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LIGHTS Aug 20, 2019
Here’s the final video from the S&E Acoustic series 🧡 hope you all had a chance to listen to this album, I put a lot of love into it. It gave me new confidence in production and in my art, in chasing new ideas, and gave me a whole new relationship with these songs. Enjoy🍷🦋💎
LIGHTS Aug 17, 2019
Last year we opened WWH tour in Vancouver, last night we closed the acoustic tour there. Perfectly bookended an era in the same room with the best people i could ask for around me. Plus... those pink lights you guys surprised me with at the end brought me to tears holy shit that just hit different 💕💕💕💕 I’m so lucky to have you all.
LIGHTS Aug 15, 2019
2 left 🦋 Song: Tabs #skinandearthacoustic
LIGHTS Aug 08, 2019
So y’all know I’ll be doing guest vox at all the dates on the deadmau5 Cube v3 tour but I’m ALSO going to be supporting 8 of the shows, doing a dope remix set I’ve been working on with my friend Mythwastaken. Will roll out those dates in phases but for now, im doing Sept 27 in LA/Oct 11 in San Jose. (Here’s some cube v3 art i made, he’s gonna hate that i gave him a weeb sword)
LIGHTS Aug 06, 2019
Kicks 🦋
LIGHTS Jul 28, 2019
Only three shows in but unreal ride so far 🌸 #skinandearthacoustictour (📷: Véronique Giguère Photography)
LIGHTS Jul 23, 2019
We Were Here ⚔️ because the hike to the tunnel was so long i didn’t bring my guitar, ended up creating the all vocal background pad with natural reverb from the tunnel #skinandearthacoustic
LIGHTS Jul 18, 2019
Lost Girls shitty guitar lesson 🔥 Full song for reference:
LIGHTS Jul 14, 2019
In case you missed it (i totally thought i posted here but i didn’t) SKIN&EARTH ACOUSTIC IS OUT 🖤 Produced, mixed and performed by me, recorded in unique “in the wild” locations, this has been one of the most epic undertakings of my career and I’m so damn proud. Get it where you get your music !
LIGHTS Jul 14, 2019
On the cover of one of my fav Spotify playlist with Tabs, Down Forever, and Savage Acoustic ?!?!
LIGHTS Jul 12, 2019
LIGHTS Jul 12, 2019
Skin&Earth Acoustic out now!
LIGHTS Jul 11, 2019
⚔️ SKIN&EARTH ACOUSTIC IS OUT TOMORROW ⚔️ Prep. Your. Wine. I can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the songs (still have three more making of videos to give you) and i hope you love the new ones. They’re really special to me🖤
LIGHTS Jul 10, 2019
Acoustic tour starts in exactly two weeks. Hope you love what I’m putting together for this 🖤 July 24 - Chicago July 26 - London, ON July 27 - Toronto (SOLD OUT) July 29 - Boston (SOLD OUT) July 30 - Philadelphia July 31 - NYC (early) (SOLD OUT) July 31 - NYC (late) Aug 1 - DC (SOLD OUT) Aug 3 - Atlanta (SOLD OUT) Aug 4 - Nashville (SOLD OUT) Aug 6 - Dallas Aug 7 - Austin Aug 10 - LA (SOLD OUT) Aug 11 - LA (SOLD OUT) Aug 13 - San Fransisco Aug 15 - Seattle (SOLD OUT) Aug 16 - Vancouver
LIGHTS Jul 09, 2019
New Fears is the last track from S&E Acoustic to unlock until the whole thing drops on Friday baby! Still more vids and cool shit to come after though, also come out to the tour and sing this with me 🖤 you’re going to love what we’re putting together.
LIGHTS Jun 30, 2019
Okay first time playing Love Me got us feelin the LOOOVE Felix Cartal Dreams Festival
LIGHTS Jun 25, 2019
Savage (Rain Recording) is your next installation of s&e acoustic 🖤 This was easily the hardest one to track. Listen with your eyes closed. Bonus points if you listen when it’s raining
LIGHTS Jun 21, 2019
‪YOUR GIRL IS ON THE COVER OF ROCKSOUND THIS MONTH🖤🖤‬ ‪We chatted for hours about Skin&Earth, and you, and how this unreal journey has informed my life since. ‬ Also did up an En crossover cover so make sure you cop that with signed poster prints, temp tattoo sheet and other cool stuffs! ‪HTTPS://SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV
LIGHTS Jun 18, 2019
Got something to hold u over til the next S&E Acoustic drop.... Love Me Acoustic slaps Friday Presave below Felix Cartal 🖤
LIGHTS Jun 11, 2019
‪Turns out a pickup makes a decent studio space. Today Until the Light acoustic is yours 🍂‬ ‪
LIGHTS Jun 03, 2019
You guys!! If you’re in Toronto this summer you HAVE to see the Skin&Earth installation at Funhouse Toronto. It’s got the infamous Mitsuki swing, eternal tower and freakin AR activated pages from the comic which moves when you look through your phone. Truly so cool to stand inside this world 😭 it’s open all summer and the rest of the place is basically three floors of surreal immersive art so GO ⚔️🍷🔮
LIGHTS May 28, 2019
Skydiving, from Skin&Earth Acoustic, unlocks today. Here’s how i made it 🍂 and when you listen, listen with your eyes closed.
LIGHTS May 21, 2019
Seven of the acoustic shows sold out in under a week??? I think we’re both equally stoked for this ting. Added second shows in LA/NYC. 🖤🙏🍷⚔️🎮🔮
LIGHTS May 15, 2019
Skin&Earth Acoustic album bundle is UP! Feat lil cute pins, the record and a lovely umbrella (because i had to record in the rain for one song, you’ll see, it was a CHALLENGE). Also new merch up! A tee with the coordinates of all the locations i recorded at on the record and a lovely bandana to help you tame your mane and/or keep the apocalypse out of your nose.
LIGHTS May 14, 2019
My acoustic shows have evolved into something entirely their own over the years. I laugh, i cry, i likely drink wine. It will be intimate, epic and transportive. Come ready to sing 🧚‍♂️🌹🍷🔮 tickets onsale friday! Also Tillie is a bad ass stoked she could come out for this. Sign up for the news letter to get a presale code at