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Sin and Sinners (U.F.O. Demos)
Shapes of Screams (Bonus Track Version)
I'm a UFO In This City
Say No to the World
LostAlone Aug 19, 2019
Hey everyone here's the video for my song Shipwrecked taken from my new solo record, hope you enoy it. I wrote this in the aftermath of the last LostAlone show so its an intense one! Steven Battelle ps Hope to see some of you London folks at my show in September, tickets here Steven Battelle | London
LostAlone Aug 03, 2019
Great camcorder find!. Backstage warm up with a vocal only Creatures. This is how we warmed up our voices before every show from I’m A UFO In This City album onwards. Lots more footage like this, maybe it’ll end up on a documentary at some point....
LostAlone Aug 02, 2019
Flashback! A) commentating on a Grand Prix? b) being interviewed before laying waste to a festival? #LostAloneForever
LostAlone Jul 17, 2019
My new record is released on Friday! You can grab a signed CD/Vinyl from my site, check out the ace Kerrang! review. Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jun 27, 2019
Throwing back.... The first time we played an arena.
LostAlone Jun 11, 2019
Steven Battelle
LostAlone May 30, 2019
Hey world :) I'm playng a one off show in London in September @Steven Battelle | London Love to see some LA fans for a sing along. Steven Battelle
LostAlone May 26, 2019
Playing my first show in three years. I'll be with my ace live band for my new solo record songs and and I'm going to play a few of my LostAlone songs acoustically. Hope to see some of your faces Steven Battelle | London
LostAlone May 19, 2019
In honour of last weeks Game Of Thrones episode "The Bells" here's our "The Bells! The Bells!!"
LostAlone May 10, 2019
Hey everyone. Really excited to announce my second solo record wll be released on July 19th and is available to preorder now on vinyl/ CD and download. I'll also be playing my first show in three years Steven Battelle | London (tickets on sale now) where I will play songs from my two solo records with my band and then I'm planning on doing a few LostAlone songs acoustically! I really hope to see lots of your faces and hear your voices at the show its been too long! Oh and thanks in advance for preordering my record! @Steven Battelle
LostAlone May 05, 2019
Giving this guitar an airing x
LostAlone Apr 22, 2019
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Apr 18, 2019
Thanks for listening and keeping the music alive
LostAlone Apr 11, 2019
I'll be announcing my first solo headline show in three years soon, hope to see some LostAlone fans in the room - might just be playing a few old songs acoustically as well :) Here's a little clip of rehearsing my next single Steven Battelle
LostAlone Apr 07, 2019
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Feb 10, 2019
A little Sunday thought while I'm cataloguing years of my songs. This song is in large part responsible for us signing to Warner Brother for the I'm A UFO In This City record and it ended up NOT making the record, only exists as this demo. Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jan 30, 2019
Great to see Blood Is Sharp on this playlist along with some classic songs. I don't think I ever really felt we were anything other than a rock band but I certainly dont have any issue being included in what was such a brilliant movement and moment for epic rock. Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jan 30, 2019
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jan 05, 2019
Happy New Year everyone, I updated the playlist of my favourite LostAlone songs over on Spotify - Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening and sharing the music! Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Year! Thanks for continuing to listen and share our music in our absence 🎶
LostAlone Dec 19, 2018
Four years since our last show,, hope you're all doing brilliant out in the world, enjoy this on the road diary from one of our favourite tours. We miss you @Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 19, 2018
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 11, 2018
Hey all! Here's my new single, hope you enjoy :) Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 07, 2018
Hey guys, I just dropped the third single from my second solo record. Hope you enjoy Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 01, 2018
Steven Battelle