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Fogshack Music Volume II
Of Fungi and Foe
Of Whales and Woe
Of Whales and Woe (Bonus Track Version)
Les Claypool Dec 12, 2018
Fan pre-sale tickets, including VIP upgrade options, for The Claypool Lennon Delirium's newly announced "South Of Reality 2019 Tour" are on sale now. No code required.
Les Claypool Dec 11, 2018
Listen to "Easily Charmed By Fools", another track off of The Claypool Lennon Delirium's upcoming new album 'South of Reality', available Feb 22, 2019. Pre-order now on split colored vinyl, CD, or digital download:
Les Claypool Nov 26, 2018
The first ever Primus Pinball Machine is now available. • Limited edition of 100 • Manufactured by Stern Pinball • Artwork by zoltron & Zombie Yeti Studios • Signed by the whole band Complete details & purchase link:
Les Claypool Nov 23, 2018
For the ultimate Primus collectors, we present the new Primus Pinball Machine. Available this Cyber Monday. - Limited edition of 100 - Manufactured by Stern Pinball - Artwork by zoltron & Zombie Yeti Studios - Signed by the whole band Complete details at
Les Claypool Nov 06, 2018
Coming this Fall and available to pre-order now — seven essential Primus reissues on black and limited edition, colored 180g vinyl. Explore the titles and choose from limited edition merch bundles (while supplies last) by clicking below.
Les Claypool Oct 29, 2018
Les Claypool's longtime & prized Bertram Sportfisher Boat, "Bastardo", is up for sale. Details for this well equipped Tuna Machine are available by clicking below. Interested parties can get in touch by sending an email to [email protected]
Les Claypool Oct 29, 2018
Listen to the new single from The Claypool Lennon Delirium via Bass Player Magazine.
Les Claypool Oct 26, 2018
The Claypool Lennon Delirium will be playing The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA on New Years Eve. The NYE run will be rounded out by shows in San Diego on 12/28, and Santa Ana, CA on 12/29. Tickets for all three shows, including VIP upgrades, are on sale now.
Les Claypool Oct 25, 2018
Fan pre-sale tickets, including VIP upgrade options, for The Claypool Lennon Delirium New Years Eve Run are on sale now. No code required.
Les Claypool Oct 24, 2018
Now streaming on Spotify, "Blood and Rockets- Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too the Moon", the first single off of the forthcoming album, 'South Of Reality', due out February 22, 2019. Pre-order available now:
Les Claypool Oct 24, 2018
New album, new single, and New Years Eve via Pitchfork.
Les Claypool Oct 23, 2018
The Claypool Lennon Delirium are back with their second album, 'South Of Reality', available February 22, 2019, on ATO Records. Check out the first single, "Blood and Rockets- Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too the Moon". Pre-order available now, including special, limited edition colored vinyl & bundle options:
Les Claypool Oct 23, 2018
Rolling Stone spilling the beans on the latest from The Claypool Lennon Delirium.
Les Claypool Oct 02, 2018
Kern, Kern the Butter Churn has left the planet. It is with a heavy heart that we bid our good pal and personal icon, Kern, a fond farewell. Though I knew he had been ill of late, it shook my heart to learn yesterday morning that my old friend had passed away. Kern, (Brett Hern) and I had a long history together. He was the first drummer I had ever played and performed with back in high school. Later, he worked with me in my El Sobrante Shell gas pumping days and then busting tires at Big-O in Richmond, California. He was one of my El Sobrante cronies and we once shared the apartment where the original PRIMATE, Fostex demo tapes where recorded. It was across the street from that apartment where Kern’s girlfriend’s father was the preacher and Kern had given me the keys to the church one night so I could go in and belt out the vocals to a new song I had just written called, Too Many Puppies. (The notion was to not disturb the neighbors in our apartment building with my howling). One of my favorite stories of Kern is of when Oysterhead was about to play The Salem Armory in Salem, Oregon. Trey, Stewart and I were sitting in catering debating the future trajectory of the band. The joke was that Stewart was going to be meeting my old drummer pal, Kern, who had a Chris Farley-like quality to his drum hero worship. We’d been winding Stewart up all week about the impending meeting and we could see the throngs of fans walking by the one-way window as they were filing into the show. Trey was passionately emphasizing some notion about what the mainstream media thought of our music and was commenting to the effect of, “I don’t care what those kind of people think…I just want to impress THAT GUY!”, he said as he wheeled around dramatically, randomly pointing to a large man happily waddling past the window. “That’s Kern!”, I exclaimed in recognition, and we all burst into laughter. The coincidence was hilarious and instantly deflated what was becoming a bit of a heated debate. Over the years Kern was a fixture at all of the shows we would play around the Eugene, Oregon region where he had settled and it saddens me to think I won’t see his big round face beaming at me from the audience or hear his signature shout of…KERN! He was a good human and will be sorely missed. I miss him already… “Kern, Kern the Butter Churn, strike a match and watch it burn…” - Les Claypool
