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Selectors 005 - Lena Willikens
III Points Festival III Points Festival 2019
Venue: Mana Wynwood (Miami, FL, US) Find tickets
Re-Textured Re-Textured 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (London, UK) Find tickets
Lena Willikens Dec 14, 2018
Dekmantel Selectors 2018 Flashback.
Lena Willikens Dec 13, 2018
Wonderful full moon memories from Dekmantel Selectors this year / Willikens & Ivkovic
Lena Willikens Dec 12, 2018
At 5pm on NTS Radio 2: Lightning Conductor W/ El Tigre Sound
Lena Willikens Dec 11, 2018
On February 17th in Miami for III Points Miami 2019: SZA, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky + more. Sharing the day with the ones like Erykah Badu, DJ Koze, DJ Stingray and Tim Hecker. Playing Philly (Making Time) and New York (Good Room) the days ahead.
Lena Willikens Dec 06, 2018
“And that gives you a lot of freedom, as you get the chance to play records you’ve never been able to play before" Vladimir Ivkovic and me talked to DJ Mag about Salon des Amateurs.
Lena Willikens Dec 04, 2018
DECEMBER artwork by Alicia Carrera.
Lena Willikens Nov 24, 2018
Playing tonight at 8Bahn with Jasmin in Arnhem.
Lena Willikens Nov 20, 2018
On 29th of March I gonna play some music at Re-Textured Festival in London. Tickets & more information:
Lena Willikens Nov 14, 2018
"Lightning Conductor 10" on NTS Radio: feat. music by: .... Iván Patachich ‎– Ballade (Hungaroton) Peter Michael Hamel – Nada (Wergo) John Huessen - Sawan (forthcoming on Sanpo Disco) Máma Bubo - Co To Ma Být (Endless Illusion) Benjamin Brunn - Coy (Raster) Crotocosm - Krazy Kalimba (No 'Label‘) Zuli - Vulnerbody (UIQ) XXXV gold fingers - Öpik Oort (Land of Dance Records) Bill Laswell - Above The Earth (Sub Rosa) Bear Bones, Lay Low - Dans tes Limbes (No 'Label‘) Umeko Ando - Iyomante Upopo (Pingipung) Omnibus - Čas Náhlých Změn (Endless Illusion) Peter Michael Hamel - Silence (Wergo) Mind Safari - Taming Your Mind Pt. I (Jacktone) SK U Kno - Vast Mute (No 'Label' ) Bruxas - Sirocco (Dekmantel) Raime - Real People, Not Actors (Different Circles) Simo Cell - Stop The Killing (Intello rmx) C.Memi - Ishin-Denshin (Bitter Lake Recordings) David Wojnarowicz & Ben Neill - The Industrial Section/High Tech Accelerando (Jabs) Marco Passarani - Coldrain (forthcoming on OFFEN) Etnik Sentetik - The Omen (Müstesna Records) Mutant Beat Dance - From Another Source (Rush Hour Music) Violent Quand On Aime - My Love (Knekelhuis) Exhausted Modern - Beta Pictoris (Endless Illusion) Mimicof feat. Hprizm - Love Control (Raster) - The Night Before The Typhoon (Alien Transistor) Zuli - Stacks & Arrays (UIQ )
Lena Willikens Nov 14, 2018
I am super excited that Nuits sonores asked me to curate a day for their upcoming 2019 edition alongside Peggy Gou, Bonobo and Maceo Plex. My day is the 1st of June, but I highly suggest coming in for the whole festival.
Lena Willikens Nov 13, 2018
A special recording of parts of a very special night at Salon des Amateurs with Vladimir Ivkovic / Willikens & Ivkovic >There are moments when things go totally right. Autistic telephone in Dokia's bag, that decided to record parts of the final night at Salon des Amateurs. There are 3 parts in one file: 26:02, 22:51, 03:02, that give a glimpse into the swirl of 4.11.2018 and attempt not to get nostalgic.
Lena Willikens Nov 10, 2018
"(...) Gender identity and sexuality are common threads in Phantom Kino Ballett's samples, from Bowie and Lear's teasing exchanges to Woodlawn and Montez's playful yet candid turns. The message, though, isn't explicit—the fragments of meaning don't follow a logical arc, but rather cross each other in seemingly opportune ways. (...) Willikens and Szczesny's Phantom Kino Ballett can be confusing at times, but, much like the show it's based on, it's consistently captivating, too." Resident Advisor reviewed the Phantom Kino Ballett album on Commend See/Rvng Intl. in length.
Lena Willikens Nov 08, 2018
Tonight in Saint Etienne for some Positive Education.
Lena Willikens Nov 06, 2018
My remix for Mari Sekine is now available on EM Records Osaka Japan – on 12-Inch (preorder) and digital: Mari Sekine „Beginning“ / "Beginning (Lena Willikens Remix)“ {link in the first commend}
Lena Willikens Nov 04, 2018
Today from 4pm till 1am at Salon Des Amateurs.
Lena Willikens Nov 03, 2018
Tonight at Dabadaba in Donostia.
Lena Willikens Nov 02, 2018
Lena Willikens Nov 02, 2018
Tonight in Bilbao.
Lena Willikens Oct 29, 2018
All Night in Miami in February. With Ben UFO, joy orbinson, DJ Stingray, Laurel Halo, Tim Hecker and many others.
Lena Willikens Oct 24, 2018
My remix for Khidja is finally out on Hivern Discs.
Lena Willikens Oct 18, 2018
Tomorrow Vladimir Ivkovic and I are talking record bags of Salon Des Amateurs at ADE.
Lena Willikens Oct 18, 2018
Oli Warwick interviewed me for Crack Magazines ADE special.
Lena Willikens Oct 16, 2018
Tomorrow in Ghent with Phantom Kino Ballett at Film Fest Gent
Lena Willikens Oct 04, 2018
October starts today in Bath. artwork by Alicia Carrera
Lena Willikens Sep 27, 2018
Julian Brimmers visited me in Amsterdam for a "Fireside Chat" for Red Bull Music Academy Radio.