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So Crucialtine (So Byzantine / The Crucial Ep)
You Go. I Stay. No Following.
To Bed To Battle
Gasp Asp EP
This Is Animal Music
Look Mexico Dec 08, 2018
Come hang at Gaines Street Fest with us tomorrow! Live music of all kinds from 2pm until 2am, local vendors, local shops, art, food trucks, and all things Gaines Street! We play at 8 at the Wilbury! (hopefully our 4 year old daughters will dance on stage with us at some point if they don't get embarrassed) Come on out and shake it like a Polaroid picture and don't forget to grab your pineapple drink! Love, Your Favorite Dad Rockers\ (except sexy actor josh drum dude)
Look Mexico Oct 02, 2018
New #ambientmusic from our guitarist Ryan Slate
Look Mexico Aug 13, 2018
Look Mexico Jul 12, 2018
Look Mexico
Look Mexico Apr 03, 2018
Our boy Joshua Mikel making that Walker magic happen on The Walking Dead AND Talking Dead last Sunday. So proud. Heart reacts only.
Look Mexico Mar 31, 2018
Do you like music? Check out our buddies of Norway and members of Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson. Ben Leiper
Look Mexico Mar 26, 2018
Look Mexico
Look Mexico Dec 27, 2017
For those having a very mellow holiday season, our guitarist Ryan Slate just put up his second ambient album.
Look Mexico Nov 14, 2017
New take on an old jam, ya dig?!
Look Mexico Nov 08, 2017
We'll have these new shirts at our show Saturday. $15! Who’s your fave dude? Flightless formal bird dad? Two headed ice cream squirrel? Deuces the magic sword skeleton warrior grandpa? Two right paw’d bobcat tiger? Life raft angel bear? Hillbilly Pear head archer? Sad birthday elephant arsonist? Long legged gator w flying capabilities? Or Lazy Frog?
Look Mexico Oct 05, 2017
I know we never really split, but is it too soon to announce a reunion tour?
Look Mexico Feb 27, 2017
This photo is 10 years old. Happy Pizza Day. Ryan Russell - Photographer
Look Mexico Dec 09, 2016
So good. Listen if you like awesomeness and more awesomeness.
Look Mexico Oct 31, 2016
Proud to Death of our very own skin-slapper Joshua Mikel for his performance in The Walking Dead last night! Here are a few screen grabs from that sucker, and make sure to watch it and post your fave lines he says.
Look Mexico Oct 31, 2016
Hey Fest babies! We playing 2nite at 9:10 at Rockey's Piano Bar sandwiched between Coaster and Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers! What a delicious sandwich!
Look Mexico Oct 17, 2016
Look Mexico Oct 02, 2016
Congrats to the best rock and roll guitarist there is and his incredible bride. Mr. and Mrs. Slate. #SlateWedding16
Look Mexico Sep 14, 2016
Awesome Tally compilation that we're on!
Look Mexico Sep 08, 2016
Hey, what's your fave song on the new record?
Look Mexico Sep 06, 2016
Supporting Restorations 10/2-10/28
Look Mexico Sep 03, 2016 Dearest friend Chris Farren released an amazing new record today!
Look Mexico Aug 23, 2016
Holy awesome American Football.
Look Mexico Aug 22, 2016
Our guitarist R. Slazer just posted his new melancholic solo EP for free/pwyw download. The cover art was created by our drummer, Josh Mikel. Throw on some headphones and give it a listen.
Look Mexico Aug 18, 2016
Our guitarist R. Slazer is releasing an EP of songs he wrote and recorded in his bedroom over the last few months. Give his page a like and download the EP when it comes out on Monday.
Look Mexico Aug 16, 2016
Thx to Brian Schnack for this vid from Friday night!