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Loeka Longakit Jun 24, 2019
Waimea was rocking last night.... congrats kid!!! God bless you!!!
Loeka Longakit Jun 24, 2019
@napuuwaihamama TONIGHT AT 6pm SHUCKING MEAN BAH!!!
Loeka Longakit Jun 21, 2019
Loeka Longakit Jun 21, 2019
My two favorite Pokémon....
Loeka Longakit Jun 20, 2019
Loeka Longakit Jun 19, 2019
Happy 42 years of love to my mommy and daddy.... love u to pieces!!!
Loeka Longakit Jun 19, 2019
#ProudUnkoStatus @media_music NEW MUSIC 🚨 get um boys @fekita_feki @siakifaleta @laine_n @kaips_b
Loeka Longakit Jun 17, 2019
My boys know every single lead line, bass line, harmony, word and melody of all ka’ikenas songs... they was stoked to put the face to the music... mahalo unko @kaikenascanlan for the pic!!!
Loeka Longakit Jun 16, 2019
Happy Father’s Day to all....
Loeka Longakit Jun 16, 2019
Doing the fourth in Kona @daylightmindcoffee @rocko_modern_life808 yessssah!!!
Loeka Longakit Jan 15, 2019
Loeka Longakit Apr 12, 2016
Loeka Longakit
Loeka Longakit Feb 04, 2016
Looking to audition some musicians for a project I'm working on.... Message me here with your name, a contact, and the instrument you play.... Let's do this. Must be willing to rehearse, record, and be open to travel short periods at a time... MUSICALIA PAYPEE!
Loeka Longakit May 26, 2015
New song is out on iTunes... Support Island... Support Local... BOOM!
Loeka Longakit May 19, 2015
Pleasure to hear this... Hope u enjoyed your stay... ALOHA!
Loeka Longakit Dec 10, 2014
Loeka Longakit Dec 09, 2014
Loeka Longakit Dec 09, 2014
Anybody like get on the guest list for this Friday... Listen to sistah Chisa now!!!
Loeka Longakit Nov 18, 2014
Love from a distance!
Loeka Longakit Nov 17, 2014
Tickets go on sale next Monday!!! Maui can't wait to see you! #WEGO
Loeka Longakit Nov 04, 2014
Aloha... If you're in Hilo... I'm doing a few acoustic gigs this week. One tomorrow Wednesday, Hilo Burger Joint from 6:30-10pm---- then on Thursday at Cafe Pesto from 6-8pm... If you are near town on any of these nights, stop by and come say hello... Have a great rainy week... ALOHA!
Loeka Longakit Nov 03, 2014
Mahalo to my Homesteady family for taking care of me. Mahalo Piha
Loeka Longakit Oct 16, 2014
This is gonna be spooky!!!! #WEGO
Loeka Longakit Oct 11, 2014
Loeka Longakit
Loeka Longakit Oct 11, 2014
Tune in to KWXX today at 5p. I'll be on air with Kaohu James to debut my new song "You Will Live On"