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Leon Russell Apr 10, 2019
Leon Russell "Live At Gilley's" recorded on Sept. 17, 1981 is being released on vinyl by Varese Sarabande Records for Record Store Day 2019 this Saturday, April 13th. The CD release is this Friday, April 12th. Ask your local record store for Live At Gilley's on vinyl:
Leon Russell Apr 08, 2019
The Leon Russell Estate is proud to be partnering with Primary Wave Music Publishing in representing Leon's catalogue of songs.
Leon Russell Jan 18, 2018
Leon Russell Dec 06, 2017
Many of you have asked how young Ray Goren and Leon met. In a recent interview in Guitar World, Ray talks about Leon: Guitar World: How did that relationship (with Leon Russell) happen? Ray: Leon played a lot at the Coach House [in San Juan Capistrano, California] which is right around where I live. The owner of the Coach House knows me, and so when Leon was in town he brought me down and I played a song. I was, like, 10 or 11 at the time. And it was funny—after I played, Leon didn’t even say anything to me . He kinda just left. And I remember I called my dad and I said, “He hated me!” And then my dad got a call the next day from the owner and he said, “Man, Leon cannot stop talking about your son!” Leon actually sent me a guitar. And then I got his contact information and we just kind of spoke a lot and developed a relationship. We did a bunch of songs together that haven’t been released, but that whole process really taught me a lot. Not a lot—it taught me all I know. Leon taught me how to write music. Guitar World: What was the primary thing he taught you about songwriting? Ray: Lyrics. He’s one of the best lyricists of all time. I mean, look at his songs. “A Song for You.” “Hummingbird.” “Delta Lady.” He’s got classic songs. And he told me that when he writes, he tries to write classics. He said, “I was writing with the intent of my songs lasting 80 years.” And he did that. His songs are some of the most covered songs in the history of music. Guitar World: Leon co-wrote your new album Me’s closing track, “Fallen Angel.” Ray: Yeah. Leon wrote most of the words, so I can’t really give you an in-depth comment on the lyrics. But I came up with the chords and the melody and Leon wrote some words to that, and then I tweaked it. We recorded it in Nashville and it was really a great experience. Here is that song:
Leon Russell Nov 29, 2017
"Leon Russell" limited edition re-release on vinyl.
Leon Russell Nov 15, 2017
Nice review from the Record Collector - "...a truly great musician left this world on an undeniable high."
Leon Russell Nov 08, 2017
I thought you all might like to see some of the great feedback about On A Distant Shore - Leon's posthumous album. Hope you got your copy! We have our fingers crossed - Grammy nominations will be announced on Nov 28th! If there is any justice in the world, this will be on the list!
Leon Russell Oct 16, 2017
Many of you have asked, so here's that song that Ray Goren wrote remembering Leon. He said "This song means a lot to me because lyrically, melodically and emotionally, I wrote it while coping with the death of my mentor, Leon Russell" It is from Ray's latest album. Stream on Spotify >> Apple Music >>
Leon Russell Oct 12, 2017
Here's Leon and Ray Goren working on some of the songs they co-wrote. Leon started teaching Ray the fundamentals of songwriting when Ray was only 11 years old. You all know that Leon loved to promote young talent -- as he did with Freddie King. Leon taught Ray so much about songwriting that when Ray got stuck, he would just call Leon for help with a word or a phrase. This shot was taken while Ray was visiting Leon in Nashville over the 2015 Christmas holidays. While you can hear Ray playing guitar on Leon's album (Black & Blue track), they were also working on songs which they recorded together where Ray carried the vocals. One of those songs is on Ray's first full length album "Me" - released just one week after Leon's On A Distant Shore.
Leon Russell Oct 10, 2017
Nice review here on Leon's latest album. Worth reading the whole thing I thought! Plus a link to a song from the album. Leon Russell is gone, but his music lives on. His last release, On a Distant Shore, is a love letter from beyond the grave, a final fond farewell to loyal fans ......
