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The Essential Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen Aug 17, 2019
Continuing our celebration of the 45th anniversary of New Skin for the Old Ceremony, this song began its life as "The Bells" and was recorded by Buffy Sainte-Marie on her album She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina in 1971. Leonard reworked the song, retaining only a few of the original lines, and recorded it under the title "Take This Longing." You can listen to the entire record on a variety of platforms here :
Leonard Cohen Aug 14, 2019
Nearly ten years ago, September 24, 2009, Leonard performed for approximately 50,000 people packed into a stadium in Ramat Gan, Israel. The concert was billed "A Concert for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace," with all the proceeds donated to Israeli-Palestinian charities. One of the charities to benefit was Road To Recovery. Ten years later, here is an account of how Leonard's donation has changed hearts and lives. "How Leonard Cohen Helped Start the RoadToRecovery Israeli-Palestinian Medical Travel Volunteers." Read it here :
Leonard Cohen Aug 11, 2019
From August 11 through 13, 1967, Innis Lake, Ontario, Canada, hosted the Mariposa Folk Festival. Leonard performed in what the Toronto Daily Star characterized as "soft serious almost monotonous tones but thrilled those who are entranced by his writings." Also taking the stage were some well-known performers of the day including John Cunningham, Rev. Gary Davis, Roger Deveer Renwick, The Dildines, Bonnie Dobson, Michael Edmonds, Dick Flohil, Louise Forestier, Canadian folklorist, Edith Fowke, Buddy Guy Blues Band, Ritchie Havens, Kensington Market, Louis Killen, Penny Lang, Lilly Brothers & Herb Hooven, Estelle Klein, Gordon Lowe, Allan MacLeod, Alan MacRae, Owen McBride, Murray McLaughlan, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Obomsawin, O.D. Bodkins and Company, The Pennywhistlers, 3's a Crowd, Tom Rush, Shelburne Festival Fiddlers, Staple Singers with Pops Staple, Buffy Ste-Marie, University Settlement International Folk Dancers, Klaas Van Graft, Mary Jane and Winston Young. Photo of Leonard by John Sharp, "Mariposa Folk Festival," in York University Libraries.
Leonard Cohen Aug 08, 2019
This month marks the 45th anniversary of Leonard’s album, New Skin for the Old Ceremony, produced by John Lissauer. “Is This What You Wanted” opens the record, a song Rolling Stone labeled one of Cohen’s 20 essential songs. You can listen to the entire record on a variety of platforms here :
Leonard Cohen Aug 05, 2019
On this date ten years ago, Leonard performed in Istanbul, Turkey. For two days, Leonard's music filled the Harbiye Open Air Theatre leading The Hürriyet Daily News to declare: "Leonard Cohen is not getting older; he is only getting better." Photo by Muhsin Akgün.
Leonard Cohen Aug 03, 2019
In 1984 Leonard stopped by the CKUA Radio studio to talk with Tony Dillon Davis about his latest book, Book of Mercy. Leonard discusses suffering, sin, religion and the human condition in this deeply philosophical interview.
Leonard Cohen Jul 31, 2019
Only a few weeks left to see the exhibition Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything at the Jewish Museum in New York City. If you want to make your visit extra special, drop by the exhibition between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays in August to enjoy the cocktail Leonard invented, the Red Needle.
Leonard Cohen Jul 29, 2019
The National Film Board of Canada now makes available the documentary "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen" for downloading and viewing. Donald Brittain and Don Owen filmed the documentary, which was released in 1965, before Leonard would undertake a career in music. Originally, Owen planned to record a tour of Canadian poets including Irving Layton and Earle Birney, but a review of the footage revealed that only Leonard was entertaining enough to warrant the attention. Besides providing insight into the early life of Leonard as a poet, the documentary illuminates Montreal in the 1960's.
Leonard Cohen Jul 27, 2019
Photographer Diana Blok captured Leonard enjoying Paris in the winter, 1985.
