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Loscil Nov 30, 2018
heading to London next week for a DEC 9 AV show at the Southbank Centre's Purcell Room. I'll have some vinyl on hand including copies of the newly re-released submers. Tickets:
Loscil Sep 24, 2018
opening this Wednesday (sept 26) at the Firehall in Vancouver.
Loscil Sep 24, 2018
Gamma Festival
Loscil Sep 21, 2018
London!! can't wait to return for this show Dec 9th at the Purcell Room!
Loscil May 22, 2018
L.E.V. Festival
Loscil Mar 29, 2018
Loscil - Boreal
Loscil Feb 25, 2018
early in March I will be participating in this Vancouver event curated by Giorgio Magnanensi featuring 16 channels of Cedar and Maple resonators instead of traditional speakers. Lots of great folks involved. not to be missed.
Loscil Feb 02, 2018
my first Spanish show in a loong time. really looking forward to LEV fest.
Loscil Jan 19, 2018
next week... 28 hours of drone.
Loscil Jan 07, 2018
Have a listen to this compilation on Dronarivm that I contributed a track to. If you like it, please contribute. All proceeds benefit 4 Paws for Ability.
Loscil Jan 02, 2018
Nice mix from Mr Scanner.
Loscil Dec 29, 2017
Drone Not Drones
Loscil Dec 22, 2017
in no particular order, some albums I really loved in 2017: Colleen: A flame my love, a frequency - Marcus Fischer: Loss - Rafael Irisarri - The Shameless Years - Kara-Lis Coverdale - Grafts - Claire M Singer - Fairge - Secret Pyramid - Two Shadows Collide - Bing & Ruth - No Home of the Mind - Lawrence English - Cruel Optimism - Earthen Sea - An Act of Love - Ryuichi Sakamoto - async -
Loscil Dec 20, 2017
Loscil Dec 19, 2017
‪There will be a few tickets set aside for the door but I strongly recommend getting them in advance for The Longest Night in Vancouver on Thursday.
Loscil Dec 19, 2017
A nice recap of a fantastic weekend.
Loscil Dec 16, 2017
One last performance for me today at Sogetsu Plaza at 15:30 as part of the Glenn Gould Gathering - it’s been an unforgettable weekend.
Loscil Dec 15, 2017
Playing today in the lovely Sogetsu Plaza in Tokyo at 4:30 for the Glenn Gould Gathering. Free show.
Loscil Dec 07, 2017
"Destroyer guitarist Nicolas Bragg is as eclectic as cuddlecore” ! :::Tickets:::
Loscil Dec 06, 2017
Come soak in the atmosphere at the beautiful Sogestu Plaza in Tokyo where I will be performing new material built from the sounds of Glenn Gould's piano which I sampled at the NAC in Ottawa. Free!
Loscil Dec 02, 2017
Soon in Tokyo!! I’ll be playing new material built out of samples from Gould’s former Steinway.
Loscil Nov 21, 2017
hey friends in Minneapolis - I'll be returning end of January for Drone not Drones. Amazing lineup and an important cause.
Loscil Nov 18, 2017
In case you missed this yesterday I contributed a remix of the Vanessa Wagner/Murcof version of "Avril 14" by Apex Twin.
Loscil Nov 08, 2017
very soon in Vancouver...
Loscil Nov 06, 2017
Heading home today from London. Euro-mini tour 2017 complete. Just want to say a huge thank you to all the promoters who work so hard putting on events and make us artists feel welcome and well taken care of. And thanks to my comrades on the stage at every event who I get to befriend and listen to. So much talent in this world. And thanks to friends along the way who boost my spirits. And lastly thanks to all the people who came to the shows, listened, shook my hand, said hi, bought a record, etc. You are the only reason I come back and hope to do so again.