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Selectors 005 - Lena Willikens
Festival le Bon Air Festival le Bon Air 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Marseille, France) Find tickets
A Day and Tolouse Low Trax with Lena Willikens and Donato Dozzy at La Sucrière (June 1, 2019)
Venue: La Sucrière (Lyon, France) Find tickets
PollerWiesen Festival PollerWiesen Festival 2019
Venue: Revierpark Wischlingen (Dortmund, Germany) Find tickets
Plissken Festival Plissken Festival 2019
Venue: Technopolis (Athens, Greece) Find tickets
Lena Willikens Apr 13, 2019
Tonight in Belgrad at 20/44.
Lena Willikens Apr 12, 2019
Tonight in Zürich at Kauz with Daniele Cosmo.
Lena Willikens Apr 10, 2019
Batu and I had a conversation for Crack Magazine. We are going to play Nuits sonores together on 1st of June. LW: For me, it can totally fuck up a mood if I don’t really like what the DJ before did. Sometimes you have to build everything up from scratch because you want to go somewhere else with the crowd, and they probably enjoyed the tech house set before, you know? [laughs] With you, it’s always that I can completely trust and know that whatever you’ve done, if people enjoyed it they might also find their way into my world. And it doesn’t have something to do with similar genres or tempo. It’s more, I would call it, attitude? B: Yeah, I think that’s where we cross over lot. It always makes sense to me what you play. I can identify with all of it, not that I would go out and listen to that music or play it myself. It’s interesting… but yeah that night [you played] was the best Timedance party ever.
Lena Willikens Apr 09, 2019
First time visiting India. Bombay. Bangalore. Delhi.
Lena Willikens Apr 03, 2019
April. From Georgia to India ... Tonight in Belgrad at 20/44. .... Flyer by Alicia Carrera.
Lena Willikens Apr 03, 2019
On NTS Radio 2 with a new "Lightning Conductor" episode at 11am cet (12am uk time) featuring music by: Pavel Milyakov - Forest Loops (Berceuse Heroique) Lorenzo Fortino - Ancora In Cielo (Futop musica) Ancestral Voices - Shukr (Horo) Garland - Gl_Lo (Spa) Oliver Lieb - Dimension X (Recycle Or Die) Lamusa II - Due Uno (HVNX) Ancestral Voices - Surya (Horo) Instead Of - Track 2 (Kontakt Group) Iku - Hey Papi (Instrumental) (Spa) Giraffe - Shine and dark (Meakusma) Anatolian Weapons feat. Seirios Savvaidis - Kalesma (BIS) Bill Laswell - Kála (Sub Rosa) Tilliander - Expect Resistance (Dub On Arrival) O Yuki Conjugate - Insect-Talk (Dry) (Utter) Bézier - 觀夕平台 (Honey Soundsystem Records) Oliver Lieb - Spice Diving (Recycle Or Die) Flug 8 - Astrokid (Ransome Note Records) Freq Modif - Spy Hunter (Pete Namlook Tribute) John Talabot - Les Ultimes Estacions Intermitges (Hivern Discs) Tommy Tildrum - Adlib Invo (unreleased) Tune in on:
Lena Willikens Apr 01, 2019
My newest mix for Phonica is online. ... Featuring these tracks: Black Merlin – DE 2.1 (Die Orakel) Belia Winnewisser – I like Ferrofluid (SPA) Krystian Shek – War (Original Mix) (Fax +49-69/450464) Keller Crackers – KC (Tolouse Low Trax joint mix) (Marmo Music) Roll The Dice & Goran Kajfes – Sketches of Pain (The New Black) Jay Glass Dubs -Thumb Dub (Dub On Arrival) Coil – The Hills Are Alive (Virgin) Yoshinori Hayashi – 759 (Jheri Tracks) HLM38 – Anthropology (Notte Brigante) Harmonious Thelonious – Polyrhythmic Monster (Midnight Shift Records) B12 – Wobble Boarding (Fire Scope) Wahono – Pakar Gula Gending (Disk) James Bernard – Lapis Lazuli (STROOM) StabUdown Production – Koln Alone (Diagonal) Heith – Laguna (Haunter Records)
Lena Willikens Mar 29, 2019
Tonight in London for Re-Textured. Playtime 5am till 7am.
