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Opus Arise
Lost In Thought Dec 06, 2018
Spotify has given us a nice little round up of 2018!
Lost In Thought Dec 04, 2018
Ascendance, the second track from our latest album Renascence has just been added to Tunesofmetal Melodic Metal playlist on Spotify You can check it out on the playlist link below along with some other amazing bands
Lost In Thought Dec 04, 2018
Renascence just made album of the month over at Power Of 🤘 If you've not seen it yet, you can check out the review via the link below;
Lost In Thought Nov 29, 2018
Renascence has been included in a top 50 albums of 2018 round up list!! Thanks Glenn!! ProgPower USA #Renascence #LostInThought #NewAlbum #ProgPower
Lost In Thought Nov 25, 2018
A big thanks to Diamond Dave at Lady Obscure Music Magazine for the amazing album review of Renascence. You can check it out via the link below 🤘 "Not only has Lost in Thought returned, they have come back with a vengeance! Without a doubt, Renascence will be on repeat for a long time to come. Yes, it’s that good!"
Lost In Thought Nov 24, 2018 The great people over at Power Of have just reviewed Renascence and gave us our first 10/10 score. Head on over and check it out. "This is a bonafide prog-metal masterpiece. Everything is there – the smoothly-oiled engine room (bass and drums are absolutely on fire), the sky vocals, the anthemic riffs, the incredible lead playing, the ethereal keys. Time after time, track after track, they continue to nail down Prog Metal 101"
Lost In Thought Nov 15, 2018
Quite interesting: Top 10 most listeners per country over the past 8 days!
Lost In Thought Nov 13, 2018
Need a playlist to listen to all 17 songs across #Renascence and #OpusArise?
Lost In Thought Nov 12, 2018
The lovely people over at Musipedia of Metal have given their thoughts about Renascence. You can check it out below; "It’s been seven long years since Swansea based progressive metallers Lost In Thought released their debut album Opus Arise and this band has overcome a lot in that period from a horrific road accident which completely derailed the band to the band pretty much splitting into two to members leaving and for a while it looked like we would never get a second album out of the band. Thankfully with the addition of new members album number two Renascence is finally here and it has very much been worth the wait. The original members of the band remaining are guitarist David Grey and drummer Chris Billingham and they have been joined by bassist Josh Heard, keyboardist Diego Zapatero and vocalist Deane Lazenby. The vocals by original vocalist Nate Loosemore were a definite highlight of the debut album but with Deane they have most an ever better singer with an incredibly rich powerful voice and an incredible range. The musicianship and songwriting throughout the album is second to none. The band is still very reminiscent of European progressive metal bands such as Anubis Gate, Pagan’s Mind and Vanden Plas but there’s a definite influence from bands such as Haken and Leprous this time round especially with the contemporary sounding keyboards and some of the guitar riffs almost veer into djent territory but this is by no means a bad thing with Lost In Thought ensuring that their progressive power metal style sounds very modern and up to date. Renascence had me in awe from the get go with the opening double punch of A New Life and Ascendance sending my mouth agape and the hairs on my arms standing on end. The quality remains at this astonishingly high level throughout the entirety of the album with other notable songs being the melodic Save me whilst the heaviness is brought forth on Delirium and Legacy and the band reach epic proportions on the massive album closer Absolution. It’s clearly evident that an incredible amount of love and hard work has gone into this album as it easily surpasses Opus Arise in terms of quality and Opus Arise is a brilliant album. Progressive metal fans seriously need to hear this album as it’s easily one of the finest releases of the year. A huge welcome back to Lost In Thought. 9/10"
Lost In Thought Nov 08, 2018
08/11/2018 UPDATE: We're extremely excited to announce that Renascence has now been officially released on all major digital platforms
Lost In Thought Nov 07, 2018
TOMORROW! 8th of November - 'Renascence' hits the digital shelves at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play along with many other retailers. #Renascence #LostInThought #NewAlbum #Release #NewMusic #GetYours
Lost In Thought Nov 05, 2018
