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les trucs Aug 21, 2019
les trucs's cover photo
les trucs Aug 21, 2019
Photo by Marina Hoppmann Show: Les Trucs/Karel Čapek: Der Krieg mit den Molchen
les trucs Aug 21, 2019
Genossen Molche, Freunde Molche: Wir freuen uns auf unsere shows 4.-6.09. im Mousonturm (weitere 5.& 6.9.) und die Tickets werden knapp. Order here: Les Trucs/Karel Čapek: Der Krieg mit den Molchen (Ps: mit GTUK als Molch) Photo by Marina Hoppmann, Artwork by Max Kreis Mak Simay
les trucs Jul 25, 2019
Last 2 shows for this summer, before we dive into our new musical theatre-piece "Der Krieg mit den Molchen"! 26.07. Off The Radar Festival 2019 02.08. SKANDALØS Festival 04.09. - 06.09. @ Mousonturm Frankfurt: Les Trucs/Karel Čapek: Der Krieg mit den Molchen
les trucs Jun 17, 2019
whats their secret? les trucs live at Bauwhat? - Bauhausfest: Aftershow-Party (River Yarra, Les trucs) Staatstheater Darmstadt + River Yarra this saturday. ++++ FREE ENTRANCE
les trucs Jun 12, 2019
finally got our last stock of Japan tourshirts in ICHI ICHI shop. get them here. design by NAZE
les trucs May 20, 2019
THANK YOU SO MUCH JAPAN! It was a blast. We had a blast. You´re a blast. News: > get our last NAZE shirts (S,M L XL) mailto: [email protected] > next stop Düsseldorf this saturday: Claiming Common Spaces II - Kunst und digitales Leben
les trucs May 16, 2019
last days in Japan: This happy musical soybean sums up our trip: SUGOI! Thanks to all promoters, hosts & guests! tonight live Daring with Les Trucs(レ・トゥルック) JAPAN TOUR SAITAMA tommorrow A.B.C (Art Beat Community) MUSIK SHOW CASE NASU saturday Tropical Mutations vol. 4 TOKIO
les trucs May 07, 2019
So we are in Japan...After a great week of natto & kappa with superhosts Kohhan Ohtake and Takuya Matsumi we start our tour in Kochi at Chaotic Noise tomorrow 08.05, bringing limited shirts designed by NAZE & a japan-edition-cd via ICHI ICHI :D 09.05. TOKUSHIMA - bar txalaparta 10.05. KYOTO - Kyoto Metro 11.05. OSAKA - Noon 13.05. NAGOYA - KD Japon 14.05. SHIZUOKA - So-Gen 15.05. SAITAMA - 444quad 16.05. TOKYO - FORESTLIMIT 17.05 NASU - A.B.C (Art Beat Community) MUSIK SHOW CASE 18.05. TOKYO - Ochiai Soup
les trucs Apr 20, 2019
upcoming japan tour. posterdesign by infamous NAZE
les trucs Apr 12, 2019
Les Trucs travel to Diametrale 2019 Innsbruck this saturday. On this picture "cubism-piel & clipart-carl" are enjoying their rescue foil, about 2 yrs ago. Pic by our (photo)agent JokkJohanna Bieber <3
les trucs Mar 12, 2019
weekend ahead: *Düsseldorf, this thursday and its for free! Hi, Robot! Das Mensch Maschine Festival *Friday = Freiburg. It´s been a while >> Les Trucs *Homey saturday at 30 Jahre Mousonturm-Geburtstagsparty w Hotel International, Baby of Control, Erobique u.a. >> photos francetour 2018 by JokkJ.Bieber
les trucs Jan 28, 2019
Cubism & Klaviere im März: 14.03.2019 - tanzhaus nrw, Hi, Robot! Das Mensch Maschine Festival🙂 15.03.2019 - Slow Club Freiburg 16.03.2019 30 Jahre Mousonturm-Geburtstagsparty further shows: 13.04.19 Innsbruck, AU - Diametrale. Experimental Film Festival 10.05.19 Kyoto, JPN - club metro 11.05.19 Osaka, JPN - Noon Club 18.05.19 Tokyo, JPN - Soup Ochiai 26.07.19 Negenharrie, D - Off the Radar Festival 02.08.19 Neukirchen, D - Skandaløs Festival
les trucs Jan 09, 2019
Hi it´s us in 1919, posing in S´Hertogenbosch and creating music for Theater Artemis / Jetse Batelaan´s piece (....)12+. Premiere Mousonturm31.01.2019, bedankt
les trucs Dec 04, 2018
Hey there, our news are the folllowing news: > our Japantour in may is confirmed, there are still some dates to be filled so hit us up 一口 馬鹿 > tomorrow starts our music work (.....) with director Jetse Batelaan at Theater Artemis​ & Mousonturm​, premiere 31.01.2019 > for bookings from now on reach out to Johanna: [email protected] For your entertainment: This was "Der Fleischgarten" (an anatomic musictheatre at Mousonturm, may 2018) pics by Jaewon Chung, with Daniel Degeest, Alla Poppersoni, Jonathan Penca
les trucs Nov 30, 2018
Arte Tracks is lying! �Les Trucs are no „Cyborg-Hampelmänner“, they are not in their 30s and usually don’t look as if they’ve been on tour for 20 days. 😂 3D-Animation by Takuya Matsumi Thanks Tracks & Thomas Suire! hi Erwan HaKyoon Larcher Vitja Vlees Franck Zose :D
les trucs Nov 20, 2018
Helo below is a video made by Carl Weidner at our concert on MS Stubnitz and these are our last shows of 2018 the best year of our entire life 22.11. Enschede Audio Bizzarro: The Ex, Les Trucs, Howrah, Goodcooper|Badcooper 23.11. Stockholm Sound of Stockholm
les trucs Nov 15, 2018
Voila, nice pics from St. Petersburg Electro-Mechanica festival Alexandrinski-Theater. And these are the last 4 shows of 2018: (Thx 4 support renki of Zeitstrafe Label & adri of ICHI ICHI & giada of M-jölk & all promoters & listeners) 16.12. Saarbrücken Les Trucs & Hobby 17.12. Bielefeld Konzert: Les Trucs 22.12. Enschede Poppodium Metropool 23.12. Sound of Stockholm
les trucs Nov 07, 2018
10000 Спасибо to Natasha Padabed & Electro-Mechanica festival for bringing us to St.Petersburg last weekend. Here is some russian TV: <3
les trucs Nov 03, 2018
UOEIOHH! Today in St. Petersburg 3.11.2018 Электро-Механика фестиваль with Alexander Robotnick Amnesia Scanner Eva Geist Lucretia Dalt ... (after our suitcase with all the gear was returned by a guy who took it home from the airport by mistake... 😵😵😵😇 we can possibly play more than an a capella concert tonight at 9pm ) photocredits: 1 Jokk Johanna Bieber / 2,3 Andreas Kliefoth /4 Mihaly Podobni
les trucs Oct 29, 2018
This weeks Plan 💪 01.11.18 |DE| Frankfurt - Basis Lesung von Martin Büssers "Für immer in Pop" + Konzert Les Trucs 03.11.18 |RUS| St. Petersburg - Electro-Mechanica festival
les trucs Oct 10, 2018
Hello, here we pose and post our last shows this year. Thanks for a nice 2018 restart. 12.10.18 |DE| Herne - Blaues Rauschen Festival HERne + Lorenzo Senni + Graham Dunning 20.10.18 |FR| Vendôme - Rockomotives festival 2018 01.11.18 |DE| Frankfurt - Basis Lesung von Martin Büssers "Für immer in Pop" + Konzert Les Trucs 03.11.18 |RUS| St. Petersburg - Electro-Mechanica festival + Lucrecia Dalt + Eva Geist 16.11.18 |DE| Saarbrücken - Sparte 4 Les Trucs & Hobby 17.11.18 |DE| Bielefeld - Offkino Konzert: Les Trucs 22.11.18 |NL| Enschede - Poppodium Metropool 23.11.18 |SWE| Stockholm - Sound of Stockholm Photo by Andi Dvořák 😙
les trucs Oct 01, 2018
Charging our headlights! Leaving for a short trip tomorrow. 2.10. DE | München - Feierwerk Rage against Abschiebung Festival 2018 3.10. AT | Wien - Venster Les Trucs 4.10. CZE | Brno - Kabinet MUZ Vložte Kočku & Les Trucs (DE) & Mutanti Hledaj Východisko 5.10. DE | Halle - Charles Bronson CORAX Jahresfest Photo by Mihaly Podobni
les trucs Sep 10, 2018
....what this man sais: Berlin this saturday! KGB-Sounds – Die Nacht der Künstler*innenbands + Easter >>> go visit Marlon Wobst show at Schwarz Contemporary
les trucs Aug 27, 2018
At min 2:00 you understand why...Thanks Schauspiel Hannover for the pyro-show. Come see us at Wiesbaden Biennale rooftop show this thursday! Les Trucs // Wiesbaden Biennale (video by fave actress Vanessa Loibl)