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Listening Center Aug 18, 2019
There'll be some LC featured on this excellent Italian Rare and OST show this afternoon - Martini Syndrome (my basic maths indicate 1pm EST and 19.00 in Europe) along with Artists from ROHS! Records in Berlin at Radio Ros Brera
Listening Center Aug 17, 2019
Just released, new A Year in the Country! "Every fresh listen adds another layer of understanding – or, perhaps, misunderstanding – to the experience, to conjure fresh and further phantoms…” Dave Thompson, Goldmine
Listening Center Jun 29, 2019
LC's "Meridian" featured on this nice playlist from WhiteLight/WhiteHeat
Listening Center Jun 29, 2019
In good company on another excellent show from Johnny Seven, spot on in drawing attention to Listening Center's made-in-a-shed-in Leeds composition style, unwieldy naming conventions, and indebtedness to John Foxx's drum programming from the classic "Underpass".
Listening Center Jun 24, 2019
Listening Center
Listening Center Jun 24, 2019
Finally - Retrieving released today in most digital outlets, through Temporary Tapes. Artwork by the great Nick Taylor. A big thanks all for the pre-orders and support, nice to see the same friendly names coming back. Still vinyl copies available here on the Listening Center BC page, and if you've already purchased the an LP through Polytechnic Youth and are would also like a download, get in touch through here. Thank you.
Listening Center Jun 20, 2019
Stewart Gardner's generous and insightful review of "Retrieving" is up now on Concrete Islands, releases June 24th.
Listening Center Jun 14, 2019
Pre-orders on BC are up now...
Listening Center Jun 14, 2019
Nice review from our favorite Norman Records...
Listening Center Nov 30, 2018
Lake Ruth / Listening Center / Pale Lights 7" from Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten on the Lake Ruth bandcamp today
Listening Center Nov 01, 2018
Nice review of the recent Polytechnic Youth 5" picture disc from Mark Barton...
Listening Center Oct 26, 2018
Only An Ocean (Pale Lights Cover), by Lake Ruth & Listening Center
Listening Center Oct 22, 2018
Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten
Listening Center Oct 18, 2018
Polytechnic Youth
Listening Center Oct 18, 2018
That was fast! Almost missed it myself. About to release on Polytechnic Youth in a matter of hours...5" picture disc!
Listening Center Oct 11, 2018
The trifecta is complete. From an Unknown Source on our favorite Technics deck, from Maybe the Sweet Honey Pours released today in a tremendously limited handmade edition. We just couldn't wait any longer... #felsantos #paolojavier #listeningcenter #ambient #soundpoetry #cassette
Listening Center Oct 08, 2018
This interview for the excellent new website Concrete Islands...
Listening Center Oct 05, 2018
Pre-release of the third and final cassette of our initial unadorned series: Maybe the Sweet Honey Pours - a psychedelic collaboration with the elusive sound poet Fel Santos, his real world counterpart, Paolo Javier and Listening Center. Link in bio. "Maybe The Sweet Honey Pours is made up of discrete short poems sequenced to resemble parts of a long poem composed during a single train ride from NYC to Toronto one midwinter day. In the work, I set out to explore the relationship between sequentiality and narrativity, and the potential unity this would afford poems otherwise deemed fugitive: works-in-progress, thought experiments, guesswork, shards, remnants." -Paolo Javier "Beginning An Expedition & Timestream are essentially early Listening Center tracks transferred from a wavering four track cassette recorder; From An Unknown Source is just that, it was found on a tape one day - I have no recollection of making it or where it originated." -Listening Center #drone #soundpoetry #psychedelic #paolojavier #listeningcenter #temporarytapes #cassette #tapeloop #synth
Listening Center Oct 02, 2018
Out today!
Listening Center Sep 07, 2018
New track with Lake Ruth out today...! Great Artwork by Nick Taylor
Listening Center Jul 19, 2018
Radio broadcast Friday July 20th at 1pm on Montez Press radio residency on the mysterious Fel Santos with Paolo Javier, the excellent Wendy's Subway and PAL / Pilipinx American Library - lots of experimental sound, talk and studio performance...
Listening Center Jun 13, 2018
Due to technical problems at Zone One/Elsewhere, tonight's show has been moved to Rose Gold at 96 Morgan Avenue! Tickets still good at new venue, same time...
Listening Center Apr 03, 2018
Analogue video synthesis courtesy of James Washington. His excellent album here...
Listening Center Jan 16, 2018
Nice review here of the new LC tape courtesy of Adrian Pannett at Delusions of Adequacy -
Listening Center Jan 15, 2018
Thanks everybody! Paths and Surfaces released today.