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The Congregation
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Leprous at Carioca Club - Pinheiros (March 10, 2019)
Venue: Carioca Club - Pinheiros (São Paulo, Brazil) Find tickets
Leprous Dec 15, 2018
We got the honor to visit @denlillebrusfabrikken in Lillestrøm yesterday with the one and only @fredrikklemp from @22newenergymusic and @maratonband as our private guide! It’s a very charming and old family business producing the most awesome soda and lemonade. Maybe we’ll get a @leprousofficial soda in the merch stand in the future? Any buyers?
Leprous Dec 09, 2018
Chicago Dec 1st. SOLD OUT! 📷: Maciej Pieloch
Leprous Dec 06, 2018
Late to the after party, but what a tour this was! Big thanks to @haken_official , @bentkneemusic and all crew for making this tour what it was and selling out several shows!🤟
Leprous Dec 04, 2018
's cover photo
Leprous Nov 30, 2018
Finishing this tour with Cleveland tonight, then Chicago tomorrow which has been sold out for more than 2 weeks! Thank you so much @haken_officia @bentkneemusic and crew!
Leprous Nov 27, 2018
The last show in Chicago, IL, Dec 1st has been SOLD OUT for a couple of weeks, and the tour is getting very close to an end: Nov 27 - Nashville, TN Nov 29 - Pittsburgh, PA Nov 30 - Cleveland, OH Dec 1 - Chicago, IL 📷 @septenium
Leprous Nov 26, 2018
Tonight’s show in Lawrence is cancelled as the weather has made it impossible for things to continue. We’re of course sorry for the inconvenience and have done everything in our power to avoid cancelling. Today’s VIPs will receive a separate email regarding a possible contingency. For GA ticket refunds, please contact your vendor.
Leprous Nov 25, 2018
Yesterday, we were all stuck on mountains on our way to Denver due to weather conditions, but luckily we made it to the show! ❤️ Unfortunately Bent Knee did not, as they had a car accident (no one got seriously hurt). The Lawrence show today seems to be a challenge as well, as several roads are closed and we’re not getting anywhere at the moment. Keeping fingers crossed!!
Leprous Nov 21, 2018
Leprous Nov 20, 2018
Leprous Nov 19, 2018
Thank you San Francisco! Today we play in Portland (very few tickets left) and tomorrow is Seattle which is SOLD OUT! Photo: FOH Chrissy Boy @chrisisinthehouse
Leprous Nov 15, 2018
Playing without @haken_official and @bentkneemusic at the Launchpad in Albuquerque, NM today! They weren’t cool enough to join.
Leprous Nov 13, 2018
Here’s some clips of Baard playing some different Leprous tunes on his drum festival appearance for La Baguetterie (Paris)!
Leprous Nov 09, 2018
The Congregation in it’s entirety it is! #thecongregation
Leprous Nov 08, 2018
Get your VIP tickets now 🤟
Leprous Nov 07, 2018
New Merch. Recognizing anyone? Illustrations made by @maria_picasso_piquer
Leprous Nov 06, 2018
6 shows done (3 SOLD OUT), 24 to go! Having such good times on the road with @haken_official and @bentkneemusic ! Photos: @septenium
Leprous Nov 03, 2018
Timeline Photos
Leprous Nov 02, 2018
Toronto, you were on fire last night! Tonight it is a SOLD OUT shout show in Montreal!🤩 photo: @chrisisinthehouse
Leprous Oct 28, 2018
Our bass player Simen Daniel Lindstad Børven has made a (domestic) playthrough of The Price, produced by Kjetil Hallaråker of Arkentype! Check it out! PM Simen if you want a basslesson on the upcoming US tour with @HAKEN!
Leprous Oct 23, 2018
Exactly one week until this tour kicks off!! Tickets and VIP:
Leprous Oct 15, 2018
If you missed out on the Malina shirts / hoodie we sold during the European tour, they’re now available in our webshop:
Leprous Oct 14, 2018
Perú! 🇵🇪 You’ve been added to the Latin American tour! Santiago, Chile, also has an extra show now! Tour by Talent Nation
Leprous Oct 09, 2018
Einar is doing a direct Q&A on his Instagram account tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8PM CEST. Make sure to follow lepreinar on instagram in good time before that!
Leprous Oct 04, 2018
Montreal is now sold out for our upcoming tour with HAKEN and Bent Knee! Other shows are selling fast as well, so be quick to grab your tickets!