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Jamestown Revival and Willie Watson with Lera Lynn, Ian Noe, and 2 more… at The Burl (May 5, 2019)
Venue: The Burl (Lexington, KY, US) Find tickets
Lera Lynn Apr 17, 2019
NYC!! Special Show announcement next week—stay tuned! Tickets will be very limited! XO ———————————————— Photo by @heidirossphoto
Lera Lynn Apr 15, 2019
I love my band!!!
Lera Lynn Apr 15, 2019
Well THAT was fun!! Thanks to @highwaterfest and @shovelsnrope for giving us the chance to play one of my all-time favorite shows yesterday!! @ Riverfront Park
Lera Lynn Apr 14, 2019
Can’t wait to play Charleston’s High Water Fest today with my band!! 2:45 on the Edisto Stage! ———————————————— Photo by @tolomusic || Guild Guitars
Lera Lynn Apr 13, 2019
BACK IN THE VAN AND FUCKIN STOKED! Headed to play on the farm at @albinoskunkfest tonight with the BAND! RAWK!! Also, Charleston tomorrow at @highwaterfest! Wee!!
Lera Lynn Apr 12, 2019
Thrilled to play Musicians Corner in Nashville this summer!! There are so many amazing artists playing this stacked, free, concert series and my band and I are honored to return! Our show is May 31st at 8pm but music starts that day at 5. Bring a blanket and some cold beers and your kids if you have em—all are welcome. Check out the entire lineup...
Lera Lynn Apr 11, 2019
Morning!! We have a special NYC show announcement coming soon so stay tuned...
Lera Lynn Apr 10, 2019
Lera Lynn Mar 26, 2019
Coming out of social media hibernation to remind you that I’ll have the great honor of playing High Water Festival with my band this April 14th in Charleston, SC. The lineup is curated by my long-time friends and standup citizens Shovels and Rope and boy is it STACKED!! They’ve already sold out of Level 1 tix so better hurry if ya wanna jam! XO
Lera Lynn Mar 04, 2019
Memory Lane Monday! I recently spent a morning listening through this 8 year old (today!) record of mine, HAVE YOU MET LERA LYNN. Though it was a tough listen for me (that girl singing is so young!), I was reminded of how fearlessly I made this record—how I never considered anything except for the experience at hand in the studio, how I let all the flaws ride through to the final product, and how I never imagined anyone would hear any of this. It was an interesting journey into the past for me, thinking through the music I was making and drawing from, so I thought to make a playlist for those who are curious (link below). This is a diverse collection of some songs that influenced me in a big way, through my own very green, southern/indie lens, growing up and around the time I was making this record. Also enjoy this fun collection of film photos taken by @stevenlandry during the making. Have a nice week. XO
Lera Lynn Feb 18, 2019
I woke up like dis
Lera Lynn Feb 14, 2019
When someone really loves you. ❤️
Lera Lynn Feb 04, 2019
When you get together to write and end up at the bar at 1:30pm on a Monday.
Lera Lynn Jan 31, 2019
Got to see how Ambrotype photography is done by way of Giles Clement and his originally designed hand-built camera yesterday! So cool! Also got to channel my inner ’Larry.’ Thanks to Alysse Gafkjen for putting us all together!
Lera Lynn Jan 29, 2019
Home at last! Big thanks to Reunion Blues Gig Bags for getting me thru all this winter fly-gig touring! I can fit two guitars and a ton of snacks in this thing! #rbxdoublegigbag
Lera Lynn Jan 28, 2019
Surprise session and we’ve cooked up somethin sweet for ya! Details forthcoming... @ Los Angeles, California
Lera Lynn Jan 27, 2019
What a beautiful tour we had down the west coast! I can’t thank you all enough for coming to the shows, bringing friends and coming back to shows when we pass thru again. It’s only because of you that we get to live this adventure. And a huge thanks to Thomas Dybdahl for coming along and playing so beautifully every night! Much love and until next time, hopefully very soon... ♥️
Lera Lynn Jan 26, 2019
Let’s sell this puppy out! We’re so close! TONIGHT (1.25) with @thomasdybdahl!
Lera Lynn Jan 25, 2019
Bout to be gettin my groove on in sunny Los Angeles! There’s still a handful of tickets left for our show TONIGHT at Troubadour with Very Special Guest Thomas Dybdahl .
Lera Lynn Jan 24, 2019
We made it to San Francisco! See you tonight at Swedish American Hall with Thomas Dybdahl !!
Lera Lynn Jan 23, 2019
I love this dude. We’re having such a fun tour. Can’t believe we only have two shows left! San Francisco tomorrow at Swedish American Hall and then LA at The Troubadour Friday!
Lera Lynn Jan 22, 2019
SAN FRANSISCO THIS THURSDAY at Swedish American Hall with special guest Thomas Dybdahl ! We have some tasty treats in store for you 😘 Tickets available at
Lera Lynn Jan 20, 2019
Ahhh Seattle THANK YOU for the Sellout!! When you sell out Fremont Abbey Arts Center they reward you with a trophy/geode, which happens to be something I’ve always wanted. Winning!! TONIGHT we play Portland OR which is also sold out. We can’t wait to play for y’all at Mississippi Studios!
Lera Lynn Jan 19, 2019
Let’s get this party started. WEST COAST tour this week, with special guest, the one and only, Thomas Dybdahl ! 1.19 Seattle Fremont Abbey Arts Center LOW TIX 1.20 Portland Mississippi Studios SOLD OUT 1.22 Mill Valley CA Sweetwater Music Hall 1.24 San Francisco Swedish American Hall 1.25 Los Angeles Troubadour Tickets at
Lera Lynn Jan 18, 2019
They’re cancelling flights and shits gettin crazy thanks to the Arctic blast but we’re gonna get to the west coast no matter what! See y’all soon! 1.19 Seattle Fremont Abbey Arts Center FEW SEATS LEFT 1.20 Portland Mississippi Studios SOLD OUT 1.22 Mill Valley CA Sweetwater Music Hall 1.24 San Francisco Swedish American Hall 1.25 Los Angeles Troubadour TIX at