Lena Willikens Mar 29, 2019
Crack Magazine is reaching its magic 100st issue mark. To celebrate this very special occasion they invited a great list of artists to perform – I have the pleasure to play in their hometown of Bristol an all night long set on 21st of June at Arnolfini gallery and to give back some of the love they showed me. More infos:
Lena Willikens Mar 27, 2019
"...Willikens plays house and techno that has a post-punk energy. Frankfurt club Robert Johnson recently launched a mix series of archival recordings, which Willikens kicks off. For almost two and a half hours, her robust, jaunty selections get plenty of elbow room." Lauren Martin was so kind to pick my recording for Robert Johnson as one of her favorite mixes of the month alongside mixes by Palo Santo and Coco Maria, Erika, MGUN, Klaus, Ossia and Sherelle.
Lena Willikens Mar 24, 2019
popNRW was so kind to nominate me for their "Outstanding Artist" prize alongside those 14 very special artists. Feels like good company. for those curious to know more:
Lena Willikens Mar 23, 2019
Tonight at Kalt in Strassburg
Lena Willikens Mar 21, 2019
On 29th I gonna play Re-Textured Festival in London and share the E1 stage with some great artists and friends: krankbrother, Kassem Mosse [Live], Karen Gwyer [Live], Objekt, Aurora Halal [Live], Dr. Rubinstein and DJ Nobu. For those willing to join:
Lena Willikens Mar 16, 2019
Ola. Today back to Barcelona with Vladimir Ivkovic for an 4hour Willikens & Ivkovic set at Razzmataz. We start at 22.30 already.
Lena Willikens Mar 05, 2019
My dj dates for March … and two very special Phantom Kino Ballett performances as part of the exhibition opening at Kunstverein Düsseldorf on 14th of March. Flyer by Alicia Carrera.
Lena Willikens Feb 27, 2019
I am happy to announce that Sarah Szczesny and me are bringing our Phantom Kino Ballett to the Kunstverein Düsseldorf for an exhibition with several performances. The opening night is on 14th of March and performance is scheduled for 7pm.
Lena Willikens Feb 26, 2019
My set from last Yeats Sónar Festival in Reykjavik is now online via Resident Advisor. They say I went "tougher than usual"...
Lena Willikens Feb 23, 2019
Last October I performed together with Sarah Szczesny with the Phantom Kino Ballett at Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Ghent. Great venue and wonderful people running it. That said I am very happy to come back today to Ghent, this time for a dance at Eskimo Factory – "HART 2019":
Lena Willikens Feb 16, 2019
Today in New York. First at The Lot Radio at 7pm eastcoast time (1am cet) and later on at Good Room:
Lena Willikens Feb 15, 2019
The US weekend is starting in Philly with a real Dave P treatment. Today Philly. Tomorrow New York. Sunday Miami.
Lena Willikens Feb 12, 2019
Philly / New York / Miami for the weekend ahead... ... and many friends joining.
Lena Willikens Feb 06, 2019
On 1st of June I have the great pleasure to host "A Day with..." at Nuits sonores with these great artists and friends: . Batu, Donato Dozzy, Elena Colombi, I-F, Marie Davidson, Mutant Beat Dance, Nika Son, Oko Dj, Jondo, Tolouse Low Trax, Vladimir Ivkovic
Lena Willikens Feb 06, 2019
At 5pm ctm on NTS Radio 2: Lightning Conductor w/ Anatolian Weapons.
Lena Willikens Feb 04, 2019
Photos by Marina Sellimoutou (Music by Marina), shot at Possible Musics at Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris last weekend.
Lena Willikens Jan 27, 2019
Resident Advisor visited the closing party of salon des amateurs on the 4th of November of last year and Carlos Hawthorn included it in their current podcast. It starts at 11:54, but I suggest listening from the beginning to the end of course.