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Paredo EP
Selectors 005 - Lena Willikens
Plissken Festival Plissken Festival 2019
Venue: Technopolis (Athens, Greece) Find tickets
Open Source Festival Open Source Festival 2019
Venue: Rennbahn Am Grafenberg (Düsseldorf, Germany) Find tickets
Charlotte de Witte, Rødhåd, FJAAK, Adiel, and 7 more… at Razzmatazz (July 18, 2019)
Venue: Razzmatazz (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Lena Willikens Jun 21, 2019
Tonight in Bristol for Crack Magazine all night long.
Lena Willikens Jun 20, 2019
Today I am on "First Floor", the show by Shawn Reynaldo on Red Bull Music Academy Radio. ... from 8-10pm in Europe, 7-9pm in the UK, 2-4pm in New York and 11am-1pm in LA. Direct link:
Lena Willikens Jun 19, 2019
Such a shame to say goodbye to BAR Rotterdam - Hopefully the new place will open very soon!
Lena Willikens Jun 04, 2019
"Unlike the other daytime curators, Lena Willikens chose to open La Sucrière's impressive main hall on Friday, playing alongside her usual back-to-back partner Vladimir Ivkovic. The two looked relaxed behind the decks, swaying, smoking and sometimes smiling. The crowd, less dense than during the other headliners due to the early start, were also in a good mood, using the extra space to feel out each beat of the slower selections. Much of the two hours felt like existing in the lagging moment of a sci-fi movie, just before a spaceship launches into warp speed (in a good way, I promise)." Resident Advisor on the three-hour-set of Willikens & Ivkovic at Nuits sonores
Lena Willikens Jun 01, 2019
Today is the day: Nuits sonores 2019.
Lena Willikens May 29, 2019
The new episode of my radio show "Lightning Conductor" is airing 5pm at NTS Radio 2. Tracklist in the first comment. Show in archive soonish.
Lena Willikens May 28, 2019
June dates! Starting this Saturday in Lyon at Nuits sonores 2019 & Paris for We Love Green Festival. ... Artwork by Alicia Carrera
Lena Willikens May 28, 2019
My artikelen on 3VOOR12/Amsterdam is now online.
Lena Willikens May 26, 2019
I made a playlist for the day I host at Nuits Sonores next Saturday feat. tracks by all producers playing that day.
Lena Willikens May 25, 2019
Tomorrow in Amsterdam for Lente Cabinet Festival 2019.
Lena Willikens May 24, 2019
Tomorrow I gonna play with Vladimir Ivkovic at Alfresco Festival. This is the recording of our set in Belgrade a month ago.
Lena Willikens May 22, 2019
This Friday in Marseille for Festival Le Bon Air 2019.
Lena Willikens May 22, 2019
working out the line-up for Nuits sonores was a great chance to invite some of my favourite artists - can’t wait to see it happen on the 1st of june in lyon!! >
Lena Willikens May 20, 2019
Many thanks to everyone involved and everyone who listened to my essential mix on BBC Radio 1 - for those who couldnt find the time yet and would like to check it out, the mix is still online for 27 days (link in comment). here is the updated tracklist (one track was mislabeled as unknown): Kenny Larkin - Hello (Warp Records) Koehler - Melencolia V (ESP Institute) Bandulu - Ki (Infonet) 030 feat. Dr. Motte - Synapsit (MFS) Khidja - Devil Dance (DFA RECORDS) Josh Abrahams - Step Into Paradise (Worldwide Ultimatum Records) Dale Cornish - music - California (OOH-sounds) Chekov - Long Term Space Graffiti (unreleased) TSC - Escape (Rhythm) (One Track Records) Hoshina Anniversary - Zangai (forthcoming on MUSAR Recording) Catriel - /ydob ru (CAT) Wants - Spatif (forthcoming on eatmybeat) Egebamyasi- Mr. Egg (Total) Humate & Rabbit in the Moon - West (Superstition) Khshathra - Into Your Soul (Karima F's You're Terrific When You're Drunk rmx) (Sensible Seelen) Zilla - Whatever It Is (Charlotte Bendiks Remix) (forthcoming on Accidental Records) Ben Cohen - Entrance (brokntoys) J-Zbel - Bertrand Au Mont d'Or (Brothers From Different Mothers) Autrax - Dolphin's Dream (Carpe Sonum Records) Mystic Letter K - Project Foreign Object (H-Productions) ELLLL- Pepsi (Glacial Industries) Konduku - Kizilirmak (Tammo remix) (Nous'klaer Audio) LDY OSC - Give Me (forthcoming on Squirrels On Film) bourbonese qualk - Interstate (Praxis) Batu_music - Shiratani (Timedance) Gideon - Alert For Logic (Lessismore) Cari Lekebusch - Conrad 4 (Instrumental) (H-Productions) Jaquarius - Weirdos from the woods (Microclimat) Beaumont Hannant - Psi-Onyx (Moon Meets Mars) (General Production Recordings) Bézier - 綠館三溫暖 (Honey Soundsystem) The Atlas Project - Gatlato (Prikosnovénie) Tharsis Shelter Unit - Start Transmission (Brokntoys) Replicast - Gurrr (Carpe Sonum Records) Lucinate - Pulse Measure (forthcoming on Crimson Recordings) upsammy - Screaming Colours (forthcoming on Nous´klaer)
Lena Willikens May 17, 2019
Hello London! On my way to Corsica Studios to play alongside Orpheu The Wizard tonight. ... Between 1-3am BST (2-4am CET) my Essential Mix for @bbcradio1 will be broadcasted featuring yet unreleased tracks by upsammy, Chekov, Wants, Lucinate, Hoshina Anniversary, Charlotte Bendiks, LDY OSC... Direct link to the show:
Lena Willikens May 17, 2019
I am excited to accounce my first Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 – it will be broadcasted tonight from 1-3am BST (2-4am CET). A big thank you to all producers and labels constantly sending me their music and to all of you supporting me with bookings, playling my tracks and remixes and most of all dancing to my sets! This is the direct link to the show: It will available on the BBC’s website and on the BBC Sounds app for 30 days after broadcast. @BBCR1 Photo by Phil Struck
Lena Willikens May 12, 2019
Next week Sarah Szczesny and me are coming to Berlin to perform with our Phantom Kino Ballett at Volksbühne Berlin, Grüner Salon. The performance on 15th of May is already sold out. And the one on 16th of MAY about to be sold out soon. So hopefully those of you who want to come did already buy tickets. Images: Phantom Kino Ballett – Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, Installationsansicht Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf, 2019, Foto: Katja Illner.
Lena Willikens May 12, 2019
My "Paredo Mega Mix" is out on TAL Records alongside new tracks my KOPY, TENTENKO and MIKI YUI. The artwork is by Sarah Szczesny.
Lena Willikens May 03, 2019
May. Tonight in Helsinki at Kaiku ... Poster by Alicia
Lena Willikens May 01, 2019
Lena Willikens Apr 30, 2019
Back from my first ever trip to India – and what a trip it was. Thank you to Milkman for hosting my stay and those three performances in Bombay, Bangalore and New Delhi with such dedication. All photos by Milkman.
Lena Willikens Apr 27, 2019
Lena Willikens Apr 23, 2019
First time in India this week: Bombay, Bangalore, New Delhi.
Lena Willikens Apr 20, 2019
Tonight in Sicilia for Denshi Raw.
Lena Willikens Apr 13, 2019
Tonight in Belgrad at 20/44.