We have now sold out of all the physical CD's of Renascence. A big thank you to all of you who have pledged so far. We're extremely humbled by the amazing reception we've received from you all about Renascence. For anyone wishing to purchase and listen to Renascence before it's released on all major digital platforms on 8th November, you can still do so on PledgeMusic as a digital download or by purchasing any of the items. For example, if you purchase a limited edition design Renascence T-Shirt you will get an Access Pass which gives you access to a free digital version of Renascence. You can visit our PledgeMusic page via the link below;
Lost In Thought Nov 02, 2018
Exclusive review of #Renascence by the Man Of Much Metal - Matt Spall has gone live! Check it out! "Put simply, ‘Renascence’ is a genuinely excellent progressive metal album. I really mean that." Very kind words indeed! Matt Spall Matt Spall -
Lost In Thought Nov 01, 2018
Lost In Thought - Renascence has officially been released on PledgeMusic. Today we hit over 100% of our goal on our intended release date for Renascence. We would like to personally thank each and every one of you that has pledged and helped us reach our goal. We will be giving everyone who has pledged through PledgeMusic the opportunity to have access to the album one week before it's release on other platforms. For anyone wishing to hear Renascence now along with the pledgers, you can do so via the link below. With any item purchased, you will have access to the digital download with the Access Pass that is on any item within the store. Once again, thank you! LIT
Lost In Thought Oct 29, 2018
Only 14 Limited Run Physical CD's are remaining! If you are one of the fans that are hoping to own a Limited Edition Physical CD of Renascence you can still do so over on our PledgeMusic page via the link below. Here are some shots from the video shoot for our second promo track called Ascendance which we will have more details on over the next few days
Lost In Thought Oct 28, 2018
There are still some exclusive items left on the pledge campaign. With Christmas around the corner, they'd make great gifts!
Lost In Thought Oct 27, 2018
Check out the new trailer to our second promo track called Ascendance from our new album Renascence We have just hit the 75% mark on our PledgeMusic campaign and we would like to personally thank everyone who has pledged so far. There is only 18 limited run physical albums remaining and stock is running out fast, once they're gone, they are gone so if you are looking to purchase a physical CD of Renascence, get your copy whilst stocks last via the link below. Also, with any pledge made, you will receive a free digital download of Renascence so check out the other exclusive items we have within the store page.
Lost In Thought Oct 26, 2018
We have only 30 physical CD's of Renascence remaining. If you're looking to own a Physical CD version of Renascence, you will only be able to do so for the duration of the PledgeMusic campaign, once the campaign is over, Renascence will only be sold digitally. Grab your limited edition copy whilst you can via the link below; Also, if you missed it, we released our first promo track from Renascence yesterday called Delirium, follow the link below to check it out;
Lost In Thought Oct 25, 2018
The first taste of what is yet to come from our new album, Renascence. Delirium will be the first of two promo tracks which we will be releasing in the build up to the release of Renascence. If you haven't already, head on over to our PledgeMusic page via the link below and grab yourself copy of Renascence and join us on the rest of the journey releasing our second album
Lost In Thought Oct 25, 2018
Want some new music?? We're planning to release one of the tracks from the new album Renascence, later today! We've made you wait for it long enough for it...... Excited?!?!
Lost In Thought Oct 23, 2018
We just received the mastered album back from Mr Jacob Hansen over at Hansen Studios and it just blew our melons! Are you all ready to have your melon blown!? Head on over to the PledgeMusic Campaign and help us reach the 70% mark
Lost In Thought Oct 11, 2018
's cover photo
Lost In Thought Oct 11, 2018
We still have some 'bundle' items available, head over to our PledgeMusic campaign via the link below and grab yourself a deal whilst they're still available! We're also giving everyone the opportunity to get a private, one to one music/production lesson with our very own Spaniard Diego or any other member of LIT of your choosing
Lost In Thought Oct 10, 2018
A big thank you to everyone who has pledged so far 🤘 we're now at 46% and counting! We really appreciate the loyalty and trust that you have in us to have pledged before even hearing a promo track but for everyone else, fear not, we should have the mastered album back soon and we are looking to release a promo track for everyone to hear very shortly
Lost In Thought Sep 24, 2018
Lost In Thought - Renascence Trailer Pre-Order your copy now via the PledgeMusic link below