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Working Girl (The Remixes Part 2)
Working Girl
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Hands [Deluxe]
Little Boots Jun 22, 2019
Should I play ‘Secret’ live? Playing around in the studio today figuring out how it could be done... 👄 Streaming everywhere now so go kickstart your weekend and turn it up 💋
Little Boots Jun 20, 2019
#TBT baby me 🔮 For everyone asking about the anniversary release of 'Hands' news is coming soon please sign up to the mailing list for info first! And in the mean time listen to my new track 'Secret' streaming now and pre-save the 'Jump' EP link in bio or you're dead to me🕺
Little Boots Jun 19, 2019
“‘Secret’ was a track that came together very quickly. I wrote it in a day with producer Jordan Reyes, who had this amazing bass line that felt so catchy and immediately reminded me of Kylie’s “Slow”, but taken into the club. I wanted to follow that kind of minimalist approach to a pop song, really keeping it focused on the baseline and allowing the song to breathe, focusing on a couple of key hooks. The feel of the track and the EP in general was inspired by my recent DJ sets and so many great female/femme producer DJs and artists I’ve been listening to lately, like Yaeji, The Black Madonna, Peggy Gou and acts like Smerz. I wanted to play around with different vocal textures, not just singing but also speaking, whispering and pitching my vocals down.” Read more about the origins of ‘Secret’ on @consequence ‘Secret’ streaming everywhere now, pre-order the ‘Jump’ EP: 💜
Little Boots Jun 17, 2019
Just announced I will be returning to Liverpool this summer to perform Pride in Liverpool ! Sound as a pound loves! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Little Boots Jun 15, 2019
‘Secret’ streaming everywhere now 🎈
Little Boots Jun 14, 2019
THE SECRET IS OUT 🚨 Streaming everywhere now Have you listened yet? Let me know what you think below... 🤫
Little Boots Jun 13, 2019
Mood: Michelle Pfieffer Scarface but make it club 🕺🔮 New track 'Secret' premiering on Consequence of Sound now:
Little Boots Jun 13, 2019
CAPTION THIS.... Caption competition kicking off on Instagram right now, follow me and comment on the image below, prize for the best answer! Outtake from the ‘JUMP’ EP shoot with @lucrecia.taormina 📸🎹 Two days until ‘Secret’ is out! 🤫 Hear it first:
Little Boots Jun 10, 2019
Thanks for the amazing reaction to my new EP artwork, I wanted to explain the concept behind it a little more... it was inspired by a viral trend initially across Chinese social media where rich kids and influencers posed falling out of their cars or houses with all their wealth displayed around them using the #flauntyourwealth #fallingstarschallenge hashtags (swipe left for examples). This then spread to imitations with people flaunting other things like food or shoes or tools for their work... the images created were so striking and I find the whole craze equally fascinating and disturbing and had the idea of creating my own version in a club with the tools I use to make music. I explained to photographer and collaborator @lucrecia.taormina and she immediately loved the idea and we set about making this image! Thanks to an amazing team: Photography : @lucrecia.taormina Make up: @official_ofm Hair: @yayawigdesign Boots: @havva_mustafa Location: @supermaxbar Mgmt/ Producer: @lozzyleverge Thanks to @korguk @korgofficial @stylophone_official @we.are.roli Pre-save first single ‘Secret’ now to hear it first:
Little Boots Jun 08, 2019
Hi NYC I am here and fighting my flu so I’m ready to dance later! Come see me DJing @elsewherespace Brooklyn tonight with @uffieufficial @sammybananas ☄️
Little Boots Jun 07, 2019
If this bass line doesn’t you feeling all sexy for Friday night I don’t know what will... ‘Secret’ is out one week today. If you want to hear it first it would really help me and my algorithm out if you click the link below and pre-save. Then tag your friend to do the same. If you do this I will also personally deliver you and your friend a gin and tonic and 4.55pm today *terms and conditions apply* Happy Friday Love LB x
Little Boots Jun 05, 2019
‘Hands’ turns 10 years old today. Still immensely proud of thjs record and everything that came after. We are planning some very special things to celebrate this anniversary including shiny new vinyl 😯 and live dates 🙀 All will be revealed soon but for now sign up to the mailing list to get all the info first ✨ #10yearsofhands #littleboots
Little Boots Jun 05, 2019
Secret out now:
Little Boots Jun 05, 2019
Secret, out now:
Little Boots Jun 03, 2019
‪New EP ‘JUMP’ out 2 August @onrepeatrecords‬ ‪New single ‘SECRET’ out 14 June‬ ‪Pre-save now: ‬ ‪📸 Lucrecia Taormina . . . #fallingstars #flauntyourwealth
Little Boots May 24, 2019
#TBT my live solo set for @mixmag @akg retreat last year at the incredible @allaire_studios. I live looped and effected my vocals using @ableton push then built up my tracks using samples and my trusty @korgofficial ms20 mini synthesizer for bass and lead lines. I usually sequence live beats as well on my @nativeinstruments maschine jam but had some limitations playing live in the woods! I also use @tchelicon to manipulate, loop and pitch shift my vocals live in real time. Just in case you were wondering 🤓 you can watch the set in full on mixmag’s youtube chanel now...
