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Forever Instant (Sentridoh '93), Vol. 1
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Lou Barlow + missingmen = Sentridoh III
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Goodnight Unknown
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Lou Barlow Jul 09, 2019
== == after sebadoh finished th ‘act surprised’ LP I felt inspired t finally save, consolidate, shift all my old music from cassettes, hard drives (fire wire ☠️), DATs etc... while doing that I was inspired t record new songs with some of th first melodies that floated thru my brain as a teen etc. figuring if I’m still thinking about them now, 30 + years later there would b some value, emotionally, artistically etc. in bringing them back t life.. coincidentally Joyful Noise Records asked me t kick off their Artist Enabler series by providing a stream of unreleased or rare music t those of u that would want t pay $5 a month (digital) t share this (re)discovery process w me.. so far I’ve recorded 4 new songs (working on another 4 this week), compiled an LP worth of the oldest craziest unheard song-collage stuff I could find (same vintage as my early cassette ‘losers’), the Dino Jr demos I did with Dale Crover and plenty more.. check th link for options if u are interested.. you can receive cassettes/lathe cuts for, like, $20 a month.. in the meantime I’ll b using my time between sebadoh and Dino tours archiving/recording.. my favorite thing t do..
Lou Barlow Feb 21, 2019
thank you Las Vegas Weekly
Lou Barlow Feb 18, 2019
(Tina, not Lou) There are a lot of scammers posting that they have tickets to Lou's shows to sell ---but, they don't actually have tickets! I have a list of all purchasers. Please DM me, Tina Dunn, before purchasing tickets anywhere but Eventbrite to make sure they are legit.
Lou Barlow Dec 17, 2018
Tina here, plotting out Lou's next solo leg. Anybody out there in EL PASO? Or should we take an El Passo (see what I did there?) on that fine Texas town?!
Lou Barlow Jun 05, 2018
Well, this is fun!
Lou Barlow May 16, 2018
ETA: Just added 20 tix in Pensacola! Added three new shows today, more to come! June 9 at a Secret Location in Dayton OH June 10 at Gralehaus in Louisville KY June 12 House Show in Pensacola (this show unbelievably already SOLD OUT) Get your ticket below !
Lou Barlow May 15, 2018
Lou Barlow Talks New Sebadoh Album And Why He Hasn’t Heard the New Dinosaur Jr. Single
Lou Barlow May 09, 2018
Buffalo Sold Out. 8 tix left for Cleveland.
Lou Barlow May 09, 2018
Happening now at @NoHo Sound. You all already know what Lou's face looks like so NBD you can't see it in this video.
Lou Barlow May 02, 2018 a new vid for the new tour made of artifacts from the last tour!
Lou Barlow Apr 21, 2018
Lou Barlow Apr 21, 2018
"House shows like this cut through almost all barriers between audience and artist, allowing only the purest communion with music, face to face and warmed by the same fire. It’s as direct a glimpse inside as it gets. This wasn’t just hearing Barlow’s music in a new way, it was engaging Lou Barlow the person."
Lou Barlow Apr 19, 2018
thank you The Buffalo News!
Lou Barlow Apr 19, 2018
Thank you Orlando Weekly!
Lou Barlow Apr 19, 2018
Thanks Flagpole Magazine. >>>>An indie-rock godhead thanks to his work with Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion, Lou Barlow brings his solo acoustic tour to Athens for a stop at our local record-pressing plant. Though he has spent much of the past decade touring and recording with the resurgent Dinosaur Jr., Barlow’s current creative streak finds him reconnecting with his singer-songwriter roots, as heard on 2016’s affecting and efficient Apocalypse Fetish EP. Expect an intimate evening with one of our most underrated songsmiths. According to a press release, “Requests will be taken, stories will be told, and Lou will be in the best setting to share the emotionally direct, melodic songs he’s known for.”
Lou Barlow Apr 13, 2018
Unfortunately, tonight's show in Charlotte at Lunchbox Records has had to be postponed due to a family emergency. The new date is April 24. If you already have tickets, they will be honored on the 24th. If you can't make the new date, email me (Tina) via Eventbrite and I'll refund you. Thank you for understanding.
Lou Barlow Apr 12, 2018
St Petersburg is SOLD OUT. Still tix left for you Floridians in Miami and Jacksonville though Orlando is also SOLD OUT. Going to also announce a bunch of new shows later today, stay tuned!
Lou Barlow Apr 09, 2018
didn't plan it but looks like I got a 7" and vid released the same day my tour starts, dang!
Lou Barlow Mar 29, 2018
my new metal collarbone didn't pop out of my incision during the @dinosaurjr UK tour! (look close and see the remains of the surgical tape) I am experimenting with blue/green screen for a vid for a new tune (7"/digital out soon) I'm working on to remind you all of my UPCOMING (one week away!) US southern states TOUR.. loads of spots left in Philadelphia,Richmond, Savannah, Atlanta, Athens, Miami and pretty much everywhere else I'm going to play these intimate acoustic shows.. my dad is coming with me (for the first time ever) to help with driving and lifting (neither of which I can do well yet) .. it's been a long while since I've toured my songs in their natural form and I'm excited.. please check my events for tix and specifics .. make me look good for the old man.. the shows are early, parent friendly and it's going to be good, I promise.. flying home today (hopefully finishing the video during the flight!)..see you soon..
Lou Barlow Mar 23, 2018
ONE ticket left for the house concert in Orlando! Don't miss this rare intimate performance from Lou! ETA: SOLD OUT! who is next?
Lou Barlow Mar 22, 2018 has a new interview with me up, a mix of music snippets and commentary..the current episode is about 1/2 hour long.. 2 more to come, apparently.. if you haven't heard me go off about my past already or you need to evaluate my career before checking out one of the -14- NEW SHOWS IN THE U.S. i have coming up in April this podcast is a concise, well-produced mix of the two Wellpod hosts chatting, me blabbing and alot of my old cassette material..
Lou Barlow Mar 19, 2018
Sebadoh's Lou Barlow to play intimate house show in Orlando
Lou Barlow Mar 19, 2018
Lou Barlow Mar 18, 2018
Hey Atlanta, who is coming to see Lou solo on April 20?