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Blue Film
Lo-Fang Nov 25, 2018
Having a Plant Room Show Sat Dec 22nd in Los Feliz (LA) °·‚·° get a ticket for you & a friend and please join me to close out the year •
Lo-Fang Nov 01, 2018
next fridays show in Mexico City is in a beautiful church *_* i hope to see u there xox
Lo-Fang Oct 09, 2018
"You're the Friend I Need" streaming now on spotify • this single is taken from a my soon to be released album called "Near Other Worlds" • the visuals were shot by myself and margot t over the summer featuring Keean Johnson and his incredible movement as The Moss Man •
Lo-Fang Oct 05, 2018
whether u like it or not ill be releasing a brand new song this tuesday called "You're The Friend I Need" • heres a preview of the tune and the animated album art done other then yours truly over at lo-fang international *_* hope u listen this tues!!
Lo-Fang Sep 28, 2018
just added the official date for Ciudad de Mexico Nov 9th • check the eventbrite link here or search on song kick xox
Lo-Fang Sep 21, 2018
Tickets are now on sale for LA, Paris and London Shows (⌒ω⌒) hope to see any and all of you there!! please go to the following song kick link to affordably purchase •
Lo-Fang Sep 12, 2018
This sunday I`ll be performing new songs with cello, singing bowls, and guitar at The Soma Kombucha Taproom on Belmont in Portland • Please come!! follow the link to rsvp 10-20$ suggested donation (*´▽`*)
Lo-Fang Aug 09, 2018
Heres the information to a free singing bowl and cello performance I'm giving in The Hoh Rainforest August 18th ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ please rsvp and come!! you can camp for free in the rainforest *_*
Lo-Fang Jul 13, 2018
feels good to be releasing music and visuals again 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*)))
Lo-Fang Jul 13, 2018
What do the Llamas represent to you? What Llamas are you chasing and why? Do you have to chase the Llamas in order to be near them? new music video tmmrrw •
Lo-Fang Jul 10, 2018
hello face book community and mister mark z ( ✧∀✧)/ I've directed a music video for a brand new song that will be released this coming Friday July 13th • if you were holding out for a music video by yours truly involving Llama's, then please pre-save using this link and tune in Friday ヽ(∀° )人( °∀)ノ
Lo-Fang Feb 20, 2018
all the dads and all the moms all the kids who sing the songs they all know i’m a mushroom man a mushroom man with mushroom hands (⌒▽⌒) or pants 。it depends on how ur feeling that day 。 see ya soon san frandisco (◐‿◑)come hear some new tunes and some lo-fang favorites friday feb 23rd (*☻-☻*)
Lo-Fang Feb 13, 2018
this months plant room show will be presented sat feb 17th with a 4pm and 8pm show • ill be taking a break from these high wire and breathtakingly intimate performances until I return from nepal and bali in april *_* hope to see u there!!
Lo-Fang Jan 26, 2018
this saturday Jan 27th I`ll be giving the first 『Cello Motion』class in LA at The Sweat Spot • 3-5pm • sign up in advance for a cheaper class * will be sharing a qi-gong form I learned over a decade ago , then improvising on cello & voice ☻ Cello Lotion is advised but not mandatory ≧∇≦O♪
Lo-Fang Jan 13, 2018
playing another plant room show in Los Angeles Jan 20th • matinee and evening show , heres the link ╰(▔∀▔)╯come along!!
Lo-Fang Nov 30, 2017
(✧∀✧) /hello winter elves 。.:☆ please come to a musical seance hosted in my home dec 16th (づ ◕‿◕ )づ I`m using the word seance quite loosely here but you get the gist。 I`ll play some new songs from my next album(s) and sing my heart out ALL 4 U 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*)) included with the ticket are access to a variety of subtle plants ʘ lunar serpent collage by ana noble*
Lo-Fang Nov 21, 2017
Don't eat oranges under the full moon!! to avoid that citric fate please come to the cello and singing bowl experience dec 1st in los feliz •
Lo-Fang Nov 08, 2017
playing some new songs from my next record in the most natural place available, my plant/music room in Los Feliz Nov 18th/New Moon 2017
Lo-Fang Oct 31, 2017
true story, making this track involved catching a fifteen foot king cobra in the north of bali • you can hear its singing at 29 seconds in•
Lo-Fang Oct 19, 2017
a line from a cello improvisation that came out this week preparing for tmmrws show⋯3d Nature (*☻-
Lo-Fang Oct 04, 2017
i`m giving a singing bowl & cello sound meditation Oct 20 with the proceeds going towards the earthquake relief in mexico. its at The Sweat Spot my favorite dance studio in LA and i`ll be playing music by mort garson & hiroshi yoshimura before and after * * please join yourself and come, as it is also tom petty's birthday which falls on a new moon #36 i love u
Lo-Fang Aug 21, 2016
carla • sandra of Lookathingsdifferent thank you for finding inspiration and effortlessly articulating with your bodies the music i've created *_* what a beautiful space to be dancing in as well ˆ ∫ˆ
Lo-Fang Oct 26, 2015
really excited to announce i`ll be performing my first ever headlining show in Mexico City Nov 6th. got to play for the first time in DF and Guadalajara last year with Rhye and so grateful to be back:) heres a link to buy tickets namaste high x
Lo-Fang Oct 16, 2015
a year ago today the CHANEL No. 5 video came out..heres a foto that was taken after one of the private shows i did in singapore. I`ll always love the attention to detail and how strong of an aesthetic vision mademoiselle chanel had that is still being carried on today.
Lo-Fang Jun 21, 2015
playing a free last minute show in paris july 2nd. it's also on a rooftop..bring your friends xx