Les Claypool Jun 13, 2018
What a day yesterday with William "Bootsy" Collins coming out to last night's Primus show in Cincinnati, OH. He along with a group of Music Ambassadors on behalf of Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley proclaimed June 12, 2018 as "Les Claypool Day". A true honor! Video by: Team HiHo
Les Claypool Apr 10, 2018
Charucki has left the building. It is with a heavy heart that we've witnessed the passing of our good friend Chris Charucki. I've known and worked with Charucki since the late eighties, going back to the I-Beam nightclub days in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury. Charook or as I called him, Chew-tabaki, was an amazing human who had an incredible wit with a catalog of one-liners that could rival anyone on this planet. He was a rare individual who would make you belly laugh, often while pointing out and ridiculing one of your shortcomings. It was an honor to be made fun of by the mighty Charook. He was the Don Rickles of stage production. I miss him already... - Les Claypool
Les Claypool Jan 29, 2018
Primus​ and Mastodon​ will be hitting the road together this summer. Support along the US tour will come from JJUUJJUU​ and All Them Witches on respective, select dates. A special pre-sale, including VIP upgrade options, will go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, January 30, at 10am local time. Tickets will go on sale to the general public this Friday, February 2 at 10am local time. Tickets and more info are available at
Les Claypool Jan 16, 2018 California's salmon population and industry are facing extinction. They need your help to survive. The WaterFix Twin Tunnels Project, which after being stopped twice, has re-emerged, threatening an already detrimental decline in salmon populations. The project has failed virtually every economic and feasibility test, yet the State of California continues to push it forward. The Delta Stewardship Council is about to vote to approve this project into action. In doing so, they are completely ignoring their legal mandate to protect the Delta and the fish. If the tunnels are completed, there will be severe damage to the salmon runs and likely extinctions. This needs to be stopped. Water4Fish, a great organization dedicated to the preservation of salmon population and fisheries, has setup a simple process on their site for people to express their concern and opposition towards this harmful project. Join me in supporting and spreading awareness to kill the WaterFix Twin Tunnels Project. Click the link above where you will be guided through to having the council hear your voice. -Les Claypool
Les Claypool Dec 18, 2017
I'm shocked and saddened to hear of the death of the great Ralph Carney. Ralph was an inspiration in both music and spirit. Though an incredibly unique voice with his saxophone, I fondly harken back to the times he sat in with me, wielding his own invention, the Slide Clarinet. Musicians like Ralph blaze paths through the jungles of experimental music so that the rest of us can trod through. He was a champ. - Les Claypool Photo: Skerik & Ralph Carney, 11/11/17, at the Jack London Revue, Portland, OR
Les Claypool Sep 06, 2017
Head over to Billboard and lIsten to "The Scheme", the latest single off of the upcoming Primus album 'The Desaturating Seven' due out Sept. 29.
Les Claypool Aug 04, 2017
The Claypool Lennon Delirium are back with “Lime & Limpid Green”. Previously a Record Store Day exclusive, we’ve pressed 3,000 new copies on a new beautifully colored green splatter 10” vinyl - featuring covers of classics from Pink Floyd, King Crimson, The Who, and Flower Travellin’ Band. Available digitally and on vinyl everywhere now.
Les Claypool Jun 30, 2017
Watch The Claypool Lennon Delirium's new music video for "Satori" from the Lime & Limpid Green 10" EP, due out August 4. Pre-order a copy:
Les Claypool Jun 28, 2017
Rolling Stone sheds light on The Claypool Lennon Delirium's new EP and music video. Read all about it and watch here.
Les Claypool Jun 06, 2017
Les and Bill Burr at Clusterfest this past weekend in San Francisco.
Les Claypool Apr 20, 2017
The Claypool Lennon Delirium will be releasing an exclusive Record Store Day 10” on transparent green vinyl that features four cosmically psychedelic covers listed below. The EP will be available in record stores nationwide on April 22. Quick little tidbit - the vinyl plant swapped the order of The Who & King Crimson songs when cutting the master. Some might call it a mistake. We're considering it super collectible! #RSD17 Pink Floyd - "Astronomy Domine" The Who - "Boris the Spider” King Crimson - “The Court of the Crimson King” Flower Travellin’ Band - “Satori"