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Preservation Bias
Linea Aspera
Linea Aspera Jun 29, 2019
‘Preservation Bias’ is out now! Vinyl available here: ...and also from most good vinyl distributors.
Linea Aspera Jun 28, 2019
‘Preservation Bias’ is available together with our first LP direct from Dark Entries Records
Linea Aspera Jun 04, 2019
To celebrate 10 years of Dark Entries Records we have a vinyl re-issue coming out, featuring 8 tracks from our self-released tapes and various compilations. Release date: 28th of June More news to come...
Linea Aspera Dec 03, 2018
A new album & video from the voice of this project:
Linea Aspera Nov 02, 2017
Our self-titled album turned 5 in September. A re-issue of the CD is available on Bandcamp, and vinyl can be purchased directly from Dark Entries Records:
Linea Aspera Mar 25, 2017
Pre-orders have shipped and there are still a few more CDs in stock:
Linea Aspera Mar 08, 2017
CDs back in stock later this month, available for pre-order now:
Linea Aspera Jan 20, 2017
Linea Aspera Jan 11, 2017
We're not entirely dead.
Linea Aspera Jan 11, 2017
Zanias - To the Core
Linea Aspera Aug 17, 2016
New from Zoè Zanias:
Linea Aspera Jun 07, 2016
Linea Aspera Apr 06, 2016
Zoè's got a solo project, and it'll be resurrecting a few tracks you might recognise in its live shows, starting with this one (or perhaps one even earlier, for those on the other side of the Atlantic...):
Linea Aspera Apr 06, 2016
The self-titled album is now available digitally on Bandcamp, along with the rest of our discography:
Linea Aspera May 18, 2015
It's that same voice again, this time on her own:
Linea Aspera Jul 12, 2014
Alison (under the name Zoè Zanias) has collaborated with Black rain, and the result is available for pre-order here:
Linea Aspera Dec 27, 2013
Some copies of the vinyl reissue for sale now at our bandcamp page.
Linea Aspera Oct 21, 2013
Just to clarify: the Linea Aspera II 12" is a posthumous release. We are no longer playing shows or writing new material together, but both have new projects that are active.
Linea Aspera Oct 16, 2013
12" out now
Linea Aspera Sep 02, 2013
The repress of our last EP is now available to pre-order. Single-sided clear vinyl. Artwork printed on PVC and tracing paper insert. Limited to 300 copies. Release date: Sept. 30, 2013.
Linea Aspera Aug 19, 2013
All Linea Aspera and Keluar lyrics, among others, can now be found here:
Linea Aspera Aug 12, 2013
A track by DSX featuring Alison (Zoè Zanias)
Linea Aspera Jul 31, 2013
Linea Aspera II is soon to be reissued on vinyl by Weyrd Son Records
Linea Aspera May 19, 2013
Alison's new project with Sid Lamar (under a new pseudonym, Zoè Zanias)
Linea Aspera May 08, 2013
An interview with Michael Thiel (son of Micky Mike of Snowy Red) of Weyrd Son Records. He mentions a little something about a Linea Aspera reissue... For those of you who missed out on the tour tape in its original cassette form.