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The Bright Side
Lenka Apr 14, 2019
Tea time...
Lenka Apr 06, 2019
Hi. I just had a huge rush of gratitude for all the people out there who listen to my music, who tune in with me, who hear me. Thank you so so much. Even on my worst, loneliest days, when i feel powerless against the grim cruelty of this world, i feel less alone. I feel connected, because i've got you guys. I'm super blessed to have been seen and heard and felt by you. I hope you feel connected too. And yes, i am boo$ting this post, even though i'm not promoting anything. Because i want to reach as many of you as possible to say thanks. Thanks for keeping me company. I love you! 💚 Photo by the beautiful @georgia.blake.750
Lenka Apr 03, 2019
Working on some stuuuuff in the stuuuudio this week...
Lenka Mar 19, 2019
Cheers! 🥂 It’s my birthday and I’m sending love out to you all ❤️
Lenka Mar 15, 2019
We are on this earth together, to honor it, to respect each other. Why would anyone think we have the right to harm the earth or to harm another person? I’m sad today but I still believe in good over evil and in teaching our children to be kind above all else. 🌱
Lenka Mar 08, 2019
Love to all my sisters on #internationalwomensday 💕💋❤️ 🌏
Lenka Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentine’s Day my loves 😍
Lenka Jan 16, 2019
#10yearchallenge 2009>2019 I’m aging backwards! 👉
Lenka Dec 31, 2018
Cheers to 2019! 🥂May it bring much inspiration, peace and kindness for us all. 🤟
Lenka Dec 22, 2018
Gone a bit XTRA for XMAS! Wishing everyone a wonderful, loving, silly festive season... 🎀🥂
Lenka Nov 24, 2018
🍊New hair. Everything is peachy and life is a tangerine dream. 🍑
Lenka Nov 20, 2018
Hey mums and dads! 👂Check out this fun podcast my lovely friend made, by kids, for kids! #thepodsquad listen and subscribe: ❤️
Lenka Sep 23, 2018
Happy 10th Birthday to my debut album!!! 10 yrs ago today this album came out and changed my life! What an incredible journey it’s been and how time flies... Thanks to everyone involved in its creation and release and to all of you who love this album; I am beyond grateful for your support. Woohoo!!!
Lenka Aug 24, 2018
New song snippet. #OnMySide
Lenka Mar 27, 2018
Hey America! The charming, funny new show Splitting Up Together premieres TOMORROW Tuesday 27th 9:30pm|8:30pmC on ABC ! Be sure and watch to find my song #everythingsokay in the titles!!! 💘💘💘
Lenka Feb 14, 2018
Find A Happy Place!!! #flashback to me flyin thru the air like i wish i could do ALL THE TIME. (Blue Skies Video 2015)
Lenka Dec 10, 2017
's cover photo
Lenka Dec 05, 2017
Excited to be performing at the @honorglobal launch event in London. Singing a new song! #maxyourview #honor7x
Lenka Oct 18, 2017
Loved doing this windy Sydney rooftop performance for The Late Shift with Nick Gulliver. Check it out!
Lenka Oct 11, 2017
Los Angeles I'm back! Hotel Cafe show Tuesday 17th October! We'll be playing new songs from Attune as well other favourites. So excited to be back with you guys! New album "Attune" out friday 13th! Eeek! Tickets:
Lenka Oct 11, 2017
Lenka Sep 13, 2017
Interview up on about my upcoming album and stuff!
Lenka Sep 12, 2017
Lenka Sep 12, 2017
My new video for "Heal" premieres today at !! Check it out, with some words about it too: