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Deus Ex Machina
Liv Kristine Dec 09, 2018
METAL TALK in Lucerne, CH,15.5.2019!
Liv Kristine Dec 01, 2018
Love this track by ORDEN OGAN! Cheers and have a great weekend, everyone ❤️Liv
Liv Kristine Nov 26, 2018
See you in Nagold🤟 I will be there for autographs and a beer. Thank you to all my fanclubs that will fly in for my gig. Thank you, Dominic Pencz, for a great photo shoot. More will follow. ❤️ Liv
Liv Kristine Nov 21, 2018
Liv Kristine Nov 19, 2018
I’d like to share “Silence” with you, one of my most important compositions and lyrics ever (thanx, J.B.😎). This track will definitely be on my setlist in December. Have a superb start of the week and see you in Nagold 21.12.2018🤟❤️
Liv Kristine Nov 19, 2018
SPECIAL CONCERT! I will be playing a metal set, moreover, an acoustic set in Alte Seminarturnhalle in Nagold, Germany, 21.12.2018. There will be a meet&greet after the show. Get your tickets here: ❤️ Liv
Liv Kristine Nov 18, 2018
Thank you, Ben Blutzukker, for a highly inspiring weekend, moreover, for today’s photo session. Stay tuned: Music and more news is coming soon. 🤟 ❤️Liv
Liv Kristine Nov 16, 2018
I wish you all a wonderful and inspiring weekend ❤️ Make sure you got your tickets for my upcoming concert in Nagold! ❤️ Liv
Liv Kristine Nov 06, 2018
More live photos from St. Petersburg 🤟 Фотограф: Мария Ширкина Thank you so much ❤️
Liv Kristine Nov 05, 2018
Liv Kristine Nov 04, 2018
THANK YOU. It was an honour and true pleasure to play for our Russian audience. So much gratefulness and hospitality. Thank you, Eugene @ALIVE Concerts, FOH Sergey, our local promoters and everybody in our Russian team who made this weekend happen. If anybody has special pictures to share from the shows or the after-show meet-and-greets just send them to [email protected] so I can post a few as a fine memory. We love you ❤️
Liv Kristine Nov 03, 2018
Thank you, St. Petersburg ❤️🤟🇷🇺
Liv Kristine Nov 03, 2018
SOUNDCHECK @the OPERA CONCERT CLUB, St. Petersburg. See you tonight🤟🇷🇺
Liv Kristine Nov 03, 2018
Having a coffee @ Moscow‘s finest vinyl store „Maximum Vinyl“ (, moreover, meeting and greeting our fans & friends! Love it here! Now on our way to our next gig! See you in St. Petersburg tonight🤟
Liv Kristine Nov 02, 2018
Finally arrived in Moscow! 🇷🇺🤟 4.30.a.m. paying a short visit to The Red Square. SEE YOU TONIGHT at the show! ❤️Liv Kristine
Liv Kristine Oct 29, 2018
Can’t wait to back in Russia! See you in Moscow (2.11.) and in St.Petersburg (3.11.) 😍🤟❤️
Liv Kristine Oct 22, 2018
Thank you from the heart to all my lovely friends and family members who‘ve come over and stayed at our cozy home during the last emotional weeks. Thank you to all of you who‘ve invited me to join your musical projects. It felt amazingly liberating to be back in the studio. Thank you, Martin Schmidt and Audiospezialist Studio, for making my day! ❤️ to all my fans and friends Liv Kristine
Liv Kristine Oct 06, 2018
Afterthoughts. My love and light to all of you joining my family on this path. THANK YOU.
Liv Kristine Sep 29, 2018
My fiancé’s heart stopped beating on 22nd September, 2018. The last time I heard his voice was three weeks earlier, he said “I love you”. I said “We love you, I love you, too, see you soon”. My beloved soulmate passed away too soon. Multiple heart attacks, stroke. Our love and friendship was unconditional. Mario passed away, but I experienced true love and eternal friendship with him. I know now, also through grieving, that true love transcends all things physical and is what sustains us through our incredible journeys. All the good things Mario brought into my family, especially for me, my son and our furry four-legged friends, can and will still be shared and extended to others. Love grows love! I wish to pass on Mario’s gift, share his goodness, big smile, passion for music, straightforward rootedness and love for our planet, somehow. I feel the urge to paint, sing, write and compose. My fiancé always encouraged me to do so. If you feel that you want to join me on this journey, you might want to get in touch. Can we make each day an opportunity to do at least one good thing for a fellow human being? Liv Kristine [email protected]
Liv Kristine Sep 19, 2018
Dear Marion-Lamita Peubey, I am incredibly happy to join you for “The Grand Design”. Please check out Lux In Tenebris! ❤️ Liv
Liv Kristine Sep 05, 2018
Melody Gardot ‎– „Live In Europe“ is my favourite album of the year so far. Her voice gives me shivers down the spine. What a voice - what a woman. My favourite track is „Morning Sun“, especially the lines „that morning sun is here to meet us waiting on the waking up of everyone“. ❤️ Liv
Liv Kristine Aug 28, 2018
Impressions of the day. Ehrenburg castle was erected around 1125. It is situated in the vicinity of Brodenbach in Germany. The castle has a very eventful history and I loved spending the afternoon here with my family. I highly recommend this sight! ❤️ Liv
Liv Kristine Aug 26, 2018
Bailey, welcome to our family🤗 Thankyou, Leon, for making this happen (our dog whisperer). ❤️ Liv
Liv Kristine Aug 25, 2018
Totally in love with adopted furry four-legged son Bailey
Liv Kristine Aug 22, 2018
See you soon, Norwegian homeland. My heart belongs to you. ❤️🇳🇴 Liv