Little Boots May 23, 2019
Friday’s dublab show now up on the archive which includes the first ever plays of tracks from my forthcoming highly anticipated (by me) EP go get it whilst its hot 🔥
Little Boots May 18, 2019
Hello it's me again telling you I will be back on the @dublab airwaves TONIGHT holding the fort for @tottie_moore 6-8pm PST and might just spin the first ever play of some tracks from my new EP 🙀 plus lots of fun Friday disco italo electro house feels and dodgy chat from me so TUNE IN at or join my insta live feed 😘 OH and you should definitely become a member of @dublab and support independent radio because it's super awesome go to for more info 👍
Little Boots May 16, 2019
Shot something special with one of my favourite humans @thektb for #10yearsofHands this week, sign up to the mailing list to hear all the 10 year anniversary news first at 👌 📸 #thechemist 🧪
Little Boots May 09, 2019
#TBT Hands in Japan! And to everyone who has reached out to me about this record I would love to hear from you, we are looking for VIDEO messages about why this album was important to you or what it meant to you, any memories or stories you have this record soundtracked or a time you saw one of the tracks live or being performed who you were with what you were doing... we wanna hear it! Please send to [email protected] and if we use it I will personally send you a special care package to say thank you 🥰 #10yearsofhands #littleboots #littlebootsfans
Little Boots May 07, 2019
Thanks @themetgalaofficial for reminding me to re-read Susan Sonntag’s ‘Notes on Camp’ today. I’ve been described as camp many times by critics, friends, contemporaries... often in a context that didn’t always feel positive. But for me Camp has always been about resistance, creating a space where you can be playful and bold and experiment without feeling judged, about humour and art, an obsession with the point where traditionally defined high and low culture collide and all the magic that happens in that place... where irony beats tragedy and passion trumps seriousness every time. Maybe this over the top post is itself a little camp... but for today I will enjoy devouring images of beautiful people covered in feathers and sequins and lady gaga’s four outfit changes from the comfort of my still slightly hungover sofa and smile to myself 🧚🏻‍♀️ #camp #notesoncamp #susansontag #metgala #campnotesonfashion #metgala2019
Little Boots May 04, 2019
Happy star wars day may the fourth be with you! And happiest of birthdays to my LA wide @maddymaia and my fellow Californian Taurean lives @gosiaherman @evatrifonas we will be celebrating tonight @clubteegee with special DJ sets and @yolamezcal come our for a stubbornly indulgent sensual time!! ♉️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️♉️ . . . #taurus #taureen #taurusparty #taurusseason #yolamescal #clubteegee #taurusbirthdays #starwarsday #starwars #maythefourthbewithyou #maythefourth #r2d2 #c3po @ Club Tee Gee
Little Boots May 04, 2019
Happy star wars day may the fourth be with you! And happiest of birthdays to my LA wide @maddymaia and my fellow Californian Taurean lives @gosiaherman @evatrifonas we will be celebrating tonight @clubteegee with special DJ sets and @yolamezcal come our for a stubbornly indulgent sensual time!! ♉️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️♉️ @ Club Tee Gee
Little Boots May 04, 2019
Age appropriate pre birthday 🎀
Little Boots May 03, 2019
“Keep it sustainable” _ @tottie_moore