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Opus Arise
Lost In Thought Jun 14, 2019
Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our Guitarist, Producer and Engineer David Grey!! Most at home with some wood in his hands... 😁😁🎼🎼🎸🎸🎸💿💿🔈🔈
Lost In Thought May 04, 2019
#Renascence has had 50,000 plays on #Spotify since it was released in November. We hope you're all enjoying the record! #thankyou #thankful #metal #newmusic #prog #progressivemetal #band #secondalbum #MightBeAbleToBuyAFreddo
Lost In Thought May 01, 2019
A cool live review of our show in Swansea last week! Thank you to Jez Rowden at The Progressive Aspect "It was a compelling set from start the finish; the material from Renascence is top quality throughout, and the band have the skills to deliver it with power and confidence, a much more mature outfit than they were in 2011. As is often the case, tonight we saw a band that should be regularly playing much bigger stages to much larger audiences, and if there’s any justice their run this time will take them to bigger and better things. Tonight’s audience clearly enjoyed what they heard and responded accordingly, Lost In Thought gathering many new enthusiasts in what can only be regarded as a triumphant return, of which they should be justifiably proud."
Lost In Thought May 01, 2019
A lovely review of #Renascence from Rob Fisher at The Progressive Aspect! Thank you very much! "Renascence is such a pleasure to listen to and why it so clearly stands head and shoulders above other releases in this crowded market place. Everything about this album carries a natural, intuitive attentiveness to the rhythm, flow and momentum of the music which comes as a result of musicians who are seamlessly responsive and attuned to each other. It is a joyful declaration which enthusiastically celebrates the rich possibilities for the future of this genre."
Lost In Thought Apr 26, 2019
Sound check begins
Lost In Thought Apr 22, 2019
Final show preparations are underway Creature Sound
Lost In Thought Apr 12, 2019
Renascence T-Shirts are now available at
Lost In Thought Mar 28, 2019
Rehearsals are underway! We can't wait to take to the stage once again and bring Renascence live to everyone
Lost In Thought Mar 10, 2019
We're really excited to announce that we've teamed up with Enso Music Management. We're really excited to see what the future holds 🤘
Lost In Thought Feb 01, 2019
That's a wrap! All of the orders have been shipped. We would like to thank everyone that has waited so patiently over the course of the PledgeMusic campaign. As many of you may have seen, the way PledgeMusic has been handling their business has all come to light publicly now and thankfully we managed to get the funds when we did. For anyone who's purchased anything whether from the pledge or from us, we'd love to see some selfies so send them on over 🤘
Lost In Thought Jan 25, 2019
Announcement for Promoters, Booking Agents, Bands & Festivals etc. We are now ready to begin playing live once again from 2019 onward. For all inquiries, please contact us via our email address: [email protected] or by sending us a message through our Facebook page. We're extremely excited to getting back on the stage once again and we will have an announcement to make very shortly for everyone about our first show of 2019 and our first show since 2012
Lost In Thought Jan 18, 2019
Thank you to Sonic Perspectives for giving us 'SURPRISE PROG-METAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR' Take a look at the post including their top 10 list here:
Lost In Thought Jan 17, 2019
Lost In Thought Jan 17, 2019
Renascence CD's are now available over at There is only a limited quantity of these, grab yours whilst they're in stock
Lost In Thought Jan 10, 2019
The CD's have arrived! We'll be shipping out the remaining orders from the PledgeMusic campaign over the next few days and for anyone looking to purchase a Renascence CD, we'll keep you posted on when they'll be available in the store on our website
Lost In Thought Jan 09, 2019
Check out David's guitar playthrough of Absolution, from our latest album Renascence
Lost In Thought Jan 03, 2019
The T-shirts have arrived and they're looking rather good indeed. A big thanks to Merch Asylum for the amazing and quick service! We're still waiting on the CD's to arrive, they should be with us within the next week but we are now able to begin the shipping of the items from our PledgeMusic campaign to all of you. Thanks to all of you for waiting 🤘
Lost In Thought Dec 24, 2018
We'd like to thank everyone for their support this year!! We know that Renascence took a little time to get to you but we are so happy with how the record has turned out and the reaction we've had to it!! We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas!
Lost In Thought Dec 21, 2018
We've been listed in Matt Spall - top 30 Album Of The Year list at an amazing number 7!!! To Quote: ‘Renascence’ is the highly anticipated follow-up to this UK prog metal band’s well-received debut, ‘Opus Arise’. It took the better part of eight years to materialise and, whilst I hoped it’d be good, I didn’t necessarily expect it to be this good. The album is incredible, from start to finish. And so, having listened to it back to back over the course of a few days, I realised I wasn’t done with it. I wanted to listen to it more and, when I did so, it got even better. Thank you very much Matt!!!
Lost In Thought Dec 15, 2018
Very happy indeed to have the #8 spot of Progressive Music Planet's top 20 albums of 2018 Check out the page here!
Lost In Thought Dec 14, 2018
's cover photo
Lost In Thought Dec 13, 2018
A quick interim FYI post Until we set up our website with the new stock of CD's etc. The 'Shop Now' button on this page will direct you to our digital album on the Amazon website. Amazon has a section called 'AmazonSmile' which allows you to donate towards a charity of your choice whilst buying your chosen goods. This has absolutely no impact on the price you pay, in fact, it simply allows you to make a regular purchase and part of the proceeds go to your selected charity. Excerpt from Amazon: AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support a charity of your choice every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your selected charity.
Lost In Thought Dec 13, 2018
PledgeMusic Update This update is for anyone who has pledged for physical items during our PledgeMusic campaign and will explain the situation we are currently in with PledgeMusic. Before we get into the finer details we would like to stress to anyone who has purchased anything that we have already taken matters into our own hands which we shall explain in further detail below. Unfortunately, at this current point in time, we have still not received any of the funds from PledgeMusic. We should have received our first payment from them, which is the main bulk of the funds which was to be used to pay for the manufacturing of the items, when we hit 100% of our goal which was back in November 1st. We have tried to get answers from them since then but until very recently, we struggled to get a response most times and then when we did, we couldn't get any concrete information from them. However, we are now in talks with the Managing Director & President from PledgeMusic, trying to secure the funds which we have been told that we will receive over the coming days but only time will tell if that will actually be the case. We have now decided to take matters into our own hands and we have paid for the manufacturing of the items using our own money to try and minimize the inconvenience to everyone who has pledged. As a result of the situation we have been put in by PledgeMusic, there will unfortunately be a small delay in getting all of the items sent out to everyone by then fulfillment date of December 20th. We are going to try and get everything sent out to everyone by the end of the New Year but with the busy holiday period ahead of us, this may slow the delivery times down but we are positive you should all receive your items within January 2019. We are extremely disappointed in the way PledgeMusic has handled all of this and we can only apologise for the extra wait for your items that has now occurred as a result. On a more positive note, for anyone who missed out on a physical CD of Renascence during the PledgeMusic campaign, we have decided to have 300 physical copies of Renascence made, which will mean we will have 200 additional copies for sale which you will be able to purchase directly from us when we receive the stock shortly
Lost In Thought Dec 06, 2018
Spotify has given us a nice little round up of 2018!
Lost In Thought Dec 04, 2018
Ascendance, the second track from our latest album Renascence has just been added to Tunesofmetal Melodic Metal playlist on Spotify You can check it out on the playlist link below along with some other amazing bands