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Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You.
Falling Off the Lavender Bridge
Lightspeed Champion Dec 21, 2013
Lightspeed Champion (One off live solo performance) tomorrow night. 21st December. FREE. 6pm. Cameo Gallery (93 N6th Street, Brooklyn, NYC) See you there.
Lightspeed Champion Mar 08, 2013
Lightspeed Champion Aug 07, 2011
<3 Man, somehow I ended up on the cover of Guardian Guide magazine. This is so crazy to me. I actually had no idea! Thank you to everyone that supports me.. and even if the Blood Orange record isn't your thing. There's always the older stuff... and maybe even something more to your liking in the future. Thank you. <3
Lightspeed Champion Jun 01, 2011
<3 BUY IT <3
Lightspeed Champion May 13, 2011
<3 Back on my grind. <3
Lightspeed Champion May 03, 2011
<3 Emmy The Great has a new album coming out <3
Lightspeed Champion Apr 18, 2011
<3 Oh how I'm thinking the worst <3
Lightspeed Champion Apr 16, 2011
ooooooooooh yeah yeah yeahh <3
Lightspeed Champion Apr 11, 2011
<3 Crazy times, about to practice for first ever Solange performance of new material at the ELLE Magazine party in L.A tomorrow night. I'm playing bass and music directing, another artist I produce Theophilus London is also performing, and I'm playing guitar/percussion in his set too. Man. <3
Lightspeed Champion Apr 10, 2011
<3 I gave my excellent relationship and sex advice to people that wrote in to my friend Karley's blog. <3
Lightspeed Champion Apr 08, 2011
<3 This leaked last week. A track I wrote & produced for Theophilus London. Enjoy. <3
Lightspeed Champion Apr 07, 2011
<3 I'm in a movie that came out today called "The Wrong Ferarri" Written & Directed by Adam Green starring Macaulay Culkin and a host of others. Watch it and experience your mind leak. <3
Lightspeed Champion Mar 27, 2011
♥ Solange's son has designed a t-shirt to help raise money for Japan. Click through for more information. ♥
Lightspeed Champion Mar 07, 2011
<3 More free Music <3
Lightspeed Champion Mar 07, 2011
<3 Free mp3. Recorded in my bedroom a few months back. Enjoy. <3
Lightspeed Champion Mar 03, 2011
<3 "Nuit 2" from the new album "Nuit (Music For Two Pianos)". Download the whole album for free by clicking through this link. Happy Thursday <3
Lightspeed Champion Mar 03, 2011
<3 New Album <3
Lightspeed Champion Feb 23, 2011
if you're in the French Alps right now, i'm currently staying at the Hotel Strato. I'm about to go downstairs and play for an hour and a half, just me an a guitar... pretty much all new songs. <3
Lightspeed Champion Feb 11, 2011
I did production & songwriting on the new Theophilus London e.p which is available now. I'll also be making a guest appearance live on Letterman performing the song "Why Even Try" on Valentines Day. <3
Lightspeed Champion Jan 27, 2011
I created a Blood Orange facebook page. Here it is.
Lightspeed Champion Jan 26, 2011
Next week <3
Lightspeed Champion Jan 20, 2011
Yikes :-(
Lightspeed Champion Jan 18, 2011
Here's a link to my Blood Orange blog. I tend to post demo's, live dates, interviews and pictures on here way more often than on anything else. Felt like it was time to share. <3
Lightspeed Champion Jan 17, 2011
Perfect for a monday morning <3<3<3
Lightspeed Champion Jan 13, 2011
'Interview magazine' have Karley Sciortino talk to me about my production work, songwriting for other people, and the forthcoming Blood Orange album.