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Strange Girl Remixes 2 (feat. Little Boots)
Working Girl (The Remixes Part 2)
Working Girl
Satellite (Remixes)
Hands [Deluxe]
Little Boots Aug 20, 2019
‪Outakes from the #Jump artwork shoot ☄️‬ ‪Four brand new tracks written with @cyrilhahn @j_____r____ streaming now if you haven’t already go check 🌶
Little Boots Aug 15, 2019
Excited to be working with Arts & Crafts México on my new EP in Mexico! And really hoping I can come back soon :-) If you haven't already, listen to 'JUMP' now !
Little Boots Aug 13, 2019
You can listen to ‘Jump’ in its entirety now! Let me know your thoughts in comments x
Little Boots Aug 08, 2019
“addicting tunes with layers of filtered, pop-infused gems” - read an in depth interview with me on @earmilk with @eclectic_wrenn now including all things #Jump and some sneak peaks into future plans and #10yearofhands 🔮
Little Boots Aug 03, 2019
‘Remember a new moon was rising A sign from the future whispered from the past...’ 🌝 I wrote ‘Jump’, the lead track from my new EP, out in the yucca valley desert last year. @cyrilhahn had sent me some great beats to work with, I was in a house in middle of nowhere with an old grand piano looking across the plains. I went outside as the sun was setting and saw a huge full moon rise up above the mountains, it was so beautiful and such a special moment like having night and day on either side. I came inside and wrote the whole song in about 10 minutes! Sometimes it’s really important to take yourself away from all the noise and allow yourself to do nothing and pretty soon the ideas will come. ‘Jump’is streaming everywhere now go listen link in bio 💁🏼‍♀️ 📸 @lucrecia.taormina
Little Boots Aug 02, 2019
‪Happy Friday! Thanks so much Spotify for adding ‘Jump’ to this and THREE #NewMusicFriday playlists and making me the poster girl for #NewDanceRevolution!‬ ‪#Jump is out now including new tracks with @cyrilhahn and @j_____r____
Little Boots Aug 02, 2019
JUMP is out now! Thanks so much @spotify @spotifyuk for adding #jump to #newmusicfriday! Listen to the whole EP in full now including 2 brand new tracks, ‘Jump’ with @Cyril hahn and ‘Mistake’ with @j_____r____ , link in bio 💛 Share in your stories and I will repost ✨
Little Boots Aug 01, 2019
Thanks so much everyone who came to my performance at Pride in Liverpool last week! So excited my new EP 'Jump' is out in full tomorrow, please be sure to pre-save it to hear it first! Link in comments x
Little Boots Jul 31, 2019
‘Between our two lives there is also the life of the cherry blossom.’ -Matsuo Basho . Playing records at @nobulondonshoreditch tonight with @lozzyleverge @onrepeatrecords on the beautiful blossom terrace come and say hello 🌸
Little Boots Jul 30, 2019
‪New music coming this Friday!‬ ‪My EP ‘Jump’ is out in full this weekend, including new songs ‘Jump’ which I wrote with the wonderful Cyril Hahn, and ‘Mistake’ written/ produced by my EP collaborator @j_____r____‬ ‪Pre-save the EP now to hear it first, cannot wait for you to hear all of the songs together! 💜 ‬
Little Boots Jul 29, 2019
Hi guys would love to get some feedback from you on what goes on the 'Hands' 10 year bonus disc! So questions... • would you like new acoustic versions of some of the 'Hands' tracks on vinyl or prefer more unreleased demos? • how important are lyrics or anything else you'd especially like in the artwork/ packaging? • are there any particular demos you would really like to see on vinyl? • anything else you'd really like to get your hands on? Love getting your direct feedback on this so please let me know any thoughts in the comments! Xx
Little Boots Jul 29, 2019
Wearing #JackIrvingStudio for Pride in Liverpool yesterday ✨ Such a beautiful look and amazing to see and support more creative talent coming from my home town of Blackpool! 🌈 Thanks so much everyone who came out yesterday despite the weather, more photos soon when we have recovered xx Also big thanks to Skin HQ for making my skin glow for the show 😊
Little Boots Jul 27, 2019
First time DJing from a combine harvester was a success ! Thanks for a lovely time Farmfestival Somerset now off your Liverpool to perform at Pride in Liverpool see you on the main stage at 7.30 ! 💕🌈
Little Boots Jul 19, 2019
desire is a dancer 🕺🏻 love is the lesson 💗 happy friday your weekend starts now turn it up and... 👯‍♂️
Little Boots Jul 18, 2019
Very exctied to announce a remix contest for my new track 'Lesson' via Metapop with prizes from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS ! We always get some many requests for these so I can't wait to see what people come up with... go get creative or tag someone you think should remix this track!
