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Paredo EP
Selectors 005 - Lena Willikens
Lena Willikens Aug 24, 2019
Today Vladimir Ivkovic and me gonna play at Dekmantel Selectors 2019 from 2am till 6 am. 4 hours of Willikens & Ivkovic.
Lena Willikens Aug 21, 2019
Lightning Conductor w/ Switchdance now on NTS radio 2. ...
Lena Willikens Aug 18, 2019
Arte Concert recorded my set at LA ROUTE DU ROCK last Thursday. Now available on their website.
Lena Willikens Aug 17, 2019
"Lena Willikens and Vladimir Ivkovic share their three-hour Nuits Sonores set—one of our five key performances from the Lyon festival—which "felt like existing in the lagging moment of a sci-fi movie, just before a spaceship launches into warp speed." Resident Advisor made our Nuitssonores set theie mix of the day.
Lena Willikens Aug 17, 2019
ARTE Concert transmitted and recorded my set at LA ROUTE DU ROCK last Thursday. Playlist: Flug 8 - Hypnotische Wellen (Long Version) Gladkazuka - Arp Stylax Audrey - Padewon Credit 00 - R You Ready 2 Jack Karabine - Riot Congas HOUSE OF SUNS - WANE(streaming) Pseudopolis - Super Soaker Leda Stray & High Class Filter - Bengal Jasss - Talking Danny Daze & Defekt - Positive Ventilation Mike Dearborn - Deviant Behaviour (Instrumental Mix) Isabella - Penchant Disenchant Aurelius98 - Nimda Ali McK & IYZ - Trenches J-ZBEL - Tunnel Vision Verraco - Don’t Kill ‘em All Code Walk - Touch Animistic Beliefs - Succubi Island Beaumont Hannant - Psi-Onyx
Lena Willikens Aug 11, 2019
Today in Helsinki for FlowFestival with Vladimir.
Lena Willikens Aug 10, 2019
Today finally in Oslo for Oya Festival - after last years flight chaos...
Lena Willikens Aug 03, 2019
My August looks like this. ... Tonight in New York for the first time at Nowadays. ... Artwork by Alicia Carrera Booking by Meri Bonastre / Futura
Lena Willikens Aug 01, 2019
Tonight in Boston with Balti Moroder at Middlesex Lounge for "Make It New".
Lena Willikens Jul 31, 2019
Cristina Plett interviewed Sarah Szczesny and me about Phantom Kino Ballett and our upcoming exhibition at NAK. Neuer Aachener Kunstverein for GROOVE-Magazin.
Lena Willikens Jul 25, 2019
On my way to Mexico City to play at Terminal Club. Details:
Lena Willikens Jul 24, 2019
Lena Willikens Jul 18, 2019
Tonight in Barcelona with Identified Patient, The Hacker & Alessandro Adriani and more.
Lena Willikens Jul 10, 2019
Wildeburg festival in Kraggenburg this friday with Violet and Khidja and many more.
Lena Willikens Jul 10, 2019
Back in LA on 27th of July with Dave P, Alex Ho, Cooper Saver.
Lena Willikens Jul 02, 2019
July. Today in Jerusalem for Pergamon. ... Artwork by Alicia Carrera
Lena Willikens Jun 26, 2019
Today resom conducts a guest show on my "Lightning Conductor" programming on NTS Radio. 5pm cet.
Lena Willikens Jun 21, 2019
Tonight in Bristol for Crack Magazine all night long.
Lena Willikens Jun 20, 2019
Today I am on "First Floor", the show by Shawn Reynaldo on Red Bull Music Academy Radio. ... from 8-10pm in Europe, 7-9pm in the UK, 2-4pm in New York and 11am-1pm in LA. Direct link:
Lena Willikens Jun 19, 2019
Such a shame to say goodbye to BAR Rotterdam - Hopefully the new place will open very soon!
Lena Willikens Jun 11, 2019
Mutant Beat Dance
Lena Willikens Jun 04, 2019
"Unlike the other daytime curators, Lena Willikens chose to open La Sucrière's impressive main hall on Friday, playing alongside her usual back-to-back partner Vladimir Ivkovic. The two looked relaxed behind the decks, swaying, smoking and sometimes smiling. The crowd, less dense than during the other headliners due to the early start, were also in a good mood, using the extra space to feel out each beat of the slower selections. Much of the two hours felt like existing in the lagging moment of a sci-fi movie, just before a spaceship launches into warp speed (in a good way, I promise)." Resident Advisor on the three-hour-set of Willikens & Ivkovic at Nuits sonores
Lena Willikens Jun 01, 2019
Today is the day: Nuits sonores 2019.
Lena Willikens May 29, 2019
The new episode of my radio show "Lightning Conductor" is airing 5pm at NTS Radio 2. Tracklist in the first comment. Show in archive soonish.
Lena Willikens May 28, 2019
June dates! Starting this Saturday in Lyon at Nuits sonores 2019 & Paris for We Love Green Festival. ... Artwork by Alicia Carrera