Leon Russell Oct 09, 2017
Leon Russell Oct 05, 2017
It might surprise you to know that Leon's album is being promoted on Jazz radio, a genre not usually associated with Leon. It's doing very well. In fact Leon's album hit the Billboard charts this week: #12 on Americana/Folk; #38 on the Rock chart; #23 on the Independent chart. Sending out a big thanks to everyone who has supported this by buying Leon's album - YOU made it happen! So far the favorites seem to be a couple of Leon's previously recorded songs, This Masquerade and A Song For You - but also Love This Way and the reworked song, Black and Blue. I'm sure Leon is happy to know the young man he mentored, Ray Goren, is getting an introduction into a new group of listeners thanks to his searing guitar solo on this track of Leon's. Take a listen!
Leon Russell Oct 03, 2017
While you are enjoying your On A Distant Shore album, we thought you might like to see a few of the people involved in helping Leon create his beautiful music. Folks in this photo are just a few of those listed in the album credits and when this photo was taken the album had not yet officially been started. However, one of the tracks that came out of this session - Black & Blue - did make it to the final cut. Left to right: Mark Lambert, Guitar, background vocals and co-producer of the album; Mike Brignardello, Bass; Leon -- well besides writing, producing,and vocals he did the keyboards and some bass; Gregg Morrow, Drums and percussion; Ray Goren, featured on guitar on Black & Blue; and Chris Leuzinger, Guitar. There are many other people who were part of the production - read all about them on the backside of the album.
Leon Russell Sep 28, 2017
Leon Russell's Church Studio makes National Historic Register
Leon Russell Sep 28, 2017
10 New Albums to Stream Now: Rolling Stone Editors' Picks Leon Russell's farewell, Kevin Gates' latest dispatch from the edge, the Killers' champagne dreams and more albums to stream this week
Leon Russell Sep 26, 2017
Leon Russell Sep 19, 2017 Great review from AP today . . . small snippet here but you will want to read the whole thing! . . .According to his wife, Russell considered his last set of recordings his favorite. “On a Distant Shore” has similar feelings of finality as last year’s Leonard Cohen farewell, “You Want It Darker.” “Sounds like a funeral for some person here,” Russell sings on the title track in his trademark trill. “And I might be the one.” Meanwhile, his daughters, Sugaree Noel Bridges and Coco Bridges, add some “dip do waddy waddy” backing vocals and the instrumental track validates the lyrics — “I hear the sound of violins /Is this how the story ends?/And I’m lost on a distant shore.”
Leon Russell Sep 13, 2017
Leon re-recorded A Song For You for his final album - On A Distant Shore which comes out Sept 22nd. This version is beautifully orchestrated - At the same time Leon was writing songs for this album he was asked to play at his friend Tommy LiPuma’s birthday celebration. Ruff recordings of This Masquerade, A Song for You, and Hummingbird were initially made for the band to learn Leon’s current version. As the arrangements came together, it was decided they fit well with the new songs so they finished production on them and included them on the album.
Leon Russell Sep 12, 2017
The LIMITED Deluxe edition of On a Distant Shore arrives 10 months after Leon’s passing. His final album offers up a stunning batch of original material — including updated versions of three hits from his older catalog — all influenced by the timeless sounds of the Great American Songbook. These aren't cover songs. Instead, they're Leon's own version of pop and jazz standards, filled with sweeping strings, grand piano, pedal steel, horns, and a voice that retained its powerful, poignant punch until the very end. 16 songs and a beautifully illustrated lyric booklet. It releases on Sept 22. Pre-order yours at Leon's website now.
Leon Russell Aug 28, 2017
Did you see this article about the On A Distant Shore album which is being released on Sept 22. Here's a note about the 3 previously recorded songs on the album: At the same time Leon was writing songs for this album (On A Distant Shore) he was asked to play at his friend Tommy LiPuma’s birthday celebration. Ruff recordings of This Masquerade, A Song for You, and Hummingbird were initially made for the band to learn Leon’s version. As the arrangements came together, it was decided they fit well with the new songs so they finished production on them and included them on the album. Don't forget to go out to the website and pre-order your copy of the Deluxe which has 4 extra songs and the lyric booklet.  Aug 10: Paste (A Song For You)
Leon Russell Aug 23, 2017
Here are some notes from the On A Distant Shore Deluxe Limited Edition - you can pre-order at Leon's website - and a video where he talks about songwriting. It explains a little bit about why he took this album in the direction that it goes . . . .