Little Boots Jul 17, 2019
Thanks @spotify for adding ‘Lesson’ to another great playlist #NewDanceRevolution ! "The track is a timeless house number that eases in the mix at tonight’s dance parties around the globe” says @vanyaland617 🧡 if you haven’t already go listen now and pre-order the ‘Jump’ EP 📸 @rachelecclestone
Little Boots Jul 15, 2019
‪If you are the answer, let me be the question... 🤔‬ ‪‘Lesson’ ft. @kiddysmile out now❣️
Little Boots Jul 14, 2019
‘Lesson’ featuring Kiddy Smile is out everywhere now!
Little Boots Jul 13, 2019
Thanks so much everyone who has listened to ‘Lesson’ so far and to @spotifymx for adding it to #newmusicfriday! Excited to reach more #botitas 🤗 Thanks so much for your support please keep listening / dancing / sharing 💜
Little Boots Jul 12, 2019
NEW TRACK ALERT 🚨 ‘Lesson’ featuring @kiddysmile is streaming everywhere now ! Perfect soundtrack for the weekend tell/ tag your friends, add to your playlists, let me know what u think in comments, dance around to it in your underwear... all that good stuff x Also big thanks @spotify for adding ‘Lesson’ to one of my favourite playlists #ElectronicRising ! Listen here:
Little Boots Jul 11, 2019
‘Working Girl’ came out 4 years ago today. In hindsight I’m so proud of this record, it was such a cohesive collection of songs and the first time I’d really felt brave enough to get hands on in the visual side and creative direction. Now I see it as a crucial piece of my catalogue and journey as an artist, fans regularly tell me how much they love it. But I remember at the time following the release, despite a positive critical response I was heartbroken it didn’t receive more commercial success when I felt I had put so much into it. No one talks much about what happens after a record is released, its all about the ‘build up’ and ‘roll out’, but more than ever these days the burn is fast and artists are left with a huge feeling of anti climax, whispered conversations from labels about ‘meeting expectations’, a huge hole in their pocket and the voice of that evil inner critic creeping back in asking was it really all worth it/ what are you doing with your life/ you can’t even get a job at tescos now etc. So for what it’s worth from my experience all I can say is this. Show back up. To the piano, the page, the computer, the canvas... however it is you make stuff. You might feel burn out and need to take a break, that’s fine. Be kind to yourself for a while (moving to LA optional). But then show up. Start small. Let the ideas come. Little by little if you show up they will. Shut the inner critic out, lock him in a box and put him in another room. Learn from your mistakes and remember someone else’s judgement is just one voice. Pain is Transformation. Evolution crucial. Self-doubt is the enemy of creativity. Trust your gut. ‘Working Girl’ was all about hustle, about continuing to push through and be productive even when faced with the biggest challenges. So that’s my thought for the day... now go Get Things Done x Ps. New song out tomorrow 👀
Little Boots Jul 06, 2019
What a beautiful day for Prideinlondon ! Can’t wait to see everyone... stay hydrated and pace yourselves because i wanna see you later! DJing on Old Compton Street ar Cafe Boheme from 9pm 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 📸 @rachelecclestone 👩🏻‍🦰 @yayawigdesign
Little Boots Jul 03, 2019
‪give me distance / make me feel you’re something i need...‬ ‪‘Lesson’ new track ft. @kiddysmile coming this Friday 🔮‬ ‪
Little Boots Jul 02, 2019
‪New music coming this week! Pre-save ‘Lesson’ ft. @kiddysmile the next track from my EP ‘Jump’ now, tag a friend below who needs to hear it first... 💁🏼‍♀️‬
Little Boots Jun 30, 2019
Feeling peachy @3xnyx 🍑 thanks everyone who danced to my set 📸 @lozzyleverge