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Necropolis Transparent (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Violent Reprisal
Play Fast or Die - Live In Japan
Hate Breeds Suffering
Pleasure Paves Sewers
Something Bitchin' This Way Comes
Lock Up (official) Feb 04, 2019
Second show in Chile confirmed! Lock Up will be playing in Temuco for the very first time! See you there, Brethren of the Pentagram!!!
Lock Up (official) Jan 30, 2019
Lock Up finally descend on Santiago again! Beware!
Lock Up (official) Nov 05, 2018
Grind that freezing cold away !
Lock Up (official) Jun 14, 2018
Track Premiere: Born to Murder the World - 'Brutality Alchemist' | Decibel Magazine
Lock Up (official) Mar 08, 2018
Question Time with Nick! Be sure to check in.....
Lock Up (official) Feb 08, 2018
's cover photo
Lock Up (official) Feb 08, 2018
Hey US Grind Freaks the Fine people over at JSR DIRECT Have embraced satan And are now distributing some of the new DEMONIZATON shirts please check them out ... #jsrdirect #demonization #lockupshirts
Lock Up (official) Dec 18, 2017
Listenable records
Lock Up (official) Nov 12, 2017
Nick,Shane & Anton will be providing the satanic background for Brujeria this sunday November 12th in Tulsa, Oklahoma come out and blow those sunday blues away !!
Lock Up (official) Nov 10, 2017
Hi Everyone we would like to announce that Lock Up will be represented in Europe for shows/Tours etc by DOOMSTAR bookings looking forward to the grind attack ! all enquiries please contact Luc Favie [email protected] Tel: +31 643 433606
Lock Up (official) Oct 24, 2017
Come and see Shane,Nick & Anton as their alter ego's Hongo,Hongo Jnr & El Criminal grind it up tonight at slims,SF with Brujeria 🤘🤘
Lock Up (official) Oct 19, 2017
Another wonderful Last minute show on the Brujeria Us Tour in Sacramento Oct 22nd !! Let's go !!
Lock Up (official) Oct 17, 2017
Brujeria have announced a last minute show Saturday October 21st !!! It's a Saturday folks so come and join the party
Lock Up (official) Oct 16, 2017
Ready to Grind Tokyo tonight !!!
Lock Up (official) Oct 16, 2017
Catch Shane,Nick & Anton on tour with Brujeria in the US which starts October 20th
Lock Up (official) Oct 09, 2017
Grinding Australia a day at a time. (Photo by Erin Guthrie).
Lock Up (official) Aug 27, 2017
In Memory of Our Brother x
Lock Up (official) Aug 24, 2017
Our Good friends Corrupt Moral Altar have a new album out Folks..! you can download it for free here..
Lock Up (official) Aug 18, 2017
Catch Nick,Shane & Anton as they mask up for the next US Brujeria US tour starting October 20th
Lock Up (official) Aug 10, 2017
Lock Up (official) Aug 03, 2017
Soundworks Touring
Lock Up (official) Jul 31, 2017
Blasting Our Way Through The Boundaries of HELL!!!
Lock Up (official) Jul 20, 2017
Campaign continues
Lock Up (official) Jun 30, 2017
up in scottland