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It's Alright Between Us as It Is
Late Night Tales
Six Cups of Rebel
Little Drummer Boy
Where You Go I Go Too (Including Prins Thomas Edits)
Where You Go I Go Too (With Exclusive Bonus Track)
It's a Feedelity Affair
Plague the Kid 2
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas
There's a Drink in My Bedroom and I Need a Hot Lady EP
Untitled EP
Lindstrom Apr 12, 2019
God Påske, Glad Påsk, Happy easter, Joyeuses Pâques! Páscoa feliz! Frohe Ostern, Buona Pasqua, Vrolijk Pasen, Szczęśliwej Wielkanocy, Paşte Fericit 🐣
Lindstrom Apr 11, 2019
14 june @parkteatret @pipfest PIPnatt ... 🤩 ... stor stas !!!!
Lindstrom Apr 09, 2019
Playing @shelteramsterdam saturday 11/05 ... ;-D
Lindstrom Feb 20, 2019
;-D ... bãrcęlōnà âgāin ... D-;
Lindstrom Feb 07, 2019
... two more days ;-D
Lindstrom Feb 06, 2019
... just found this "lost" track deep in my harddrive-vaults ;-D ... somebody sent it to me on the 27 of February 2006 ... not sure who ... hm ... its pretty good though ... hehe 😀 EDIT: ... Justus Kohncke made it ;-D (thanks for refreshing my memory Prins Thomas
Lindstrom Feb 06, 2019
... if you happen to be in London on saturday !!! @isolee_music #bjørntorske ....
Lindstrom Jan 29, 2019
Oslo! Det blir et 30 kvm rom ledig i vårt fine studiofelleskap i Kongensgate i starten av februar. Pris ca 3900 i mnd inkl felleskostnader. Alle rommene blir for tiden brukt til musikk prod, men rommet kan også brukes til f eks kontor, hvis man tåler litt lyd fra naborommene. Vi vil ha inn bra folk, noen som ser etter? Send DM!
Lindstrom Dec 20, 2018
Tenning av julegran på @thevillaoslo i kveld ... Kommer julenissen? Aner ikke ... blir det poser til barna? Neppe... Jeg skal ihvertfall spille julen inn ... Kim Hiorthøy spiller også! ... og enda noen flere ... blir stor stas ;-D
Lindstrom Dec 14, 2018
... so good to be back in tokyo!!! Thank you everybody who came to Sound Museum Vision Tokyo, the great djs & Kitsuné for the amazing party ;-D
Lindstrom Dec 09, 2018
... SOMETIMES IT RAINS IN ATHENS ... ;-D thank you Plisskën Festival for such an amazing party last night !!! ....... awesome lineup, festival crew & amazing crowd ... ❤️🇬🇷... looking forward to come back soon 🔥🤩
Lindstrom Dec 03, 2018
... tusen ❤️-lig takk @gramart_artist !!
Lindstrom Dec 03, 2018
tusen takk Gramart !!!!!!!!!! ;-D
Lindstrom Nov 08, 2018
finally japan again !!! .... Sound Museum Vision Tokyo on the 14th of dec & WORLD KYOTO on the 15th ... Kitsuné Kitsuné Bonenkai Night | Tokyo Kitsuné Bonenkai Night | Kyoto
Lindstrom Nov 05, 2018
Hungry? Small hands?? No worries, I’ll be @smalhans tomorrow afternoon together with @solfinn making sure you’ll get a bite !!!! 🐟🍷🤪
Lindstrom Nov 01, 2018
London, I’ll be playing a one off show at EartH, Dalston on February 9th, tickets on sale 11am Friday via
Lindstrom Oct 26, 2018
this one is awesome !!!!!
Lindstrom Oct 10, 2018
... cheers to print music journalism .... & @groove_mag for almost 30 years in existence .... this cover from September 2005 is my absolute favorite !!! 🤪 @ Kampen Park
Lindstrom Oct 05, 2018
...take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously...
Lindstrom Oct 04, 2018
Dry & Bitter Brewing Company
Lindstrom Sep 26, 2018
i´m super-excited to present to you WHAT I DRINK YOU DRINK TOO, my first-ever IPA !!!!! … brewed in very close collaboration with danish brewery Dry & Bitter Brewing Company and made EXCACTLY to my taste !!! … pretty sure you like it too :-D hehe ….. it´s a hazy & juicy IPA packed with mosaic and wakatu hops… every single bottle is unique, featuring a 0.711-second waveform-snippet of the song GRAND IDEAS from my 2008-album WHERE YOU GO I GO TOO … Official launch will be at Klubbkapring: Space Disco Night på Parkteatret on the 12th of october, where i´ll be playing the album from start to finish !!! …. now cheer up & enjoy :-D
Lindstrom Sep 21, 2018
«Weve got to get it together You bring the wine, well bring the weather We haven't come to be clever Lets make it now cause this could be never Were gonna razamataz ya tonight Were gonna razamanaz ya all night Razamataz razamanaz up on your feet Lets see ya dance, dance, dance» yes, that´s right, i´m playing at Razzmatazz tonite !! ... (no, unfortunately Nazareth ain’t playing tonite i´m afraid.. somebody should book them though ...;-D)
Lindstrom Sep 14, 2018
Playing @chilloutfestival in Istanbul tomorrow.... @little_fabien just sent me this little beardo... impressive ;-D looking forward !!! @ Oslo, Norway
Lindstrom Sep 12, 2018
@plisskenfest 8 december, Athens, Greece ;-D @ Oslo, Norway
Lindstrom Aug 28, 2018
Discovering this neat little #ikeahack while dismantling the Henie Onstad rigs yesterday ... ;-D #nilserik #fenderrhodes Henie Onstad Kunstsenter