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Misery Everlasting
Cinderblock Solution
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 19, 2019
Thanks to Old Skull Zine for this cool interview! We appreciate the support from Rotterdam!!! If you don’t know about this page, check it out and throw them a follow. They interview at ton of great bands everyday!!
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 19, 2019
Awesome video of “Countless Acts of War” and “Wolf Tickets” from a few weeks ago in Trenton. Thanks Montana Media 👊
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 18, 2019
#MiseryEverlasting has landed in Japan!! Big thanks to Retribution Network / NERDS and our friend Massa Kawashita for supporting our album and making this happen 👊 #LOSWorldwide
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 17, 2019
Hoodies are bag in stock!! New shirt design is up! We still have some older designs left too and don’t forget your #MiseryEverlasting CD!!
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 13, 2019
Here’s a really awesome video clip from our buddies at Sirius Cinema! Thank you!! Let’s see more of this action on Friday at The Kingsland !!
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 12, 2019
Hello Japan! We are really happy to announce that Retribution Network / NERDS will be carrying our full length #MiseryEverlasting cd’s very soon! We appreciate their support!!
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 11, 2019
FRIDAY!!! BROOKLYN!!! Tickets are still available!!! Physical CD's of #MiseryEverlasting are now available on our web store We will have copies for sale at this show but they are going fast! We received so many orders over the weekend that we had to re-order a new batch... Get 'em while you can!!!
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 08, 2019
Physicals!! Physicals!! Physicals!! Get yours now @ !! #MiseryEverlasting Semi-gloss printed on wallet style eco-jackets. Full printing inside with lyrics and CD and is shrink wrapped. Order now!!! EDIT: We had to increase the cost of shipping on the web store as we grossly underestimated the costs to send the CD's - However we shipped ALL Orders we received at the price anyone paid over the weekend even if we lost money because we appreciate your support !!
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 06, 2019
Some sick pics from Saturday! Thanks to Brandon Monahan Photography!
Line Of Scrimmage Feb 04, 2019
13 years ago today we played our first show. Coincidentally, physical CDs of #MiseryEverlasting is being delivered this week so we will post that to our online store ASAP and we will have copies at the Merauder show on 2/15 in Brooklyn. If you haven’t yet, please follow us on Instagram. Check out this clip from Saturday @ Champs when we played “Tidal” by NJ’s notorious Redline. We are working on a fun EP to come out late Spring/early Summer that will include some cover songs as well as some new stuff and some artwork from a true OG of hardcore. We appreciate all your support. More updates coming soon!!
Line Of Scrimmage Jan 29, 2019
Saturday. If you’re not there, you’re missing out big time. This is one for the books... #MiseryEverlasting streaming everywhere. Listen to it. Learn it. Sing along with us.
Line Of Scrimmage Dec 20, 2018
Next show with Brooklyn heavy hitters and friends. Master killer will always be one of our most influential albums. Come have a blast and let’s party Brooklyn style!
Line Of Scrimmage Dec 15, 2018
Our Web Store is back online!!!
Line Of Scrimmage Dec 14, 2018
We will finally have our merch store up again this weekend!! Thank you to everyone who has cleaned us out of what we have had at shows!! “God Take” is the first song we released as a single for the recent full length #MiseryEverlasting. Although the single was from the same recording sessions, the album version had a better production quality and some added/cleaned up elements that really make the riffage and the vocals shine. Stream the new album everywhere!! Merch and new show flyers up soon!!
Line Of Scrimmage Dec 10, 2018
2018 was a good year. We played some great shows, met some good people and dropped an album that we are truly proud of. Thank YOU all for keeping this going. Our next show will be in January so until then, we’ll be working on some videos and physicals of #MiseryEverlasting (streaming everywhere). More info coming soon!!
Line Of Scrimmage Dec 08, 2018
This footage is from a few weeks ago in Brooklyn. Looking forward to tomorrow in Amityville. Let’s make it twice as crazy!!!!!!! #MiseryEverlasting streaming everywhere now. Thank you all for your support this year. Let’s end it with a good time.
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 30, 2018
Here’s another cut from our recently released full length #MiseryEverlasting. This track pays homage to the classic hardcore bands we grew up listening to. We are ready to pop off in Long Island next weekend!! Check out the track “Incarcerated” and the rest of the album streaming everywhere now!!
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 21, 2018
Happy Hump Day! Our song “Wolf Tickets” from the new full length #MiseryEverlasting got a small mention but a rather large reaction on this podcast. Check it out around the 41 minute mark. These guys review some really deep underground bands in ALL styles of heavy music. We appreciate the response these guys had for our new music and the album art. Go check em out!!
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 18, 2018
Needless to say, last night was a great time. Brooklyn showing us that this music still gets people fired up!! Shout outs to all the bands who drove out, played, sold merch, shared drinks and conversations. We had a great time even though the mics went out and we didn’t get a full set in... but if you were there, then you know 👊 🗑 🥴. If anyone has videos, please share them, tag us, hashtag us, dm us whatever you got. Next up... Long Island - Nassau county!!
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 16, 2018
Tomorrow!!!! All ages!!! Come hang out and have some fun!!!! Come early support all the bands, first band starts @ 630pm!! Check out our new album if you haven’t already #MiseryEverlasting streaming everywhere.. We’ve got a few old ones to play too!!
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 12, 2018
4 weeks ago we released #MiseryEverlasting. The album hit 21,000 streams on Spotify already - all from DIY and word of mouth thanks to you guys 👊 Next show is Saturday in Brooklyn with a sick lineup. Don’t miss it. “Rage Incarnate”, our 8th song from the full length is a different concept from the earlier tracks on the album. It was a great collaboration between all the band members to really bring it together. When you hear this part, everyone should be grabbing the mic! “Fire! Fury! Rage Incarnate!!!”
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 09, 2018
This song has a long history with our band... it was first written in 2007 with Andrew on drums and no 2nd guitar player. We played it a handful of times live and never got the chance to record it. As we evolved and wrote new music, this song was pretty much abandoned until we re-wrote and re-structured it last year and finally recorded it for a real release. Take a listen... #MiseryEverlasting streaming everywhere now!!
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 06, 2018
Here’s a song for #ElectionDay... we aren’t political but “It’s not hard to see the snakes when you’re livin’ in a jungle made of concrete!”... a lyric from “Wolf Tickets” now streaming. Check out the full album #MiseryEverlasting today. Cd’s and Vinyls coming soon!!
Line Of Scrimmage Nov 02, 2018
Our new album #MiseryEverlasting is streaming everywhere. The song “Pestilence” was first introduced on our demo last year. It was the only one of the three demo songs to make it on the album but was our inspiration for the title of the record.
Line Of Scrimmage Oct 28, 2018
We had a great time in Scranton and Utica these last 2 weeks. We appreciate the support as we released our new album “Misery Everlasting” only 2 weeks ago and already have over 15,000 streams for it on Spotify alone!! Stream it now on all digital platforms or purchase on BandCamp. Here’s what we have next!! Brooklyn!! Stand up!!!!!