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The Essential Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen Feb 22, 2019
This week marks the 18th anniversary of the release of Leonard's live album Field Commander Cohen. The album commemorates Leonard's concerts in December 1979 in London and Brighton. We all know Leonard's rigorous songwriting process often involves writing many verses and discarding all but the best. Here's an alternative verse for the song "Field Commander Cohen" from Leonard's notebook pages.
Leonard Cohen Feb 19, 2019
Ten years ago tonight, Leonard brought his world tour to the US at the Beacon Theatre in New York. Over 200 members of the press attended and reacted much like Andy Greene of Rolling Stone, calling it one of the most magical concerts he'd ever seen. The positive press lead to the historic 2009 North American tour that included two sold out shows at Radio City Music Hall and Leonard's first sold out appearance at Madison Square Garden. Enjoy Leonard performing "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" from that night.
Leonard Cohen Feb 15, 2019
Julie Felix's friendship with Leonard began on Hydra in the early 1960's. Five years later, Leonard delivered his first UK performance on her entertainment show on the BBC. They remained in contact throughout their lives. Here is Leonard performing "The Stranger Song" on "Once More with Felix."
Leonard Cohen Feb 13, 2019
It's been 56 years since the publication of Leonard's first novel, The Favourite Game. The novel overflows with remarkable descriptions and memorable lines. Within the first few paragraphs, Leonard writes: "Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh. "It is easy to display a wound, the proud scars of combat. It is hard to show a pimple." In 1963 CBC conducted an interview with Leonard, providing us an early look at Leonard discussing his work.
Leonard Cohen Feb 10, 2019
Photographer A.J. Barrett worked his creative magic when he asked Leonard to pose for this shot and 23 years later, the little girl in the photo tells the story.
Leonard Cohen Feb 08, 2019
A.J. Barratt captured Leonard in his hotel room in London in 1993. Leonard proved to be a very willing photographic subject as our post on Sunday will reveal.
Leonard Cohen Feb 05, 2019
Leonard's album I'm Your Man debuted 31 years ago this week. Renowned photographer Dominique Issermann directed a music video based on the first song off the record, "First We Take Manhattan." About that song, Leonard said, "You’re provoked, you’re feeling somewhat demented. That becomes a geopolitical manifesto full of menace like 'First We Take Manhattan.' But these statements develop with a sense of immediacy although the process of refinement is very long. The impulse for the work is immediate and stunning."
Leonard Cohen Feb 03, 2019
Leonard's song "Hallelujah" will be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame along with 25 other recordings. Recordings chosen for induction must be at least 25 years old and “exhibit qualitative or historical significance.” Previously, Leonard's record Songs of Leonard Cohen was inducted in 2015. Watch Leonard Cohen performing "Hallelujah" on YouTube :
Leonard Cohen Jan 31, 2019
Today marks the seventh anniversary of the release of Leonard's record Old Ideas. UK's The Guardian concluded about the album: "You don't want new ideas from Leonard Cohen. You want to sink into that coal-black pit of a voice and contemplate the essentials: lust and loss; failure and redemption; the appalling comedy of existence and its inescapable end. His 12th 'manual for living with defeat' answers that longing, while ever so gently ribbing it." Listen to the harmonies of the Webb Sisters and Sharon Robinson as they introduce us to Leonard and "Come Healing" from Live in Dublin.
Leonard Cohen Jan 28, 2019
This 1992 Rolling Stone interview with Leonard has a couple of great photos, a few startling moments and several wise and wonderful quotes.
Leonard Cohen Jan 24, 2019
Leonard's first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, just celebrated its 51st anniversary. Pitchfork assembled an excellent tutorial about the man and the making of the album.
Leonard Cohen Jan 22, 2019
The March 2019 issue of UK's UNCUT magazine hit store shelves this week with our man splashed across the cover. Inside over twelve pages are devoted to Leonard's band members and collaborators speaking about working with Leonard on some of his best records. Check it out!
