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Lindi Ortega Aug 24, 2019
Just letting people know there are two fake accounts on Facebook right now that are DMing fans and saying I have a private account for my fans to let them know my real page has a blue check. This is a particularly insidious way to try to undermine me and my fans and commit fraud. I only have this one account for my music. The blue check does mean it’s me but I have not created a private account to tell fans that my real page has a blue check. I also do have my own private personal page but it is not the same photo as this one and I do use that page for strictly personal use and keep it separate from my interaction with fans. Please report a fake page if you see it. Sometimes the fake pages block me so I am unable to report. They are getting more bold and sneaky in their attempts. This is my only official facebook music page.
Lindi Ortega May 23, 2019
Alberta, I'll be at Sherwood Park in September. Tickets on sale now:
Lindi Ortega Apr 24, 2019
Howdy Folks. Looks like I was nominated for Artist of The Year for CMWs 19th Annual Independent Music Awards. That's pretty cool, I dig being independent. Seems this one is voter based so I shall provide the link, you just put in your name and email and vote away! xo Lindi
Lindi Ortega Mar 14, 2019
Back on the road I go. See you Friday, Seattle!
Lindi Ortega Mar 05, 2019
It's not every day that I get to sing in the middle of a field in beautiful Montana. Check out this video shot at Red Ants Pants Music Festival last summer:
Lindi Ortega Mar 01, 2019
Don't miss out on my special edition merch bundles, including a LIMITED EDITION (+ SIGNED) copy of the album, an autographed poster, and more! Now available on the webstore, get them before they're gone:
Lindi Ortega Feb 28, 2019
A couple more weeks until I join Dar Williams on the west coast, followed by a rare solo show in Novato. Tickets on sale now:
Lindi Ortega Feb 12, 2019
The good times continue this weekend in Hopkins, MN and in March with Ms. Dar Williams. See you there!
Lindi Ortega Feb 11, 2019
So.. where do I begin here? I started off this tour with a full on panic attack. My last experience with a group of females was when I was bullied many moons ago, I carried with me this idea that women in groups were mean, catty, backstabby etc. I had a fear that I was going to be awkward and unaccepted and feel misplaced, boy did that notion get turned on it’s head. I realized all these years I’ve been missing out and depriving myself of an incredible opportunity to feel what sisterly love feels like, to be uplifted by it and inspired by it. There was zero ego on this tour. Everyone was there to encourage each other and root each other on, and everyone was really amazing. Every night of this tour we shon brighter and brighter together! I truly felt on Saturday night at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto the room felt what was happening and understood that this wasn’t about anything other than pure love. We became friends over 5 shows, I never laughed so hard in my life. So that being said.. the world needs more of this! Thank you Terra Lightfoot and The Longest Road Show and all my beautiful ladies in song, amazing musicians and crew and to all that came out to see the shows! I’ve played a lot of shows in my life, but this was one that will go down in the history of my life as pure gold!!
Lindi Ortega Feb 05, 2019
ICYMI: We created special edition merchandise bundles to celebrate the release of the Piano Songbook. The bundles include a LIMITED EDITION (+ SIGNED) copy of the album, an autographed poster, and more! Available on the webstore now:
Lindi Ortega Feb 04, 2019
“Vocalist and pianist Lindi Ortega steps outside of the record industry box by delivering an album of songs from 2018's Liberty on solo piano.” Thank you NPR's Alt.Latino for including me in your Latin Music For Winter 2019 roundup!
Lindi Ortega Feb 01, 2019
Its always hard to leave my mountain paradise. But alas, a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do. The road beckons and I leave this weekend to kick off The Longest Road Show with some fabulous women of song and music.
Lindi Ortega Jan 31, 2019
Did y'all know I have a song with Major Lazer? Thankfully Spotify has a "This is Lindi Ortega" playlist you can listen to and discover more essential Lindi gems.
Lindi Ortega Jan 30, 2019
My voice was suffering tremendously for months from an issue I had with my in ear monitors being damaged due to the equipment getting bashed around on my flights, because I was hearing things improperly it caused me to overcompensate with my vocals and sing with poor technique, this got worse and worse and caused horrible anxiety and depression the likes of which I couldn’t even articulate how bad it made me feel. It got to the point where I didn’t even want to sing, where I was sheepish and embarrassed to sing. Where I had lost all confidence. I wanted to quit. I wanted to never sing again. Something deep inside, however, didn’t want to give up on myself. Some little tiny flicker kept alight, it was small and struggling to burn, but it was there and it told me to try anything, any last ditch effort I could. I started meetings with a vocal technician and I started seeing a therapist. At first it all seemed futile... I hated myself so deeply.. I felt like an utter and complete failure. I’m happy to report after much hard work on my mental health and my voice, things are improving and I feel much more positive. I feel like I can find my passion that went missing for quite a while there. I think it’s coming back. I just wanted to share this in case anyone else out there is thinking of giving up on themselves. Maybe give yourself one last shot. You might find that it’s worth it, and that you’re worth it, even if you think you hate yourself. You are worth fighting for! #bellcanadaletstalk
Lindi Ortega Jan 29, 2019
ICYMI: The songs of Liberty, re-imagined. Liberty: Piano Songbook, available now.
Lindi Ortega Jan 25, 2019
To celebrate the release of the Piano Songbook, we have created special edition merchandise bundles which include a LIMITED EDITION (+ SIGNED) copy of this album, an autographed poster, and more! Everything is available on the webstore now:
Lindi Ortega Jan 25, 2019
I am so excited to share this with you. Liberty: Piano Songbook, available now.
Lindi Ortega Jan 24, 2019
I’ve always loved the piano. The way it sounds, the way it feels. Getting to continue this journey with Liberty has been such a joy. Robbie Crowell transformed the songs into beautiful piano instrumentals and I can't wait for you to hear them. Liberty: Piano Songbook, available tomorrow.
Lindi Ortega Jan 23, 2019
Only a few more days until you can hear the Liberty: Piano Songbook. For now, I've put together this playlist of some of my favourite instrumental tracks. Check it out here:
Lindi Ortega Jan 22, 2019
Two more weeks until we kick off the tour! Get your tickets now:
Lindi Ortega Jan 22, 2019
I'm so thankful for everyone who's supported me in this wacky idea, especially my producer Skylar Wilson and the best pianist a girl could ask for Robbie Crowell.
Lindi Ortega Jan 21, 2019
Here's a little BTS picture from when we recorded Liberty: Piano Songbook with the talented Robbie Crowell. Available on January 25.
Lindi Ortega Jan 18, 2019
Lindi Ortega Jan 17, 2019
I love how the Piano Songbook version of ‘Liberty’ still has a vintage vibe to it, and thanks to The Bluegrass Situation you can hear that track right now. Liberty: Piano Songbook Available on January 25th.