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Nightclub Nirvana
Kissing Taste (Remixes)
The Last Summer
(...And the JFG?)
Lo-Fi-Fnk Jun 19, 2019
Listen to 'Say Oh La La' written, produced and mixed by Leo LFF! Respond with any french words you know. 👨🏻‍🎨
Lo-Fi-Fnk Jun 16, 2018
Thankyou internet!
Lo-Fi-Fnk Jan 30, 2017
RIP James Laurence. We had the extremely rare privilege of working with his production duo Friendzone on some tracks.
Lo-Fi-Fnk Jun 15, 2015
NEW MUSIC VIDEO It’s directed by the most amazing video director/artist we know: Ossian Melin. The whole process was a blissful adventure. We hope you will enjoy it! L F F
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 14, 2015
#TBT 2003
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 08, 2015
NIGHTCLUB NIRVANA - new album out now <3
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 07, 2015
Last day of our 7-DAY COUNTDOWN, today we present to you the final song on our album "Nightclub Nirvana" that officially releases tomorrow!
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 06, 2015
7-DAY COUNTDOWN and this time we give our thankz to GAFFA for premiering our song "Score 94" - Click on the picture to see the feature or check it out here on Spotify Love u guyyys and thanks for all of the support, only 2 days left until you can listen to the complete album!!!
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 05, 2015
7-DAY COUNTDOWN: song of today is "Will U Be There?" Listen here or on Spotify!!!!
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 04, 2015
☆ 7-DAY COUNTDOWN ☆ Today Being Blogged premieres "Escapade" listen here!!! For Spotify, click here:
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 03, 2015
7-DAY COUNTDOWN > Today is the release of "Lion's Pride" listen and enjoy!!! Follow our playlist to listen to all of our new songs:
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 02, 2015
7-DAY COUNTDOWN continues. Today Discobelle premieres our 2nd track on the album!!! Check out the link to listen or log on to Spotify here: <3 <3
Lo-Fi-Fnk May 01, 2015
We have a surprise for you!!! We're doing a 7-DAY COUNTDOWN to our album release! Starting today we will give you one new song from the album everyday! Follow this playlist to stay updated and tune in the first track "Sunshine Prelude" now!!! Link to album here:
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 20, 2015
This remix of Pirate Radio by japanese producer Seiho fucks with our brains - so good! thanks Pigeons and Planes for hosting the premiere.
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 20, 2015
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 13, 2015
OMG OMG OMG! So excited to share the music video for our latest single Pirate Radio this week!
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 10, 2015
♥ Friend, now you can experience our new single 'Pirate Radio on Spotify!
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 09, 2015
☀ PREMIERE! ☀ ☀ NEW SONG: PIRATE RADIO ☀ You should listen to it and sing-a-long. Follow the link. ♥ ♥ ♥ to Thump/Vice for hosting the premiere.
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 08, 2015
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 07, 2015
Lo-Fi-Fnk's cover photo
Lo-Fi-Fnk Apr 01, 2015
Do you remember your first time? #VR #Oculus
Lo-Fi-Fnk Mar 30, 2015
ლ(◉◞⊖◟◉`ლ) holy shit! It's dropping real soon! Meanwhile:
Lo-Fi-Fnk Mar 23, 2015
April 10 2015
Lo-Fi-Fnk Mar 11, 2015
You can listen to U Don't Feel The Same right now on Spotify!
Lo-Fi-Fnk Mar 09, 2015
Listen to our new song 'U Don't Feel The Same' on Spotify 🌋