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Lipstick Homicide May 30, 2019
Lipstick Homicide's cover photo
Lipstick Homicide Jan 20, 2019
hey if you ordered a shirt from us and never got one can you remind me? [email protected] or hit the DM's. trying to get all of it sorted out. sorry we suck xoxoxo rachel
Lipstick Homicide Oct 02, 2018
Kate and I both sang songs on this collaborative album of super short horror movie themed tunes by Danny Dysentery! Check it out, we sing “Party All Night” and “Nancy” Happy gothtober!
Lipstick Homicide May 31, 2018
This Saturday in Des Moines we will play Honeycreeper’s EP release show w/ Ramona and the Sometimes and Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops! 💋
Lipstick Homicide May 22, 2018
dEs mOiNeS!!! 💋
Lipstick Homicide Mar 15, 2018
Did you miss us??? Can’t wait to be rocking this one soon. Canker Blossom and Alien Girls will rock you. we will all rock you.
Lipstick Homicide Jan 25, 2018
Lipstick Homicide Jan 25, 2018
show announcement???
Lipstick Homicide Sep 08, 2017
Lipstick Homicide's cover photo
Lipstick Homicide Jun 30, 2017
Yesterday was fun :) #sportyspice #witchyspice #lukespice
Lipstick Homicide Apr 27, 2017
We're still a band, folks. A band that doesn't do stuff that often at this point in time. That's ok. We'll let you know when we do do some stuff. Thanks. Ps we're not broken up. Thanks -rach
Lipstick Homicide Dec 21, 2016
Hey i made a solo version of the Lipstick Homicide christmas classic "Hatin' on Santa" for this holiday edition of Iowa Music Showcase podcast if you want to hear it click here on this internet link! (i come in at 4:32) -xoxox rachel
Lipstick Homicide Oct 15, 2016
Hey it's me Kate, guess what it is me and Joe Jack Talcum from The Dead Milkmen's birthday today! Check out my other band Starry Nights' song that Joe helped write and sings on! For my birthday I wish everyone would share this post.... <3 Starry Nights full length album "Star Signs" comes out on January 1st!
Lipstick Homicide Oct 11, 2016
Hey it's me, Rachel. I play bass for Boys and we're playing some shows on the way to THE FEST and we're looking for someone who can get us a show or something to hop on on Oct 26 in Atlanta or somewhere near there. Can anyone help us out?
Lipstick Homicide Aug 30, 2016
We will be joining Bad Cop / Bad Cop on their Iowa City date, 9/12 at the Mill, DON'T MISS IT!!! <3
Lipstick Homicide Jul 01, 2016
Tonight in Chicago! What up
Lipstick Homicide May 24, 2016
Want to get into Direct Hit's record release show in Chicago for free? We're also playing so you probably do. Share this internet flyer with #directhitsucks and #chicago in your caption for a *chance to win!* see you July 1st
Lipstick Homicide Apr 20, 2016
We're playing a show this summer! DIRECT HIT!'s record release show in Chicago!
Lipstick Homicide Mar 31, 2016
Which Kate Kane are you?
Lipstick Homicide Mar 16, 2016
Lookout Iowa City! We are doing a very special Easter show with Larry Livermore and The Blendours at Trumpet Blossom Cafe!!---> An Evening With Larry Livermore Featuring Musical Guests Lipstick Homicide And The Blendours
Lipstick Homicide Feb 08, 2016
we used to cover this song in high school lol
Lipstick Homicide Feb 02, 2016
Lipstick Homicide's cover photo
Lipstick Homicide Jan 30, 2016
hey I made this for fun. It's a cover song. k bye -Rachel
Lipstick Homicide Jan 06, 2016
Check out Kate's new band! Does anyone want to make this a 7" ?
Lipstick Homicide Dec 10, 2015
Donate to Cristy Road's kickstarter campaign so she can make the sweetest Tarot deck of all time!