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Keep Your Head High
Keep Your Head High (Deluxe)
LIKE TORCHES Nov 21, 2018
Three words for you: TREAT. YO. SELF! 25% off the entire webstore Wednesday, November 21st through Monday, November 26th. Go get a bad ass Like Torches shirt!
LIKE TORCHES Sep 12, 2018
Hey! We just got added to this awesome playlist! You need to check out and follow THE SCENE asap.
LIKE TORCHES Aug 14, 2018
Check out our new rippin merch!
LIKE TORCHES Aug 10, 2018
FRIDAY IS UPON US! Have a great weekend everyone. Photo: Luke Baker
LIKE TORCHES Jul 28, 2018
Go check out Jimmy’s drum play through of ‘Silver Lines’! 🥁Recorded at Sealay Studios
LIKE TORCHES Jul 26, 2018
Need to do this again soon! Should we do a European tour?! 📸: Jenn Curtis
LIKE TORCHES Jul 19, 2018
In the dark, the near the far, I’m lost along the way. Hard to read the space between all these words I’ve tried but could not say.
LIKE TORCHES Jul 06, 2018
2018 Photo: Fredric FJi Johansson
LIKE TORCHES Jul 03, 2018
Hungry for merch?! Get it here:
LIKE TORCHES Jun 27, 2018
FRIENDS! Have you listened to our new song "Silver Lines" yet? Tell us what you think about it!
LIKE TORCHES Jun 24, 2018
LIKE TORCHES Jun 23, 2018
Spotify was kind enough to add "Silver Lines" to the Pop Punk's Not Dead and New Punk Tracks playlists! Follow us on Spotify, save our songs and make sure to check out and follow these amazing playlists.
LIKE TORCHES Jun 21, 2018
We are very happy to announce that we have signed with Victory Records! It is an honor to be working with a label that have released so many of the legendary records we grew up listening to. We are so excited to show you the first single, “Silver Lines”, from our upcoming full-length album, Loves and Losses coming Fall 2018. Available today on all digital platforms. More news coming soon!
LIKE TORCHES Jun 18, 2018
We've got exciting news coming this Thursday, June 21st! Finally time to show you what we've been working on for so long.
LIKE TORCHES Jun 11, 2018
Keep Your Head High
LIKE TORCHES Jun 07, 2018
Did a hometown show in December. It was sick!
LIKE TORCHES Jun 05, 2018
Rockin' Starland Ballroom | Sayreville, New Jersey. Pic: Jenn Curtis Photography
LIKE TORCHES May 31, 2018
Look, if you had one shot, or one oppertunity.. In what video game would you beat us?
LIKE TORCHES May 29, 2018
We got moves.
LIKE TORCHES May 25, 2018
Our dear friend William Ryan Key just released his first solo EP "Thirteen" and it is EPIC! You need to check it out right now.
LIKE TORCHES May 24, 2018
TOKYO! We miss you <3
LIKE TORCHES May 20, 2018
Happy birthday Jonathan! 💕
LIKE TORCHES May 18, 2018
FINALLY FRIDAY! Let's start this weekend off right with Jimmy "The Beast" Brunkvist.
LIKE TORCHES Nov 11, 2017
Last days in Nashville. Slappin' da bass, hanging out and getting our Halloween on!
LIKE TORCHES Oct 17, 2017
1 year ago we did our first US tour supporting Yellowcard. It is the coolest thing we've ever done. Luckily we shot a little tour video that really takes us back. Check it out!