Leonard Cohen Jan 19, 2019
William Logan, whom esteemed author Joyce Carol Oates labels "the Rush Limbaugh of poetry reviewers," turns his acerbic attention onto Leonard's THE FLAME in The New York Times Book Review. Mr. Logan goes on to share his opinion of Leonard's music and even his fans. His conclusions are not positive. Alexandra Pleshoyano, Associate Professor at the University of Sherbrooke, Academic Ambassador for the Leonard Cohen Estate and Archive, and Editor of THE FLAME responds: "William Logan’s brutal academic criticism of Leonard Cohen's work harkens back to McGill professor Louis Dudek who first pronounced Leonard as one of the great emerging poets (the golden-boy poet) in Canada, and then rejected his work once Cohen became a singer/songwriter (the frontline writer). On the literary scene, Cohen stopped being perceived as a poet as soon as he decided to pick-up the guitar and sing. Dudek lamented the fact that popular music could become an honourable art form. In an article, Dudek published a caricature of Cohen, Dylan, Ginsberg, Ringo Star, with a multitude of fans following them. Dudek regretted that Cohen, such a promising poet, could possibly degrade himself to the level of popular music. (Dudek, 1969, p. 5) As Stephen Scobie commented: “the more he [ Cohen was] taken seriously as a ‘rock star’, the less seriously he [was] taken as a ‘poet/novelist’.” (Footman, 2009, p. 110) There is quite a persistent dichotomy between poetry and music. Universities and concert stages are concretely and obviously considered as two separate genres of performances: the former for scholars and the latter for the general public. This is typical of our Western way of separating sciences from humanities; the former considered as being ‘objective’ and the latter ‘subjective’. As Guy Beck stresses: “[r]eferred to as the ‘old paradigm’ by more progressive thinkers, this dichotomy of insider/outsider or musician/scholar, also known to anthropologists as emic/etic, has continued to inform attitudes for well over a century.” (Beck, 2006, p. 19) It is a pity to hear such judgemental criticism from academic intellectuals who claim the right to separate the “bad” poems from the “good” ones. As Stephen Scobie once wrote regarding Cohen’s poetry, “[s]ome of the best lines occur in some of the worst poems, and vice versa.” (Scobie, 1978, p. 45) But then again, isn’t academia about debate, and isn’t the intensity of the debate, in some way, a sign of great respect by the academic world?" The debate continues as another critic, Don McLeese, pens an answer to Mr. Logan's review concluding: "This is a prime example of the 'emperor has no clothes' review, in which the masses are blind, and only the critic can see clearly... For anyone who wants to seek out the recordings, the videos of live performance, and, yes, the pages upon pages of poetry and fiction, the artistry of Leonard Cohen is amply clothed indeed, even when it cuts so close to the bone of naked truth. The work redeems itself. It’s the critic who lies exposed." In Flood Magazine, Anya Jaremko-Greenwold disputes Mr. Logan's dismissive comments about Cohen's music and fans: "Logan seems uninterested in exploring the mass appeal of Cohen, tossing aside his illustrious career and legions of adoring fans... To critique any artist intelligently, though the eventual analysis may be scathing, there should be a modicum of respect; if not for Cohen himself, then for his scores of fans, who cannot all be fools... Logan fails to realize poetry isn’t only diction and syntax on a flat page—the way Leonard Cohen sings, his lustrous, growly cadence, is poetry too." Another writer, Mark Athitakis, defends Mr. Logan's intentions: "[C]ritics rarely deliver hit jobs with ill motives... Negative reviews, done right, are correctives. Mark Twain attacking James Fenimore Cooper was good fun, but also an attempt to banish Romanticism from the American literary landscape... And Logan had some correctives to deliver too... Logan made it clear enough that he didn’t see [Cohen's] appeal... But that doesn’t mean the end result was inherently mean and unhelpful." As always, Leonard's fans get the last word. Fans flooded Twitter and Facebook with indignant posts. The New York Times published several Letters to the Editor fuming about Mr. Logan's review. Finally, one particularly enraged Cohen fan made a short-term modification to William Logan's Wikipedia page describing the critic's true nature in rather graphic terms. Take that, Mr. Logan! 😁
Leonard Cohen Jan 16, 2019
In this 1993 NPR interview, Leonard explains the meaning of and interconnection between the songs on his record The Future. He also comments on the satisfaction of having a new generation discover his music.
Leonard Cohen Jan 12, 2019
Always stylish and well-dressed, Leonard looks particularly dapper in this photo by Ron Bull from 1983. (Toronto Star Archives, Toronto Reference Library.)
Leonard Cohen Jan 10, 2019
Sébastien Petit expertly captures the beauty and radiance of the Montreal cityscape in "A Timelapse Tribute to Leonard Cohen". Using the Cité Mémoire Projection tableau of 'Suzanne" on the Clock Tower Quay in Montreal’s Old Port, Petit expands the lens to include so much more.
Leonard Cohen Jan 07, 2019
In 2006 Leonard was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was introduced by his longtime friend and the former Governor General of Canada Adrienne Clarkson, who told the gathering that we have all given ourselves to Leonard. Listen to Leonard's wistful acceptance speech.
Leonard Cohen Jan 04, 2019
From the archives of French TV INA comes this beautiful and intense 1979 version of "The Guests," performed by Leonard and accompanied by violinist Raffi Hakopian.
Leonard Cohen Jan 02, 2019
Britain's Prince Charles shares his love of Leonard with the BBC, comparing our man to Salvador Dali.
Leonard Cohen Jan 01, 2019
For his final album, Leonard recruited his son Adam Cohen as producer. In this Spotify article, Adam depicts a truthful picture of the experience of making You Want It Darker. You can listen to You Want It Darker streaming over the New Year's holiday here:
Leonard Cohen Dec 26, 2018
In 1984 Leonard spoke with Kevin Courrier at Critics At Large about his book of psalms, Book of Mercy. Why a book of psalms? Leonard explains it is only really accessible to someone in trouble, "that's why you pray...because you don't have a prayer."
Leonard Cohen Dec 21, 2018
CBC's Canadian Music Class Challenge calls on young musicians across Canada to deliver their best performance of selected songs. The band at Orchard Park Secondary School delivered an emotional and intense rendition of Leonard's song "Hallelujah" to win first place in the high school instrumental category. The band credits their success to the family atmosphere among the musicians that love of music and a dedicated music teacher created.
Leonard Cohen Dec 18, 2018
Leonard was interviewed by the CBC 55 years ago. His wry humour was on display throughout the interview as he discusses his poetry and novels.
Leonard Cohen Dec 11, 2018
Leonard's album Various Positions was released on this date 34 years ago. "Hallelujah" is the album's most recognized song, but the album included other gems like "Heart with No Companion," performed here at Leonard's Helsinki concert in 2012.
Leonard Cohen Dec 06, 2018
While promoting Blue Alert in 2007, Leonard and Anjani are interviewed on Norway's Skavlan TV program where Leonard discusses life on Mt. Baldy and what compels people to change. Also appearing on the show, former US Vice President Al Gore speaking about the environmental crisis.