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Lindsey Stirling (Deluxe)
Lindsey Stirling at Del Mar Fairgrounds (June 27, 2019)
Venue: Del Mar Fairgrounds (Del Mar, CA, US) Find tickets
Lindsey Stirling Apr 18, 2019
Lindsey Stirling Apr 18, 2019
Lindsey Stirling Apr 15, 2019
Spring Merch sale!!! I feel most like myself when I’m wearing a t-shirt... especially when it’s a t-shirt of myself 😜😂
Lindsey Stirling Apr 15, 2019
Seeing life through a different lens changes everything
Lindsey Stirling Apr 15, 2019
Im honored to work with Operation Underground Railroad to fight HUMAN TRAFFICKING. #ourrescue literally gives people back their lives. There are 20-30 MILLION people who are SLAVES... in 2019! Almost half of those are children, most of which are sex slaves. Nope nope. Not on my planet and not on my watch. Guys, join me in this fight. Go to to help.
Lindsey Stirling Apr 12, 2019
“Can we move the ceiling fan slightly to the left?” . . . . #lindseystirling #dance #shoes #dollskill @dollskill @balletzaida #stretch #yoga #fashion #pinkhair
Lindsey Stirling Apr 12, 2019
#higschool. I liked my outfit so much this day that I just had to take a picture before I headed out to school.
Lindsey Stirling Apr 12, 2019
Makeup tutorial or comedy? Colorescience
Lindsey Stirling Apr 10, 2019
I made my very first makeup tutorial to show you guys how I like to do my every day makeup look! Even more exciting, I've teamed up with my all time favorite brand Colorescience to get you a FREE Sunforgettable SPF50 mini-sunscreen brush when you spend $20 and a signed postcard (by me!) on any purchase! All you have to do is follow the link and use the code 'LINDSEY'! Watch the tutorial here: Get some amazing makeup here:
Lindsey Stirling Apr 08, 2019
I make an appearance in the new music video for Madilyn Bailey - go watch!
Lindsey Stirling Apr 05, 2019
Go listen to the new song by Valerie Broussard featuring me, #Deeper - out now!!
Lindsey Stirling Apr 05, 2019
#Deeper out tomorrow!
Lindsey Stirling Apr 05, 2019
Can you name this song? It’s one of my favorite songs to perform live because it has so much personality.
Lindsey Stirling Apr 03, 2019
I'm featured on Valerie Broussard's new song #Deeper and it comes out this Friday!! Pre-save it on Spotify here:
Lindsey Stirling Apr 01, 2019
Channeling my inner sloth this Monday morning. Photo by @londonlightphotography
Lindsey Stirling Apr 01, 2019
I'm coming to the OC Fair this summer!! I'll be performing on August 7th with ZZ Ward as a special guest! Tickets are on sale this Saturday 4/6 at 10am on
Lindsey Stirling Mar 28, 2019
Elevate your thoughts and you will automatically elevate your life.
Lindsey Stirling Mar 22, 2019
Embrace your power. You are powerful. You are!! I used to hate myself; literally hate myself. I hated my body, my face, I had no confidence, but it all stemmed from the fact that I didn’t like who was inside. Today I love myself and I’ve learned that I am powerful. I have to remind myself all the time because there are days that I forget. Reading good books, listening to podcasts, practicing self love and gratitude daily, and not allowing the voice in my head to tell me bad things- all of these things have helped me change my life. 📷 @balletzaida (Instagram)
Lindsey Stirling Mar 21, 2019
Lindsey Stirling France Officiel compiled 20 of their "top picks" LS covers and they are amazing! You guys are all so talented! Honestly couldn't choose a favorite...can you?
Lindsey Stirling Mar 20, 2019
Truly “successful” people are the ones who are at peace with themselves. They aren’t constantly worried about proving themselves because they know their gifts, their purpose and they experience inner happiness. “Successful” people don’t have to waste all their energy on self doubt, instead, they spend their energy loving and lifting others.
Lindsey Stirling Mar 20, 2019
So excited to announce that I'm going to be playing at the San Diego County Fair this summer!! Tickets are on sale this Saturday 3/23 at 10am PST - learn more here:
Lindsey Stirling Mar 19, 2019
YYY M C A! 📷 by @balletzaida
Lindsey Stirling Mar 19, 2019
Brand new piano-solo sheet music book coming out this month! Any guesses as to which songs are included?? (There are 15....)
Lindsey Stirling Mar 15, 2019
I am bursting with pride and joy for IISuperwomanII. She just announced that she will be hosting her own late night tv show! Ah!!! I am ecstatic but... not surprised. I always knew Lilly would have her own show. Now she gets to spread even more love and positivity ❤️💜❤️💜
Lindsey Stirling Mar 13, 2019
When someone asks me where the bathroom is 📷 @balletzaida . . . . #dollskill #ootd #dance #ballet #hat #pilates #abbsworkout #pinkhair