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Young L3X Dec 01, 2018
Young L3X
Young L3X Nov 26, 2018
Young L3X Oct 21, 2018
Turn This On Stream:
Young L3X Oct 19, 2018
Young L3X Oct 17, 2018
Young L3X
Young L3X Oct 15, 2018
Young L3X Sep 21, 2018
Lucid Dreams (acoustic) Ft. Siera Mollakuqe
Young L3X Aug 06, 2018
Keisha's Story
Young L3X Aug 04, 2018
I still call to check up on her 📞🖤
Young L3X Jul 10, 2018
Young L3X Jul 02, 2018
Young L3X Jun 22, 2018
Young L3X Jun 16, 2018
Young L3X Jun 08, 2018
Young L3X May 17, 2018
Young L3X May 16, 2018
My album "It's Happening Now" is available now.
Young L3X Apr 08, 2018
Check out my playlist on your favorite streaming service. In Her Feelings Playlist 💔💔💔 Way Too Deep Playlist 😢😢😢 The Switch Up Playlist 🔥🔥🔥
Young L3X Apr 06, 2018
Young L3X Mar 26, 2018
Make sure you check out more of my music in the link below. I currently have 70 songs out and I have a lot more music coming soon. So if you have time check the link to hear more music, check out my albums and playlist. Thank You
Young L3X Mar 22, 2018
In Her Feelings Playlist Listen to these songs and more Stream/Download:
Young L3X Mar 13, 2018
Young L3X Merch available now in different sizes and colors.
Young L3X Mar 01, 2018
Facebook is wack so if y’all wanna keep up with my latest music and news then make sure y’all follow me on other social media. All my true fans please follow me 🙏 A lot of new music and videos coming soon. Instagram @youngl3x Twitter @youngl3x Snapchat Youngl3x Subscribe to my YouTube
Young L3X Feb 10, 2018
Young L3X Jan 21, 2018