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Loney Dear
The Leftovers (feat. Loney Dear)
Citadel Band
Citadel Band
Hall Music
Dear John
Citadel Band
Loney, Noir
Loney Dear Jan 29, 2019
A brief hat period 2015. #loneydear
Loney Dear Dec 25, 2018
Merry christmas from Loney dear, by proxy.
Loney Dear Dec 18, 2018
I want you to watch this one. From 2017. I had thrown up 23 times in the prior 16 hours. So was sort of weary. Klabbes Bank Klabbe is fantastic.
Loney Dear Dec 04, 2018
Some music from the Teenage Engineering party in Stockholm
Loney Dear Sep 18, 2018
This was just made for fun, i grew fond of Carter McLean's drumming and sent him something i just made up. He added drums (I asked specifically for cellphone mic sound) and i returned him a bass track. Hope you like it. (It doesn't even have a title yet)
Loney Dear Sep 04, 2018
Nu leker vi konsert igen. Allt är nästan på riktigt men extra roligt. stockholm saturday sept 8th 21:00
Loney Dear Aug 29, 2018
's cover photo
Loney Dear Aug 28, 2018
This guy ❤️. Real World Records
Loney Dear Aug 22, 2018
Friday --> Live --> Gränslandet - symfonisk fest at Trädgården Sunday --> Live --> Last ever edition of Nobelberget Marknad
Loney Dear Aug 07, 2018
This tape frenzy was never used for the Hall Music. i should use it for the 2019 re-issue
Loney Dear Jul 10, 2018
I decided to call it ‘En liten konsert med Loney dear”. A small concert with Loney dear. Tickets are out now. A simple church concert in the heart of stockholm. 7th september. Sofia Kyrka. Vitabergsparken. Probably a solo show, but i don’t know yet. I think it will be worth it. Maybe no one will know about it, or maybe it sells out. Get tickets now anyways.
Loney Dear Jun 18, 2018
hear hear
Loney Dear Jun 18, 2018
Polar music prize Loney Metallica cover. “No Leaf Clover / Wherever I May Roam”
Loney Dear May 29, 2018
This is what Sweden is voting for/against on the 8th September. Remember you have hearts. #habibi2018
Loney Dear May 26, 2018
i’m so damn proud of this video masterpiece by superstar Andreas Nilsson. Me, as an artist slightly older than the vegetables in your fridge, was hesitant at first. Later i learned that the drawing artist PerIsak had said to Andreas “can we REALLY do this?”
Loney Dear May 16, 2018
After appearing at WOMAD Festival in July of last year, Loney Dear visited Real World Studios to record some live versions of songs from the eponymous seventh album. All of these are now available to watch via this YouTube playlist. Enjoy...
Loney Dear May 05, 2018
8th of July Slussen Pensionat. Distinguished followers. Come and share a special Loney concert night with us in the Gothenburgian archipelago. The place gets pretty packed so get your tickets yesterday. Don’t miss. Swimming, great food, good talks, staying up. @slussenspensionat #loneydear
Loney Dear Apr 30, 2018
Filmed at Real World Studios
Loney Dear Apr 26, 2018
Lund! Den här blir fin! 8 juni! Stockholm: Nu på lördag! Vasateatern.
Loney Dear Apr 20, 2018
Ok this music is pretty dang awesome. 1921, duo from Stockholm. They’re first out in Stockholm on the 28th. Totally possible to see them and skip Loney. So so good. They’re on at 20:00. Sharp. Tag your friends. @duo1921
Loney Dear Apr 19, 2018
Transcription: Tjena, kom å lyssna på Vasateatern den 28 april. Det blir grrreat. ”stierrr gill beit lirpa hernot å uschh nataista savop han silo moh. !hanaisch” with @1921 and @hannajarver @lugersweden #loneydear made with @emanuellundgren
Loney Dear Apr 16, 2018
Peter and me had a conversation. He’s one of the good guys.
Loney Dear Apr 10, 2018
Tickets for the gig tomorrow in Jönköping at Immanuelskyrkan:
Loney Dear Apr 09, 2018
Soon. Very soon. See you there!