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Local Natives Dec 14, 2018
"River Song (feat. Local Natives)" + "Moonshine (feat. Cults)" now available wherever streams are strum!
Local Natives Dec 12, 2018
Our very own Nik (under the alias Chewing) is releasing his debut solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, a reimagined cover of Dennis Wilson’s 1977 album in its entirety. Album available exclusively on limited edition vinyl through Turntable Kitchen on 12.21.18. 1. River Song (feat. Local Natives) 2. What's Wrong 3. POB 001 4. Moonshine (feat. Cults) 5. Friday Night 6. Dreamer (feat. The Gloomies) 7. POB 003 8. Thoughts of You (feat. POP ETC) 9. Time (feat. Nico Segal & Local Natives) 10. You and I (feat. Evan Voytas) 11. Pacific Ocean Blues (feat. Local Natives) 12. Farewell My Friend 13. Rainbows (feat. Local Natives) 14. End of the Show Pre-order the album here: Here’s what Nik said about the project: "With zero hyperbole, driving across LA can take half an hour or four days. One of the more manageable times I drove across the city, it took me 37:15, the length of “Pacific Ocean Blue” by Dennis Wilson. Like many important first album listening experiences, the entire environment surrounding that listen burnt into my memory. It was like that sad, dark album was made specifically for that specific sad, dark drive across LA. A haunted, outcast Beach Boy who still sung simple Beach Boy lyrics like “I’m sorry, I miss you” but whose weathered voice is painfully more honest without the hollow late 70’s shine from his band (who seemingly didn’t miss him that much). I really love when artists give their own radical take on a song (‘Jukebox’ by Cat Power is criminally underrated IMO). Luckily this album isn’t as “sacred” as if I covered Pet Sounds in it’s entirety, which allowed me a lot more liberty. I wanted to re-imagine this album in a much darker and ambient context: to flow like a lost mixtape and to sound cohesive with all the voices (and trumpet, hi Nico!) weaving in and out throughout (and obviously I couldn’t NOT have Kelcey, Taylor, Ryan and Matt contribute on a Beach Boy cover album)."
Local Natives Dec 07, 2018
Thanks for listening y'all! Spotify
Local Natives Dec 03, 2018
Jellyfish (Chewing Remix) Keep submitting your Sunlit Youth remixes! Tag us, DM us and we'll post our favorites. All stems to Sunlit Youth, ISYCYE, The Only Heirs + Hummingbird are on our Soundcloud.
Local Natives Nov 27, 2018
We're keeping the sale going on our webstore! Almost all our clothings is marked down + free domestic shipping for orders over $40.
Local Natives Nov 23, 2018
BLACK FRIDAY SALE Most clothing is marked down and free domestic shipping on orders over $40!
Local Natives Nov 15, 2018
Nik will be DJing tomorrow to help raise money for the LA fire relief along with Twin Shadow and Baio. If you can't make it, donate to Red Cross to help our community get through this terrible tragedy. More info on how to help, donate or about the event at
Local Natives Nov 13, 2018
Can't wait to tour and see you all again soon. What cities/venues do you wanna see us in? 📷 9.26.16 / Riviera Theatre / Chicago
Local Natives Nov 09, 2018
We've released all the stems to Sunlit Youth (plus ISYCYE & Only Heirs)! Every stem of all our albums are up on our SoundCloud profile. We'll be picking our favorite remixes & re-posting our favorites in the next few weeks. Can't wait to hear what y'all make!
Local Natives Nov 09, 2018
Local Natives Nov 06, 2018
I think we better listen to these kids
Local Natives Oct 28, 2018
San Francisco, we're excited to be playing this free event tomorrow! IBM, United Nations Human Rights and The American Red Cross are celebrating and encouraging coders to develop software solutions to reduce the impact of natural disasters and we're proud to be a part of this.
Local Natives Oct 26, 2018
Local Natives Oct 26, 2018
We will be performing a few acoustic songs at a house party supporting Mike Levin's congressional campaign this Saturday! We encourage you to get involved in the canvassing and volunteering of the last week before the election. We are all from Southern California and excited to support these four candidates in and around our home towns. Katie Porter CA 45 Harley Rouda CA 48 Mike Levin CA 49 Gil Cisneros CA 39 All are welcome to join us for this free event, just RSVP to [email protected] Election Day is Nov 6th! Make sure you vote.
Local Natives Sep 25, 2018
The election this year is absolutely huge. Only 55% of eligible voters voted in 2016. What can everyone do? Get out and VOTE. It’s your voice. It’s your vote. Use it. We’ve worked with HeadCount for many years making it easy for you to REGISTER TO VOTE. Now, you can register online at or by texting “VOTER” to 40649. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #TheFutureIsVoting #RegisterToVote #RocktheVote
Local Natives Sep 24, 2018
9.22 SETLIST Past Lives Wide Eyes You and I Breakers World News Dark Days Who Knows Who Cares Jellyfish Heavy Feet Coins I Saw You Close Your Eyes Mt. Washington When Am I Gonna Lose You? Airplanes Ceilings Colombia Fountain of Youth Sun Hands
Local Natives Sep 23, 2018
We're only playing a few shows as we focus on finishing LP4. Needless to say, every show is very special and we're really, really excited to headline Audiotree in Kalamazoo tonight. The set will be livestreamed at 6pm PST/9pm EST. There might be a surprise in there..
Local Natives Sep 13, 2018
Photos from Local Natives's post
Local Natives Aug 30, 2018
Local Natives Aug 16, 2018
Sorry, didn't mean to cruelly tease BUT there are about 25 more videos of recording LP4 on our Insta story highlights. We're confident the internet will piece these all together into a leaked song from the album.
Local Natives Aug 15, 2018
The tiniest sneak peak of LP4 can be heard via today's harmony tracking over on our Insta story..
Local Natives Aug 07, 2018
We're happy that a pink vinyl of our first record is part of Gilda Club's mission to fight cancer and the anxieties and difficulties it brings. Thank you to Gilda's Club for doing this work, and to the brave people fighting cancer everywhere. Cancer has affected us deeply and personally. You are not alone.
Local Natives Jul 23, 2018
Boston this Saturday!
Local Natives Jul 22, 2018
We're only playing a handful of shows in the next few months as we focus on finishing LP4. So needless to say, every show is very special and we're especially excited to play with our incredible label mates Sylvan Esso in Boston this Saturday. All tour dates & details at