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LIGHTS Jun 11, 2019
‪Turns out a pickup makes a decent studio space. Today Until the Light acoustic is yours 🍂‬ ‪
LIGHTS Jun 03, 2019
You guys!! If you’re in Toronto this summer you HAVE to see the Skin&Earth installation at Funhouse Toronto. It’s got the infamous Mitsuki swing, eternal tower and freakin AR activated pages from the comic which moves when you look through your phone. Truly so cool to stand inside this world 😭 it’s open all summer and the rest of the place is basically three floors of surreal immersive art so GO ⚔️🍷🔮
LIGHTS May 28, 2019
Skydiving, from Skin&Earth Acoustic, unlocks today. Here’s how i made it 🍂 and when you listen, listen with your eyes closed.
LIGHTS May 21, 2019
Seven of the acoustic shows sold out in under a week??? I think we’re both equally stoked for this ting. Added second shows in LA/NYC. 🖤🙏🍷⚔️🎮🔮
LIGHTS May 15, 2019
LIGHTS May 15, 2019
Skin&Earth Acoustic album bundle is UP! Feat lil cute pins, the record and a lovely umbrella (because i had to record in the rain for one song, you’ll see, it was a CHALLENGE). Also new merch up! A tee with the coordinates of all the locations i recorded at on the record and a lovely bandana to help you tame your mane and/or keep the apocalypse out of your nose.
LIGHTS May 14, 2019
My acoustic shows have evolved into something entirely their own over the years. I laugh, i cry, i likely drink wine. It will be intimate, epic and transportive. Come ready to sing 🧚‍♂️🌹🍷🔮 tickets onsale friday! Also Tillie is a bad ass stoked she could come out for this. Sign up for the news letter to get a presale code at
LIGHTS May 14, 2019
LOST GIRLS!! Created from start to finish in my lil Raptor Head studio over many solo wine nights. (Beau did all the work on the vid, i just swung my swords around a bit ⚔️⚔️⚔️)———————————————- ‪To every girl told she wasn’t enough. Or she was too much. That she was too proud, or too insecure. Too square, too slutty. Too butch or too pussy. Too “maybe stop eating”, too “eAt a BuRgEr”. Too ugly, too made up. To every woman who spent her life thinking she was lost.‬ Now here we sit, on top a of a mad world, a lil bruised from years of being told we couldn’t get it right, now here we sit, behind the wheel of the vehicle that used to drive by screaming all these things we should be, now here we sit, finally proud that we were lost girls all along.‬ ⚔️🔮🎮🍷🌸
LIGHTS May 14, 2019
Skin&Earth Acoustic is coming July 12!! 🖤 She is performed, produced, and mixed by me with each Skin&Earth song recorded in settings corresponding to their chapters in the comics (A TON of work) 🧚‍♀️ Our girl Mother Nature features on multiple tracks, she killed it tbh. I’ll drop a visual and a full song every second Tuesday starting today to show you where/how it all went down. It took a year to find and track in the right spots, that is why she took so long to get right. Beau filmed, I tracked, it was intense, beautiful and rad.
LIGHTS May 13, 2019
LIGHTS Apr 18, 2019
let’s do this more 😍 video by: Leah Sems
LIGHTS Apr 18, 2019
So much comin for your hearts this yr
LIGHTS Apr 12, 2019
Catch me singin at the deadmau5 set 😍
LIGHTS Apr 12, 2019
LIGHTS Mar 19, 2019
Our lyric video for Amateurs is very professional okay wow. Who’s hand writing is worse, me or Sleepy Tom’s?
LIGHTS Mar 14, 2019
‪Okay this is a career highlight for me. You can play as me or Sleepy Tom in a video game as you listen to Amateurs :’)‬ ‪ ‪vid below documents us getting sucked into a magical arcade at Toy Traders after hours (thanks Golden Hearts Media for capturing this real footage)
LIGHTS Mar 08, 2019
I made this little lyric clip for my new song with Sleepy Tom because it’s the first and possibly only time I’ll ever be able to work Diablo into a song. This song pretty obviously means a lot to me 😍 Amateurs is out now
LIGHTS Mar 05, 2019
AMATEURS with Sleepy Tom is out FRIDAY 😍😍 Presave to prepare your mind.
LIGHTS Mar 04, 2019
Ya bois got something comin for u on Friday 👀 SleepyTom
LIGHTS Feb 27, 2019
LIGHTS Feb 14, 2019
Greetings, on love day 🖤 Love Me w Felix Cartal is out so jive to THIS like we jive in this clip and i use the word jive v lightly cause we are dads on the dance floor (Lyric vid, watch to the end 🙃)
LIGHTS Feb 06, 2019
Had the best time on The Boo Crew pod (with the one and only Tim Armstrong and friends) talking about spooky shit and doing some jams.
LIGHTS Feb 04, 2019
Valentines gonna be spiced this year cause my track with Felix Cartal drops. Presaaaave #LoveMe 🥰
LIGHTS Jan 29, 2019
YOUR GIRL IS COMIN BACK TO THE UK ❤️ #SDF19 Tickets available now Slam Dunk Festival
LIGHTS Jan 08, 2019
Pretty excited for this movie... ohhh and uhhhh my song Drama Free with deadmau5 is there too. This is the setting this song was born for 🔥🔥🔥 #Polar on Netflix Jan 25