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Sin and Sinners (U.F.O. Demos)
Shapes of Screams (Bonus Track Version)
I'm a UFO In This City
Say No to the World
LostAlone Apr 18, 2019
Thanks for listening and keeping the music alive
LostAlone Apr 11, 2019
I'll be announcing my first solo headline show in three years soon, hope to see some LostAlone fans in the room - might just be playing a few old songs acoustically as well :) Here's a little clip of rehearsing my next single Steven Battelle
LostAlone Apr 07, 2019
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Feb 10, 2019
A little Sunday thought while I'm cataloguing years of my songs. This song is in large part responsible for us signing to Warner Brother for the I'm A UFO In This City record and it ended up NOT making the record, only exists as this demo. Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jan 30, 2019
Great to see Blood Is Sharp on this playlist along with some classic songs. I don't think I ever really felt we were anything other than a rock band but I certainly dont have any issue being included in what was such a brilliant movement and moment for epic rock. Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jan 30, 2019
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jan 05, 2019
Happy New Year everyone, I updated the playlist of my favourite LostAlone songs over on Spotify - Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening and sharing the music! Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Year! Thanks for continuing to listen and share our music in our absence 🎶
LostAlone Dec 19, 2018
Four years since our last show,, hope you're all doing brilliant out in the world, enjoy this on the road diary from one of our favourite tours. We miss you @Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 19, 2018
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 11, 2018
Hey all! Here's my new single, hope you enjoy :) Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 07, 2018
Hey guys, I just dropped the third single from my second solo record. Hope you enjoy Steven Battelle
LostAlone Dec 01, 2018
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Nov 13, 2018
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Nov 02, 2018
Proud to share my new single with you all. Rekindled my love of the huge riff on this one. In a way I have the LostAlone fans to thank, this song was written as a direct reaction to the final LA show. Enjoy Steven Battelle
LostAlone Oct 28, 2018
Steven Battelle
LostAlone Sep 27, 2018
Hey everyone. I'm back out in the USA and am documenting my songwriting adventures on my website, miss you LostAlone team! Steven Battelle
LostAlone Sep 17, 2018
Play it loud, share it and add to your playlists. The first song from my new solo record Steven x
LostAlone Sep 14, 2018
Hey everyone, the first song from my new solo record will arrive on all streaming services this Sunday evening, here's a taste. Steven
LostAlone Sep 13, 2018
Requiem live acoustic on set of The Bells! The Bells!! video #tbt
LostAlone Sep 09, 2018
Guys ignore the outfit 😁 I just wanted to tell you that the first song from my new record is out in 7 days, cant wait for you to hear it. I miss all you LostAlone people :) Steven Battelle
LostAlone Aug 16, 2018
❤️Vinyl ❤️ Only a few copies remain now. — Products shown: I'm A UFO In This City [Vinyl], Shapes Of Screams - White Vinyl and Say No To The World - tenth anniversary limited green vinyl.
LostAlone Aug 09, 2018
I'm A UFO In This City - release week Kerrang! feature #tbt
LostAlone Jul 02, 2018
I just fell into playing some LostAlone songs while writing new stuff, first time singing them in forever. Miss playing them 🎶❤️🎶 Steven Battelle
LostAlone Jun 27, 2018
Who has these early copies of the first LostAlone singles? #LostAlone