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The Girly-Sound Tapes
Exile In Guyville (Remastered)
Somebody's Miracle
iTunes Originals: Liz Phair
iTunes Originals: Liz Phair
Liz Phair
Liz Phair
Liz Phair Aug 11, 2019
Today's the anniversary of when I released Whitechocolatespaceegg. Thanks for listening all these years ♥️ here's me when I did Letterman with short hair
Liz Phair Aug 01, 2019
Valley Girl
Liz Phair Jul 17, 2019
Feelin’ alive at 80/35 🌸 PC: Alyssa Leicht Photo
Liz Phair Jul 11, 2019
Good morning, readers! Horror Stories galleys 🥳 (10/8) pre-order link here:
Liz Phair Jul 01, 2019
I prefer to camp outside of casinos. Relaxed w David Clement, who may design a Brooklyn t shirt to rival the piano key tie (no spoiler)
Liz Phair Jun 28, 2019
Driving in high school with my friends screaming the lyrics to ‘We Belong’; then in college doing same with ‘Come To My Window.’ Never would I have believed that one day I would receive flowers from Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo in my dressing room or eat dinner with Melissa Etheridge 🌸🌺
Liz Phair Jun 28, 2019
Cheesesteak at Jim’s, iced chai at Rally, and then this dude. Our conversation fell a little flat, tho.. #Philadelphia
Liz Phair Jun 26, 2019
Brooklyn! I’m playing to celebrate you this Saturday, the 29th at 7pm BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival 🌼 Free Show 🌼
Liz Phair Jun 25, 2019
10th time’s the charm! A behind the scenes look at the making of the... ..SET LIST!! Love you Chicago
Liz Phair Jun 24, 2019
What a great experience playing w the stellar The Juliana Hatfield Three! Thank you all for joining us
Liz Phair Jun 10, 2019
A little power trio action
Liz Phair Jun 07, 2019
If you like music- you know, that thing with melodies and shit- we will be bringing light into the darkness at 10pm on the Pull & Bear stage. Come be cleansed 🌟✨💦🦋⚡️🎸❤️ NOS Primavera Sound
Liz Phair Jun 07, 2019
Manchester was amazing!! TONIGHT I’m playing on the ‘Pull & Bear’ stage at 10pm at NOS Primavera Sound!! Come over to the lawn and get it on!!
Liz Phair Jun 04, 2019
Liz Phair Jun 03, 2019
Primavera! I had a good feeling about this show and I felt right 🤘🏻
Liz Phair Jun 01, 2019
Hanging with the incomparable Kurt Vile⁩ right before we met Miley- we were both the geekingest fans there- ps. Thanks KV for letting me use the shot where I look good 💜
Liz Phair May 31, 2019
Psyched to see at soundcheck that we can roll up by sailboat if necessary #primaverasound2019 Pitchfork
Liz Phair May 23, 2019
London! I'm so excited for the UK, it's going to be rad. Grab your tix 🌼
Liz Phair May 23, 2019
My hair is rad, the sky is rad, Bev Hills didn’t intimidate me today so my career must be doing well.. this upcoming European tour is going to be SWELL-o-rando
Liz Phair May 14, 2019
One year ago today, Liz Phair the album went gold
Liz Phair May 12, 2019
To my beloved mama, thanks for always having my back 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day 🌸🌼🌷
Liz Phair May 09, 2019
My true Guyville guitar sound
Liz Phair May 06, 2019
#Throwback to this day in 1998 when Exile In Guyville went RIAA Gold
Liz Phair May 04, 2019
Thanks Shaky Knees for wishing my son a happy graduation, it meant a lot to me
Liz Phair May 04, 2019
Kaboom. October 8th. Random House. Buckle up ✍️