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Lisa Loeb's Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake, And Other Zany Songs
The Way It Really Is
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No Fairy Tale
Kids Music for Parents That Hate Kids Music (feat. Lisa Loeb, Mr. Steve & Miss Katie, Board Of Education, Meredith LeVande & Sean Thomas and the Ha-Ha's)
The Purple Tape
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Catch the Moon
Catch the Moon
Cake and Pie
Hello Lisa
Hello Lisa
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 22, 2019
#TBT to a 1996 interview in Japan with Kirin Lager Club! I'm playing concerts at Billboard Live TOKYO and Billboard Live OSAKA next month! Get your tickets at!
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 20, 2019
Looking for some new back-to-school looks for the kids? I have shirts for kids and grownups at!
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 19, 2019
Did you catch my interview on Cubby and Christine on 106.7 Lite FM? DJ Paul Cubby Bryant was the first to play the song on the radio, and now I was able to celebrate 25 years of "Stay" with him and to reminisce about more behind the scenes stories.
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 16, 2019
Another "Stay (I Missed You)" story for you! Ethan Hawke and I reminisced backstage at the Tribeca Film Festival about the making of the music video. Find out the one creative decision we disagreed on at first! 🎥 Juan Patino
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 15, 2019
Check out this Billboard article that includes me in the musicians you can reach on Cameo! I’ll send you a personalized video greeting from Cameo to you and yours. After that, you can have anyone from Flavor Flav to Lance Bass send a friend a message! Book me on Cameo at
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 12, 2019
Did you know that I have "Stay" frames in my Lisa Loeb Eyewear line? Celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Stay (I Missed You)" being number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with a pair of glasses to match my music video look! Classique Eyewear
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 11, 2019
A Sunday "Stay (I Missed You)" live performance for you! This one is from KFOG a few years ago with Jonny Polonsky!
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 10, 2019
On Thursday, I shared a video of Stacey Sher telling her story of "Stay (I Missed You)" being included in "Reality Bites" - backstage at the Tribeca Film Festival. On-stage during the panel, Ethan Hawke and Ben Stiller updated with their version of the story! Here's the story behind the cassette that Ethan gave to Ben! Video: Juan Patino
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 09, 2019
#FBF with Ben Stiller at the "Reality Bites" 25th reunion at Tribeca Film Festival! Still celebrating 25 years since "Stay (I Missed You)" being number one. What's your favorite scene in "Reality Bites?" 📸 Juan Patino
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 08, 2019
A #TBT story for three weeks of "Stay!" Do you know how U2 is partially responsible for "Stay (I Missed You)" being included in "Reality Bites?" Executive Producer Stacey Sher tells her version of the story backstage at the Tribeca Film Festival reunion! Video by Juan Patino (co-producer of "Stay (I Missed You)"
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 07, 2019
I'm obsessed with sweet, talented Tim Kubart's family video song covers (even with his mom and dad lip-syncing!) so I couldn’t be more excited that they covered "Stay (I Missed You)" this year for the 25th anniversary! Check it out, and celebrate the anniversary of "Stay" being number one over the next 3 weeks by posting your own cover with #Stay25!
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 06, 2019
Three weeks of "Stay!" 25 years ago today, "Stay (I Missed You)" began its reign at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100! Stay tuned here for the next three weeks for behind the scenes videos and photos! Where were you the first time you heard the song?
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 03, 2019
Did you catch me on The Hilltown Family Variety Show? Tune in again to hear me play all of my favorite summer camp songs as a guest DJ tomorrow from 7-8am ET! Tune into 103.3FM WXOJ, Northampton, MA or listen live via streaming audio at! 📸 Justine Ungaro Studios
Lisa Loeb Official Aug 01, 2019
#TBT! What's your favorite lyric from "Do You Sleep?"
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 27, 2019
Want to win a garden gnome right out of my yard? Tell me your favorite lyric from my song "You Don't Know Me" for a chance to win! #YouDontGnomeMe Enter by August 4th for your chance!
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 24, 2019
Went to find that vintage cereal at the grocery store didn’t find it, but found this #YouDontGnomeMe I have a collection of garden gnomes that I'm ready to part with. Stay tuned for a way to win a gnome right out of my yard!
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 19, 2019
Tune in! I'm appearing live on @cbsla's Noon broadcast ‪at 12:20pm PT ‬to talk about summer camp and my new song, “Love Never Dies!” Tune into LA channel 2 or 9 or online here:! 📸 Juan Patino
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 15, 2019
Surprise! I have a new song, written with Rich Jacques, called "Love Never Dies," and you can hear it on Billboard NOW! I'm so excited that James Patterson asked me to collaborate on a theme song for his book, "Sophia, Princess Among Beasts." I love the groundbreaking idea of having a theme song for a book, and it pushed me to try a song with a different type of sound for me just in time for the summer! 📸 Juan Patino
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 14, 2019
Alexa, play Lisa Loeb! Have you listened to my family-friendly Amazon Music albums? What's your favorite song on "Nursery Rhyme Parade!," "Feel What U Feel," or "Lullaby Girl?"
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 13, 2019
Music news coming Monday! 🎶📖What does my newest music news have to do with James Patterson’s new book?! Stay tuned Monday for the "Sophia, Princess Among Beasts!" release to find out!⁣
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 11, 2019
✨ Facebook Live tune in alert! ✨ Missing Waiting for Wednesday Facebook lives? I'm going live TODAY on Alfred Music's page after 3:30pm PT to perform my Hanukkah song, "Light" in celebration of Alfred Music's choral arrangements of the song for different age groups... and because... Hanukkah in July?!
Lisa Loeb Official Jul 05, 2019
Happy 4th of July! 4th of July selfie and out the front of the lense! 🤳🇺🇸
Lisa Loeb Official Jun 30, 2019
Watch the making of my Camp Lisa album! You can help me send kids to summer camp at!
Lisa Loeb Official Jun 28, 2019
#FBF with Sheryl Crow! What's your favorite Sheryl Crow song?
Lisa Loeb Official Jun 25, 2019
Did you see my interview on Hallmark Channel USA Home & Family? I talked to Cameron and Debbie about the 25th anniversary of Stay and summer camp. Watch again here! You can donate to my summer camp foundation at