'Legendary Lou Reed' is released by BMG International - a compilation of Lou's work from his eponymous debut in 1972 to his fourteenth studio album Mistrial in 1986. The compilation featured fifty songs. What Lou Reed solo songs would be on your 'Best of' Lou Reed album?
Lou Reed May 22, 2018
Tomorrow: Anne Waldman and Laurie Anderson read from Do Angels Need Haircuts?, along with Don Fleming, Merrill Reed Weiner (the rocker’s sister), and Hal Willner. Pick at The New Yorker: Free to the public:
Lou Reed May 17, 2018
Laurie Anderson spoke with The Times and The Sunday Times about Lou's rare early poetry, and the new book, Do Angels Need Haircuts?, that the Lou Reed Archive just published with Anthology. Read:
Lou Reed May 11, 2018
#FanArtFriday A pencil portrait by Paola Lomuscio.
Lou Reed May 08, 2018
"He has a melodic sense that's just well above anyone else in rock & roll. Most people could not sing some of his melodies. He can really go for a high note. Take 'Satellite of Love,' on my Transformer album. There's a part at the very end where his voice goes all the way up. It's fabulous.” -Lou quote on David Bowie's backing vocal. In 1973 Lou released his single of "Satellite of Love” on RCA Records. Produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson. Here’s the picture sleeve from the Netherlands. Stream:
Lou Reed May 02, 2018
Lou Reed May 01, 2018
Do Angels Need Haircuts?: Early Poems by Lou Reed, with Laurie Anderson, Anne Waldman and Friends Please join us on May 22nd for this free event at NYPL The New York Public Library to celebrate the release of the Anthology Editions/Lou Reed Archive publication of 'Do Angels Need Haircuts?.' Ticket Reservations:
Lou Reed May 01, 2018
In August of 1970, 28-year-old Lou Reed quit the Velvet Underground, moved home to Long Island, and began writing poetry. In relative isolation, Lou wrote poems and “very short stories,” contributing his work to journals and small press publications. “I’m a poet,” he proclaimed from the stage of St. Mark’s Church in March 1971. Though his retirement from music wouldn’t last—only six months later he began recording his debut solo album—Lou’s passionate identification with the written word was solidified, and would last the rest of his life. Do Angels Need Haircuts? is a snapshot of this lesser-known parallel path in Lou’s creative output as a writer. This book, the first to be produced by the Lou Reed Archive, gathers Lou's poems and stories from the March 1971 reading, photographs from the era—by Mick Rock, Moe Tucker, and others—images from rare poetry zines, and a 7” record of previously unreleased audio of the 1971 St. Mark’s Church reading. Featuring a foreword by Anne Waldman archival notes by Don Fleming and an afterword by Laurie Anderson. Out May 1st. Published by:
Lou Reed Mar 02, 2018
Happy Birthday Lou! There are some exciting projects in the works beginning with the release of Do Angels Need Haircuts?, a book of Lou's unpublished poetry coming in April 2018 by Anthology Editions. info: -the Lou Reed Archive team
Lou Reed Jan 31, 2018
White Light/White Heat 50 years ago today.
Lou Reed Dec 25, 2017
Lou Reed and John Cale. Christmas Day 1977 at Lou's apartment. Photo: Kate Simon
Lou Reed Dec 14, 2017
Nat Finkelstein’s Velvet Underground photos at the Irma Freeman Center. "likely no one captured more early Velvets images than Nat Finkelstein, who (among his many distinctions) was house photographer for Velvets patron Andy Warhol’s Factory" Story:
Lou Reed Dec 14, 2017
In 1994 Lou Reed played guitar on the The Smithereens "Point of No Return." RIP Pat Dinzio. Listen:
Lou Reed Dec 04, 2017
Metal Machine Music 'Lou Reed’s 1975 album has been called one of the worst albums ever made. The truth is it is the product of genuine love and passion, still exhilarating and bursting with possibility four decades on.' Mark Richardson Pitchfork ‏ Read:
Lou Reed Dec 01, 2017
“Between two Aprils I lost two friends/Between two Aprils magic and loss…”. New article on 'Magic and Loss' from Hayim Kobi: Read:
Lou Reed Oct 28, 2017
I've been set free and I've been bound To the memories of yesterday's clowns I've been set free and I've been bound and now I'm set free I'm set free #lyric
Lou Reed Sep 29, 2017
Lou Reed Drones A profile of the Lou Reed Drones event at Brighton Festival, which featured an installation of Lou's guitars and amps in feedback mode. Laurie Anderson, Reed's partner and collaborator, relates how when the exhibition opened in New York, people, including an Iranian bagpipe player, showed up with instruments and stayed all day – she describes the event as ‘a new art form’. Stewart Hurwood, Reed's long-time guitar technician and curator of the exhibition, demonstrates the art of feedback and the sounds on ‘gear-head’ Reed’s 1975 album Metal Machine Music. Filmed by Spike Geilinger of Cinestre Films at Brighton Festival 2016 for BBC Arts.
Lou Reed Aug 25, 2017
Lou Reed and Kris Kristofferson appeared on stage together in February 1994 at NYC's Bottom Line, playing songs and being inteviewed by radio host Vin Scelsa. A double-disc set of the evening will be released on September 15th as part of The Bottom Line Archive Series. Details in this article at Rolling Stone: