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Warmer in the Winter
Brave Enough
Shatter Me
Lindsey Stirling (Deluxe)
Lindsey Stirling Feb 19, 2019
Give yourself the VIP treatment. Then pass it on. Mark 12:31
Lindsey Stirling Feb 17, 2019
They say to emulate the people you look up to.... #iwannabeagenius #Einstein
Lindsey Stirling Feb 14, 2019
Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the heart. Some of you reading this may feel loved and whole. Others of you may feel heart-broken or alone. I want you to know that no matter where you are, you can always count on one thing: you ARE loved. Even in the midst of trial or hardship, God is aware of you. And being "broken" can actually be a blessing in disguise...because more often than not, a broken heart is the only thing God has to work with. I don't know about you...but I consider myself a constant work in progress. And no matter how many times I feel the pains of disappointment, I can choose to move forward again with an open heart. #chooselove #selflove #unconditionallove
Lindsey Stirling Feb 09, 2019
I've committed to making the music industry more inclusive. Join me and Recording Academy / GRAMMYs in taking a first step to ensure more women are considered for producing and engineering positions. #WomenInTheMix
Lindsey Stirling Feb 09, 2019
Had the best time hanging with some of the most inspiring people in music. Thanks for getting all of us girls together @beberexha. Ps. @rachelplatten and @christinaperri are as cool and as real as it gets. ❤️❤️❤️
Lindsey Stirling Feb 09, 2019
I’ve obviously always been pretty obsessed with ballerinas. These videos tell a story about a ballerina who realized that the glass globe that protected her was actually a cage. She chose to break free even though she knew it would shatter her own porcelain skin. But it did not break her, instead she realized that her true self had been underneath the whole time. Once free from her cage she experiences betrayal, comparison, and loneliness. She almost decides to return to the protective sphere (relapse) but she chooses to stay free and face the pain that comes from living with your true self exposed. #nationalballerinaday
Lindsey Stirling Feb 08, 2019
Lindsey Stirling Feb 07, 2019
Happy national ballet day- My toes were bleeding during this shoot. Maybe that’s part of why ballet is so mesmerizing to me; when a real ballerina dances flawlessly, the beauty and perfection was only reached through enduring years of pain and sacrifice.
Lindsey Stirling Feb 06, 2019
My favorite peeps and my favorite sweets. #tb to Rosanna Pansino‘s cookbook launch party for #bakingallyearround.
Lindsey Stirling Feb 05, 2019
I missed you guys but my break from Instagram was really nice. Sometimes i need to quiet all the voices around me so that I can hear my own voice and reconnect with the spiritual voice that I’ve learned to trust.
Lindsey Stirling Feb 01, 2019
In #TheOnlyPirateattheParty I talk about "adventures with The Animal Club." I was a city girl, excited to live in a place where I could own chickens, ride horses, and drink cow milk right from the udder. Yum yum :P Plus I made all these new friends. #Throwback
Lindsey Stirling Jan 28, 2019
I asked, you requested. This is my answer: #KingdomHearts #cover
Lindsey Stirling Jan 28, 2019
You guys requested it so here it is: my Kingdom Hearts medley! This was a really fun collaboration with Zeablast. He created all the images. I’ve seen his art over the last few years and love his work.
Lindsey Stirling Jan 24, 2019
#WarmerInTheWinter merch is now on sale!! And if you spend over $25, your order comes with a free poster!
Lindsey Stirling Jan 23, 2019
Hello world. I’m taking a break from Instagram for the next 10 days. See ya soon 💜
Lindsey Stirling Jan 22, 2019
Don't forget! Every ticket to #TheWanderlandTour includes a copy of #WarmerInTheWinter - if you haven't downloaded your copy yet, check the e-mail address you used to buy tickets for a note from our friends at Music Redemptions or e-mail [email protected] for assistance! Today is your last day!
Lindsey Stirling Jan 22, 2019
4 months living in a bus with these gals just wasn’t enough. #tourfamily = #family
Lindsey Stirling Jan 20, 2019
Life is less about where you are at, it’s more about what direction your facing.
Lindsey Stirling Jan 18, 2019
I did the #100abchallenge with Blogilates. Do the challenge with us: link in bio.
Lindsey Stirling Jan 17, 2019
📷 Graham Fielder
Lindsey Stirling Jan 17, 2019
Ya know how when you become aware of something, you start to see it everywhere? It’s not that that song or that car didn’t exist before, it was probably right under your nose but you missed it cus your focus was elsewhere. By choosing to focus on gratitude at least once a day, I start to see things sprinkled throughout the day that I’m so grateful for. It’s not that those positive things didn’t exist before, my focus had just been elsewhere.
Lindsey Stirling Jan 16, 2019
FLASH SALE! Get your #WarmerInTheWinter hoodie TODAY for only $29.99!
Lindsey Stirling Jan 14, 2019
10 years ago I was a full time missionary for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nyc. For a year and a half I shared a message of the hope and light that comes through Jesus Christ. But discouragingly, I could barely get one person a week to listen to what I had to share. Since then my life has flipped upside down and almost everything is different however... the core is the same. I still seek to share hope and light. As a little missionary I never would have imagined that within 10 years over a billion people would “hear” what have share.
Lindsey Stirling Jan 13, 2019
I think it’s time to do another video game cover. Any suggestions of what game I should pick?
Lindsey Stirling Jan 11, 2019
The last few years my Disney experience has been going with friends and what we wanted to do. Well, yesterday it was all about my nephews and it was one of my favorite Disney experiences ever. The purest joy comes from focusing on others