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Working Girl
Working Girl (The Remixes Part 2)
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Hands [Deluxe]
Little Boots at Monarch (April 26, 2019)
Venue: Monarch (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Uffie and Little Boots at Elsewhere (June 8, 2019)
Venue: Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, US) Find tickets
Little Boots Apr 16, 2019
Little Boots Apr 16, 2019
Still re-upping all the #Burn videos this week, partially because i need to get my insta stories in order but also because its so crazy how quick the burn (no pun intended) is on content these days, how much time and energy we pour into creating things that get eaten up and discarded in the seconds it takes to scroll up... watching all these videos a year later just makes me remember how hard we worked and how proud i am of the results 💜 This clip is taken from ‘Picture’, track produced by @laurenflax video directed by @marionbergin_ . . . #burn #littlebootsburn #picture #musicvideo #femaleproducers #femalecreatives #allfemaleteam #purpleandred #lebanoninapicture
Little Boots Apr 12, 2019
Getting my freckle on in Dubai ready for @barastibeach tonight! My body has no idea what time zone I’m in but I will be hitting the decks at midnight UAE time! 💃
Little Boots Apr 10, 2019
‘Burn’ is one year old this week! Still so proud of this EP, it was some of the most personal and honest writing I’ver ever done and got me through a difficult time, whilst taking some of the biggest creative risks of my career. Working with solely female/ femme producers was an amazing experience and when this expanded to the visual and creative team everything was taken to a whole new level! There really is such a special energy when women work together and support and push each other to make brilliant things. Just received the news that the video for ‘Eros’ directed by @marionbergin_ has been selected as one of the top 10 music vidoes for the Asolo Film Festival this year which really is the cherry on the cake for this record. Huge shout out to everyone involved in creating Burn including but not limited to @joycemunizmusic @laurenflax @planningtorock @coranovoa @martasalogni @lucrecia.taormina @marionbergin_ and of course @lozzyleverge 💜💜💜 And nicely timed there is new music coming very very soon...
Little Boots Apr 05, 2019
Returning to mexico city to DJ at @fashionweekmx closing party tonight @wearelooloo cannot wait! See you there botitas cant wait to be back x x
Little Boots Apr 02, 2019
‪Excited to return to Mexico City this weekend for @fashionweekmx @wearelooloo DJing the closing party on friday botitas! 💃‬ ‪📸 #TB shoot with @dna_magazine in #cdmx #xxatfashionweek #mbfwmx #fashionweekmx ‬
Little Boots Mar 28, 2019
#tbt business pleasure 👩🏼‍💼 this was the first release I felt comfortable coming up with all the visual concepts and taking control of the aesthetic that went with the music... now I couldn’t have it any other way 💄 excited to share new music AND visuals with you very soon....
Little Boots Mar 22, 2019
New music coming really very soon... in the mean time here’s a photo of me with loads of vintage synths I don’t own in a studio that isn’t mine 🙃 📸 @aitch_higginson
Little Boots Mar 19, 2019
My reaction when someone calls when they could have texted 📵
Little Boots Mar 14, 2019
#TBT when I was a space cadet 👽 Guys I need your help... currently searching the corners of the internet and my hard drive for unreleased demos and bonus tracks/ rarities from the Hands era... I’ve got a lot but feel like I’m missing a load also! Any requests or any hardcore fans have a comprehensive discography?? Let me know! 💙 #10yearsofhands
Little Boots Mar 09, 2019
Calling all dolphins 🐬
Little Boots Mar 07, 2019
#TBT these photos I just found taken at our soundcheck before playing live at El Cid on Sunset last year. I have such great memories of this night. Soooo... if we do a 10 year anniversary show this year what cities should we play?? 📸 @gandolphoto
Little Boots Feb 27, 2019
#TB playing the Steinway used by David Bowie and Elton John at the @mixmag @akgaudio retreat last year at @allaire_studios I haven’t played piano for a week now (unless you count an east end boozer tipsy on friday night) and feel like I’m losing my mind or at least my tiny bach fingers. If anyone has a piano in east london I can come and play for an hour in the day time let me know! Or can anyone recommend a realistic digital keyboard thats not too bulky/ expensive? 🎹🎹🎹 📸 @aitch_higginson
Little Boots Feb 24, 2019
Rory. Teddy. Barbara.
