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LIGHTS at The Garage (May 23, 2019)
Venue: The Garage (London, UK) Find tickets
LIGHTS Apr 18, 2019
let’s do this more 😍 video by: Leah Sems
LIGHTS Apr 18, 2019
So much comin for your hearts this yr
LIGHTS Apr 12, 2019
Catch me singin at the deadmau5 set 😍
LIGHTS Apr 12, 2019
LIGHTS Mar 19, 2019
Our lyric video for Amateurs is very professional okay wow. Who’s hand writing is worse, me or Sleepy Tom’s?
LIGHTS Mar 14, 2019
‪Okay this is a career highlight for me. You can play as me or Sleepy Tom in a video game as you listen to Amateurs :’)‬ ‪ ‪vid below documents us getting sucked into a magical arcade at Toy Traders after hours (thanks Golden Hearts Media for capturing this real footage)
LIGHTS Mar 08, 2019
I made this little lyric clip for my new song with Sleepy Tom because it’s the first and possibly only time I’ll ever be able to work Diablo into a song. This song pretty obviously means a lot to me 😍 Amateurs is out now
LIGHTS Mar 05, 2019
AMATEURS with Sleepy Tom is out FRIDAY 😍😍 Presave to prepare your mind.
LIGHTS Mar 04, 2019
Ya bois got something comin for u on Friday 👀 SleepyTom
LIGHTS Feb 27, 2019
LIGHTS Feb 14, 2019
Greetings, on love day 🖤 Love Me w Felix Cartal is out so jive to THIS like we jive in this clip and i use the word jive v lightly cause we are dads on the dance floor (Lyric vid, watch to the end 🙃)
LIGHTS Feb 06, 2019
Had the best time on The Boo Crew pod (with the one and only Tim Armstrong and friends) talking about spooky shit and doing some jams.
LIGHTS Feb 04, 2019
Valentines gonna be spiced this year cause my track with Felix Cartal drops. Presaaaave #LoveMe 🥰
LIGHTS Jan 29, 2019
YOUR GIRL IS COMIN BACK TO THE UK ❤️ #SDF19 Tickets available now Slam Dunk Festival
LIGHTS Jan 08, 2019
Pretty excited for this movie... ohhh and uhhhh my song Drama Free with deadmau5 is there too. This is the setting this song was born for 🔥🔥🔥 #Polar on Netflix Jan 25
LIGHTS Nov 30, 2018
‪Can’t even believe this! Thank you @RockSound for giving me best international artist 🖤😭‬ ‪My cover is at avails at‬
LIGHTS Nov 28, 2018
Did some photos of Stanley for the new Xmas shirt. Thought he looked cute. Might delete
LIGHTS Nov 23, 2018
Tour merch is up in the store plus a lovely new wine cup (y’all know) and were doin 20% off from Friday - Monday with code LIGHTS20. (📷: Bethany Anna Packer)
LIGHTS Nov 16, 2018
‪Collab with deadmau5 is everything I dream of. ‬ ‪DRAMA FREE out today on mau5ville level 2 ‬ ‪🖤🖤🖤‬ ‪‬
LIGHTS Nov 12, 2018
‪Just hearing that Stan Lee has passed away. He was a real legend, inspiring so many creative ambitions across the world, and met the hands of the people that loved him even when he didn’t need to. I met him once and he blessed my kid and ever since we’ve been lucky. An angel ❤️‬
LIGHTS Nov 12, 2018
Home stretch on the Young the Giant tour, just Brooklyn, Sayreville and DC left and we all got the big sad. Last three comic shop signings 🤜🤜🤜 11/13 - NYC, Midtown comics @ 12pm 11/15 - Sayreville, Barnes and Noble @ 12pm 11/16 - DC, Fantom Comics @ 12pm (Video by Golden Hearts Media)
LIGHTS Nov 11, 2018
‪Been channeling Ms. Lara Croft since day one. Hope she knows how inspiring she is 💃 ‬ ‪Ps thanks to everyone who has come a bit early to watch us on this Young the Giant tour so far. Only five more shows, getting sAd now‬ 📷: Tanner Wilson Photography
LIGHTS Nov 05, 2018
This tour has been flames so far you better come out for your girl!! Next few comic shop signings along the way come barf🌸 ‪11/6 - Cleveland, Imaginary Worlds‬ @ 12 ‪11/8 - Toronto, Silver Snail‬ @ 12‬ ‪11/9 - Montreal, Librarie Omnibus‬ @ 12 ‪11/10 - Portland(ME), Casablanca Comics‬ @ 12 ‪11/11 - Providence, Newbury Comics‬ @ 12 (📷: Lindsey Blane)
LIGHTS Oct 31, 2018
All the rest of the comic signings locked in! Come hang with your girl! All infos at Nov 1 - Blacksburg, VA - Fun-N-Games (University Mall) Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 2 - Charlotte, NC - Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 3 - Raleigh, NC - Ultimate Comics Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 4 - Richmond, VA - Velocity Comics Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 6 - Cleveland, OH - Imaginary Worlds Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 8 - Toronto, ON - Silver Snail Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 9 - Montreal, QC - Librarie Omnibus Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 10 - Portland, ME - Casablanca Comics Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 11 - Providence, RI @ Newbury Comics Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 13 - New York, NY - Midtown Comics (64 Fulton St. location) Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 15 - Sayreville, NJ - Barnes and Noble (East Brunswick) Signing @ 12:00 PM Nov 16 - Washington, DC - Fantom Comics Signing @ 12:00 PM
LIGHTS Oct 29, 2018
I think we’ve so far had a box or two of mis-bound graphic novels, where there are repeated/missing chapters in the book. Particularly maybe at the signing in Atlanta. So scope your book and if it’s messed up we’ll send u a new one. DM @jenochej on Twitter with pic of the double chaps