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Working Girl (The Remixes Part 2)
Working Girl
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Little Boots Dec 12, 2018
Looking back on the #Shadows video shoot and feeling so proud of the craziness we achieved shooting 4 videos in 2 days at the beginning of this year. Shout out Marion Bergin and the gang for going along with my mad idea and bringing the impossible to life and all our wonderful extras in this clip🌹🌹
Little Boots Dec 10, 2018
Sometimes the over focus on streaming feels surreal to me and not really a totally useful metric when considering the value or impact of an artist... but fans always feel real and your support means everything. So thank you everyone who listened and supported me in 2018, as long as you keep listening I’ll keep creating 💗💗💗 Also my top 3 artists of the year were apparently @Robyn, Brahms and Bandolero, not quite sure what that says about me. What were yours??
Little Boots Dec 07, 2018
Baby it’s cold inside 💎 Thanks @spiritland for letting me play some actual records on their fancy speakers and @lozzyleverge @christopherkemsley for jumping on the decks! 🎧
Little Boots Dec 05, 2018
Looking back to the start of the year I found this set I did at NAMM Show for Mixmag and Pioneer DJ. It was one of the first times I properly tried to DJ and sing at the same time so was pretty nervous! Mixmag have been so supportive of me since i was on the cover 10 years ago (🙀) and I’m so proud of all the work we’ve done together this year. I will be sharing a special exclusive new mix I did for them later this week so look out for it! You can watch this full set on YouTube. Also thanks to Pioneer DJ USA especially Ryan in the LA office for supporting and advising me, you guys are the best 👍 🎧 PS. I’m DJing tomorrow night Spiritland London I’m making it my official LB Christmas party, all working girls/ boys and imaginary office team invited to come and boogie around the non existent water cooler xxx
Little Boots Dec 03, 2018
Reflecting on this year, releasing new music, performing live and DJing, and all the places I’ve been and people I’ve met and collaborated with... I want to use this month to share some of my 2018 highlights via some unreleased/ behind the scenes #content, starting with this photo by the wonderful Lucrecia Taormina. Cressie shot all the ‘Burn’ artwork and press shots, and whenever we meet we are both overflowing with ideas, I’ve never met a photographer who just ‘gets me’ so quickly. This is a taste of a shoot we did in summer, and I’m sure there will be many more creative adventures to come 📸💘 Also thanks Krasimira Stoyneva for this incredible jacket 💥 Follow me on instagram for more exclusive and unseen bits and bobs!
Little Boots Nov 30, 2018
Working on a new mix and discussing favourite tracks of 2018... get involved on instagram here !
Little Boots Nov 27, 2018
LIVE STREAMING on Facebook now ! Watch my special live set from Allaire Studios for Mixmag and AKG tune in links in my stories 👆
Little Boots Nov 21, 2018
Last month I was given an amazing opportunity to spend time at the legenedary Allaire studios in Woodstock with a group of super talented artists and musicians thanks to AKG and @Mixmag. Here's me sharing my story and creative process for their HEADSPACE series: "That's where some of the most powerful and genuine songs can come from, when you're just being receptive to how your feeling"
Little Boots Nov 16, 2018
Hello it’s me I’m DJing in #Manchester tonight @popcuriousclub come and dance @cruz101 it’s an electro night which means I can play as much @robynkonichiwa as I like and no one will question me hurray ⚡️⚡️ also I love the north 💛 Where are some nice places to eat and drink these days? I’m out of touch I’m guessing a bit old for afflecks palace... @ Manchester, United Kingdom
Little Boots Nov 14, 2018
“There’s not many people out there like Victoria Hesketh (aka Little Boots)... actually that’s not right: no one is like her. The career she’s had in the music world is an insane thing to behold. Loads of tracks, albums that challenged herself and fans, tours spanning all over the world - she’s truly lived a full life. With her last album, Working Girl, we experienced a Little Boots embodying a character and using it to reflect the world around her. Now, she’s back with new music and has found herself falling back in love with DJing and the environment of nightclubs. Her career shows no end in sight, with the momentum only revving up at higher levels. Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with Little Boots to discuss her career and where she’s hoping to go next.” Thanks for the lovely words The 405 listen to my interview on their podcast now link in comments 📸 @kenamiphoto
Little Boots Nov 12, 2018
Gracias for a lovely weekend in Barcelona Razzmatazz #littlebeachousebarcelona Lauren Verge Anna Prior 💜
Little Boots Nov 04, 2018
Just graduated with a first class from the university of babes 💅
Little Boots Nov 03, 2018
What is steam punk asking for a friend @anniealexandrasheppard
Little Boots Nov 02, 2018
Back DJing @boohagram in #Cluj tonight ! We had so much fun at @electriccastle festival in the summer excited to be back in Transylvania !!