Little Boots Feb 23, 2019
She’s a strange girl... Weekend tune for you my latest collaboration with Joyce Muniz (Official) 👯‍♀️ Pre-order now from Exploited Rec
Little Boots Feb 21, 2019
#TBT thanks @lozzyleverge for saving these posters from a US tour back in the day. Thinking about #10yearsofHands anniversary plans today and recording some new versions with piano. Which tracks from the first album would you like to hear acoustic versions of ? Let me know in comments x
Little Boots Feb 18, 2019
Thank you so much @greatnorthernsf #outerlimits amazing energy I might have to spend the rest of the night dancing with you xx
Little Boots Feb 12, 2019
Still waiting for that @soundonsoundmag interview 🎹
Little Boots Feb 09, 2019
wrote a lil piece inspired by the snow felt cute might delete later 🎹🌲❄️
Little Boots Feb 08, 2019
So lucky to be at the Hedgebrook writers residency starting work on my fourth record with some amazing women in this properly magical place. Women have been coming here for 40 years to write and it’s so inspiring. The snow just started falling and we’re expecting a storm so there’s a high chance I’ll soon be snowed in my cottage with a bunch of synths! Follow my stories for more insights/ watch me slowly go crazy with cabin fever. Also I’m so overwhelmed by the amazing response to the #10yearsofHands idea, keep your comments coming we are compiling everything and coming up with a master plan, thank you 🙌
Little Boots Feb 07, 2019
*EPIC POST ALERT* I kept meaning to do the whole 10 year throw back thing for a while but for me it couldn’t be reduced to a hash tag. 2009 was one of the most important and transformative years of my life. This first photo was taken in a taxi somewhere in Tokyo in the summer of that year. I imagine I was dazed and tired and not quite sure where I was going or coming from. Looking back I wish I’d remembered the details more, the colours, the adrenaline, all the people I met, I wish I could place these photos better, tune into the chat and tour jokes beneath the surface... but time does strange things to your memory. This was the year my debut album came out and went to the top 5 in the uk. It was certified gold and I also had a top 10 single. I performed at Glastonbury, Coachella, on Jonathan Ross, toured all over the world, I was in Vogue, Interview magazine, shot by David Bailey, Nick Knight, Rankin, even very occasionally chased by paparazzis. I’m no longer afraid to say this was also the year my album dropped out of the charts, I had very little time to write music, and if I did was too exhausted or had complete creative burn out. A period of intense pressure when I felt I lost control of my creative output. This eventually went on to spurn a whole new chapter for me of music making, independence, challenge, creative control and sustainability, which as unsexy as some of that sounds means two more albums, a record label and DJ career down the road I can continue making and performing music on my own terms as my ‘Real Job’ and attempt to stay happy and relatively sane. Looking back at this time and this record it really does feel like a huge milestone in my life and something I’m still very proud of, and I know from people who have reached out to me over the years I’m not alone in this album meaning something. I’ve heard people who say this was their coming of age record, their heartbreak soundtrack, their no.1 college dancing track or the song that helped them make friends in a new town. I know this album spoke to a lot of people... so I’m thinking a decade later we should probably celebrate this in some way right? So I have some questions, and am asking you for suggestions. What would you guys want the most ? A fancy vinyl reissue? An excuse for a party or a full tour? Just me playing solo? A band playing the record start to finish? New versions of old songs? Remixes? Visual archive material like old photos and lyrics? New old merch ?! Me to dress up as a giant ferrero roche from space again?? And sifting through my old laptop I’ve found countless demos from this period that are (IMO) shiny pop gems that never saw the light of day I think it would be a real shame for that to forever be the case. Maybe I could combine these (with the permission of everyone else involved ) into some kind of rareities / B sides album? Try to gather up all those Japanese and vinyl only exclusives whilst I’m at it?! And if I set up a Kickstarter or PledgeMusic campaign to make this happen would you back it and help me bring some of these ideas into existence ?? I wanna know what you want so please let me know in the comments, your feedback is so important to me! 10 years on and it’s seems timely today I am on my way to a writers’ retreat at Hedgebrook to begin work on my fourth album. I cannot believe how much I’ve been supported by fans, friends and family in this crazy journey for a whole decade now! So, thoughts below... all my love and a decade later we are all older and wiser, let’s make something happen.... #10yearsofHands ✨
Little Boots Feb 01, 2019
What would Debbie do 🎈
Little Boots Jan 30, 2019
Sorry if you’ve been enjoying the peace and quiet I’ve been hiding out making new music, hoping to have something you can hear soon 💜
Little Boots Jan 01, 2019
Let them eat cake ? 🍰 Happy new year from the duchess 💋
Little Boots Dec 30, 2018
‪Hi NYC I’m DJing on The Lot Radio live from Times Square today at 1pm tune in at ! ‬