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LOLO Jul 31, 2019
Here’s a piece about me and my heart. 💓🏡 Thanks #HubCityLove for the feature, I’m humbled and honored to be seen by you!
LOLO Jul 30, 2019
Some Monday thoughts/feelings/observations: - - That’s the thing about loving someone... Sometimes you only get to love someone for a short time, sometimes you get to love someone for a lifetime but that shouldn’t determine how we love. We should remain committed to loving as though every time will be the last time. - - And this is why I’m fine leaving a part of myself with you. You’ll know where to keep it, in your heart, should you ever need it in the future. Because you saw me for who I am, a human trying my best. Simply that, nothing else. That’s what I’m keeping too... ❤️
LOLO Jun 20, 2019
TONIGHT WAS AMAZING!! I haven’t sung on a Broadway stage since I left “Spring Awakening” in 2008 and tonight I got to sing with one of my former cast mates, Gerard Canonico! Thank you to Joe Iconis, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Bertie Michaels and the whole Be More Chill family for letting me join your awesome show tonight! Here is Gerard and I singing “Anymore” by the great Joe Iconis! 💓🙌🏻💓 #greatpartygladicame #iconisandfamily
LOLO Jun 13, 2019
Took a family portrait today! 👨‍👨‍👧🥞🍔🥃
LOLO Jun 11, 2019
Y’ALL I get to join the Be More Chill cast for the Post Show Hang on June 19th! 😀 Click here [] to get your tickets now, it’s gonna be a party! 🥤🎉 I can’t wait to be back in NYC singing with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite shows!! 🧬💃🎶 #bemorechill #ihavenochill #lolointhebathroom
LOLO Jun 06, 2019
Here’s some mush: I know I’m a few days late in posting this, I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to everyone who joined us for the first leg of the #TennesseeQueens tour! Garrison and I had the most magical time on the road bringing you our traveling family band with Jeremy and Joe, we love you all and can’t wait to see you in the fall when we bring the queens back out on the road! Cheers, y’all! 🤠👯‍♀️💋❤️ #queenlife #tourfam
LOLO Jun 01, 2019
‪NYC I AM SO HAPPY TO BE BACK IN MY FORMER HOME! Our #TennesseeQueens Tour finishes the first leg tonight at Rockwood Music Hall, show starts at 7PM! Come let us sing to you and cheers with us after, gonna kiss all ur faces!💋🤠🍻#yeehaw #southerncharm ‬ ‪📸: by my fave Kelsey Lockhart
LOLO May 31, 2019
Boston & NYC friends!!! Our last 2 shows are upon us! We’re playing Boston at Middle East tonight and NYC at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2) Saturday night! If you can make it out, I’d love to see your faces!! 💋😘👌🏻 #TennesseeQueensTour #sistertour #yeehaw 📸: Simsational Memories
LOLO May 23, 2019
The Tennessee Queens Tour: Week 2 🤠💃 Every show, playing these new songs, sharing them with all of you... Garrison Starr and I are having the best time connecting with all of you. Thank you for the love! 💋 #TennesseeQueens #yeehaw #tourlife
LOLO May 22, 2019
LEXINGTON, KY friends! I’m playing at The Burl tonight at 9PM, would love to see ya! 🤠💋#TennesseeQueensTour
LOLO May 21, 2019
APPLETON, WI 🍎 I LOVE YOU AND I WILL SEE YOU THURSDAY NIGHT AT MILL CREEK BAR! Thanks to Shane Nyman and The Post-Crescent (Appleton-Fox Cities, Wisconsin) for the feature!