Little Boots Oct 31, 2018
Nightmare before Christmas 🎃🎄 Heading back to Europe today for DJ dates check my highlights for info 🧛🏻‍♀️ 📸 @nosirromdivad
Little Boots Oct 30, 2018
Playing air guitar for talking about my creative process, watch the short film we made directed by @laurascriv plus lots of other inspirational stories to encourage girls in #STEM subjects, link in bio 👾
Little Boots Oct 29, 2018
I’ll be Bach / Bach to the future/ if it’s not baroque don’t fix it / I ain’t no holla bach girl/ I’m bringing sexy Bach etc... Completed Halloween and it’s not even happened yet 🎹 👻 #bach #jsbach #baroque
Little Boots Oct 27, 2018
Dedicated to anyone who got ghosted in 2018 🖤 Get your Halloween pre game on today taking over @therooftop at @thestandard downtown from 2-8pm with my LA power puff girls @tottie_moore @maddymaia come for a spooky sunbathe / swim/ sundowner Also #TB last year’s Halloween costume of Text Ghost 👻
Little Boots Oct 26, 2018
These aren’t the droids you are looking for 🤖
Little Boots Oct 25, 2018
With my piano teacher @rikomethod watching the wonderful @seongjinchoofficial perform Chopin and Debussy at @laphil last night! I played classical piano for a long time when I was young then got distracted with synthesizers and other things... moving to Atwater in LA I found Riko’s school and it changed my life! It’s amazing seeing what skills you can recover from your youth and build on. I’m playing more complicated pieces than I ever thought possible and it’s informing the whole of my songwriting and creative process in the most amazing way, as well as committing to something purely for myself that brings my so much joy. Check out @rikomethod they also teach voice and guitar I couldn’t recommend it more 💁🏼‍♀️🎹 . . . #piano #pianolessons #pianoteacher #laphil #rikomethod #rikomethodschoolofpiano #pianoconcert #pianist #pianolessons #pianola #seongjincho
Little Boots Oct 23, 2018
Really honored to contribute to the project with @casiomusicuk to inspire girl to use maths and #STEM subjects to pursue careers like music. I never really thought I was very good at maths but making this film with @laurascriv made me realize I use it al the time in everything I do! Check out for the full film and lots of other inspirational stories from other women 💁‍♀️ ➕➖➗✖️
Little Boots Oct 22, 2018
Sometimes i sit and think and sometimes I just sit
Little Boots Oct 20, 2018
On Friday’s we dublab 📻 📸 @tottie_moore Last nights show up online soon on . . . #dublab #alittlemoore #larasio #onair #independentradio #girlsontheradio #womeninradio #girldjs #femaledjs
Little Boots Oct 19, 2018
Back on air tonight with @tottie_moore bringing you #ALittleMoore on @dublab with special guest the wonderful @dedemusic ! Tune in 6pm PST and join here on instagram live 🌞 @ dublab
Little Boots Oct 18, 2018
Honored to be part of the #WeAreEquals series encouraging girls to get into science and technology with @casiomusicuk Watch the full video now link in bio ➕➖➗✖️ Directed by @laurascriv #equals #equality #stem #maths #girlsinstem #girlpower #stemeducation