Leonard Cohen Jul 24, 2019
There is estimated to be about 650 officially released covers of Leonard’s song “Hallelujah.” Who knows how many more times it has been performed in concert. But one of the first artists to do so was Bob Dylan. Read the story behind Dylan's performances and listen to his version of “Hallelujah.”
Leonard Cohen Jul 22, 2019
In this essay, Jess Zimmerman writes about how Leonard’s profound influence contributed to a young writer finding her voice.
Leonard Cohen Jul 19, 2019
The exhibition, Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything, continues its run at the @TheJewishMuseum in New York City. Don’t miss your chance to be inspired by Our Man and the artists who interpret his work. Tickets at: The exhibition leaves New York after September 8.
Leonard Cohen Jul 16, 2019
On July 16, 1967, Leonard performed at the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island. Also included on the bill were Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Gordon Lightfoot and Buffy Sainte-Marie. Here Leonard is photographed backstage with singer Joan Baez. (Photo by David Gahr/Getty Images)
Leonard Cohen Jul 14, 2019
The great Jimmy Buffett gave a concert in Montreal this past week and stopped by to offer Leonard a greeting.
Leonard Cohen Jul 12, 2019
"My Lady Can Sleep" is one of Leonard's most beautiful poems. Listen as Leonard recites the poem from his book The Spice-Box of Earth.
Leonard Cohen Jul 09, 2019
Leonard in Stockholm, 1988. Photo by Torbjörn Calvero.
Leonard Cohen Jul 04, 2019
Mark Lawson of the BBC interviewed Leonard in 2007 during the promotion of Blue Alert and Anjani's tour for that record. Lawson and Leonard spoke in detail about some of the most famous lines in his songs. They also discussed how the events and experiences in Leonard's life changed the man who would take the stage in 2008. This was one of the last interviews Leonard gave before he began touring again, when almost all interviews were declined.
Leonard Cohen Jun 28, 2019
Leonard, forever beautiful. Photo by Harold Barkley, from the Toronto Star Archives, 1973.
Leonard Cohen Jun 25, 2019
This week marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of the concert album Cohen Live. The album contains songs performed during Leonard's I'm Your Man and The Future tours in Toronto, Vancouver, Austin, San Sebastian and Amsterdam. Here's a terrific song that Leonard never performed during his final world tour, "There Is A War."
Leonard Cohen Jun 23, 2019
On this day eleven years ago Leonard made a triumphant return to Montreal for a three-night concert performance at Place des Arts. The crowds radiated excitement as Leonard delivered one extraordinary performance after another. Montreal exuberantly welcomed its native son home and Leonard's gratitude was obvious. Photo by Martin Chamberland from La Presse.
Leonard Cohen Jun 20, 2019
Actress Anjelica Huston described Leonard as “part wolf, part angel” when she interviewed him in 1995 at her house in Venice, California. Read their provocative conversation from Interview magazine.
Leonard Cohen Jun 17, 2019
Leonard offered up these two poems to tame his audience during his performance at the Isle of Wight in 1970. “They locked up a man” appears in The Energy of Slaves and from Selected Poems 1956-1968, Leonard recites “A Person Who Eats Meat.” This clip is from the Live At The Isle Of Wight CD.
Leonard Cohen Jun 13, 2019
Last night at a ceremony attended by the mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, the mural of Leonard Cohen lit up Montréal. The charitable organization MU, with support from the Ville-Marie borough and Tourisme Montréal, provided permanent lighting for the 21-storey mural of Leonard on Crescent Street in downtown Montréal. "From now on, the memory of Leonard Cohen will shine in the heart of downtown Montréal in both the literal and figurative sense," said the Mayor. Read about the ceremony here: GIF by Olivier Bousquet, showing a before/after the illumination. Additional photos here:
Leonard Cohen Jun 12, 2019
Advertisement This promotional poster for Selected Poems: 1956-1968 celebrates one of Leonard's songs as captivating poetry.
Leonard Cohen Jun 10, 2019
Everyone loves a little summer fun. Lourdes Barbal captured Leonard and Alberto Manzano, author of several books on Leonard, in Barcelona having some fun in 1989.