LOLO May 18, 2019
NASHVILLE! The #TennesseeQueens Tour is stopping thru at The High Watt tonight! 🤠 Doors are at 8PM, Garrison Starr and I kick off at 9PM. We’re gonna have a few special guests too, can’t wait to share our show with you! 👯‍♀️👭 #yeehaw #tourlife #goodtobehome
LOLO May 17, 2019
‪Hanging out in this precious courtyard at our hotel before our show tonight at The Listening Room of Mobile, AL. There’s a lot going down in Alabama right now so Garrison Starr and I are here to spread some light tonight! 💕 Tickets here:‬ ‪
LOLO May 15, 2019
Thanks to our fans who sent in videos of our shows last week! Here we are, singing songs and talking shit...🤠🤠 The Tennessee Queens Tour: Week 1 🇺🇸
LOLO May 12, 2019
Here are some tour updates! 🤠👯‍♀️🕷 #TennesseeQueensTour
LOLO May 12, 2019
Happy Mother’s Day! Your mama would want you to care for the puppies and kittens of West Tennessee so get your tickets and bring your mama to the #TennesseeQueens Fundraiser in my hometown of Jackson, Tennessee for a charity that is near and dear to my heart, The Downtown Dogs Group next Friday, May 17th 2019 at Samuel T Bryant Distillery LLC! All ages, 7-10PM, food trucks, beverages and more. And if ya get your tickets in advance now, you save $5! On a more serious note, I am thankful for my mama and all the mama’s I know! We literally wouldn’t exist without our mamas, so call your mom today, hug your mom if she’s near you and make sure you tell her how awesome she is today and every day! 😘✌🏻
LOLO May 11, 2019
‪Hey beautiful people! If you catch us on the #TennesseeQueens tour and you snap a photo or video, like this brilliant one from last night, please email them to us at: [email protected] We’re putting a fan recap reel out from this run on the road! ‬ ‪Love & thanks,‬ ‪L & G‬ ‪🖤💓🖤‬
LOLO May 10, 2019
Much politics, very wow. ⚠️ Doin a #TennesseeQueens day off in the United States Capitol for a real peek behind the curtain thanks to the amazing Matt Laslo! Next stop, running for Senate, stay tuned... 🇺🇸🎢
LOLO May 10, 2019
Last nite!🖤 Thanks MilkBoy! 😘 📸: Michelle Wacker #TennesseeQueensTour #yeehaw
LOLO May 09, 2019
LOLO's cover photo
LOLO May 09, 2019
Next stop for the #TennesseeQueens Tour is Vienna, VA tonight at Jammin' Java! Are we coming to a city near you??? 😀🌃🚌💨 Get ur tickets here! 👉🏻
LOLO May 09, 2019
We got our #TennesseeQueens Tour merch and we are in lurv! Shirt, coozies and posters all 4 y’all! FIRST SHOW STARTS IN AN HOUR AT MilkBoy IN PHILLY! ❤️🖤🤠🍻 #yeehaw #tourlife #herewegooooo
LOLO May 08, 2019
Keep my head up high and my worry low! My #TennesseeQueens Tour with my girl Garrison Starr starts tonight at MilkBoy in Philly!! Doors at 7PM, show starts at 8PM! 🤠‼️🖤 Get ur tickets here:
LOLO Apr 26, 2019
This week began and I was not feeling it. I’ve been navigating grief and loss, feeling restless, bloated, anxious, feeling like a damn adult for maybe the first time ever as I helped make decisions on how we laid my grandfather to his eternal rest. I’m 2 and a half weeks out from starting a tour with brand new music and my band guys have been so incredibly patient and kind with me as I waded back into the waters of rehearsal after having to cancel stuff in light of recent family events. I’m usually not good at sharing shit like this but if you woke up like dis this week too, keep going! I forced myself to take a step class (this is 31!!) this morning that kicked my ass and got me in the right headspace to take on this day. All week as I’ve been having my feels, I keep thanking God for thinking I’m strong enough to weather this kind of emotional storm. It doesn’t always get easier but it does get clearer. What’s important are the people you love who love you back, who see you and love you at your worst and your best and the things that make you feel joy in the dark moments. So here I am, no BS, no filters promising to bring my best for myself first and then for all y’all too. Thank you to everyone who has written, texted, called, checked in while I’ve been going through this new chapter of learning, I love you all sincerely. 😘
LOLO Apr 19, 2019
Perspective, by definition, is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. From the moment we’re born many things immediately dictate and shape our perspective. 3 days ago, one of the biggest changers and shapers of my perspective left this world to go to heaven. My Grampa, Richard Wolf Akins, was a man of intelligence, music and loved his family beyond measure. He ran businesses, traveled the world, smoked a bazillion cigarettes, loved cashews (still to this day) more than anyone I’ve ever met, he believed in the quality of life, living the best life for your mind and heart. He taught us about being independent while still remembering to rely on the people who you can trust and never being afraid to ask for something if you needed it. He was Catholic and was very strong in his faith his entire life, he knew God always had his back. He loved my Oma, Brigitte Akins, with all of his heart and he would light up like a Christmas tree full of joy and tears every time he’d see her, it was truly the sweetest thing to see. It’s hard to believe that I’m having to write these words now, so hard that it’s taken me 3 days to figure out how in the world I am supposed to do it. What I want to say is this: there are many ways our lives can play out based on what happens when we get here to the planet, so many things that change our perspective and I will be endlessly grateful to God that my Grampa got to be my influencer. He played the ukulele and sang “You Wore A Tulip” to me from the time that I was teeny, tiny baby. He gave me a love for playing music and discovering music that changed my life. I will miss him so much, I miss him so much, my heart hurts because he’s gone... But I know he is watching over us up in heaven and no longer in pain. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers at this time. I love you Grampa, always and forever and then a day after that. ❤️💔 Richard Wolf Akins Oct 30th, 1933 - April 16th, 2019, 85 years old He died surround by his family, with infinite love