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We Are Electric We Are Electric 2019
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Kappa FuturFestival Kappa FuturFestival 2019
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Sea You Festival Beach Republic Sea You Festival Beach Republic 2019
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Len Faki at Phonox (July 28, 2019)
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Len Faki Jun 20, 2019
Barcelona at Off Week Festival was pure FUN 🙌
Len Faki Jun 19, 2019
Tama Club 🇵🇱 Poznan - you rock! 🔥 it was such a hot day with 34°+ the club was heated up to a sweatbox but we pushed against the heat and just kept dancing. 💃🏻🕺🏻
Len Faki Jun 17, 2019
bye bye Barcelona. fantastic party yesterday at Off Week Festival 🙏 footage will follow 👊 #barcelonaview #beachfront
Len Faki Jun 16, 2019
hola Barcelona 👋 i’m on my way to you ❤️ see you in a bit at Off Week Festival in Parc del Forum 🙌 playing for my dear buddy Maceo Plex - let‘s dance 💃🏻 🕺🏻
Len Faki Jun 14, 2019
🇩🇪 Berlin 🚅 🇵🇱 Poznań playing my first time at Tama tonight 👊🙌
Len Faki Jun 13, 2019
some onstage + backstage pictures to share with you from my unforgettable Cercle experience in New York. first one is with my love, who is always by my side. my biggest supporter and working so hard to make this all possible ❤️ the second one is Phil from Cercle bringing me on stage just 2 mins before i had to start. the atmosphere was crazy from the first moment on. it was such a amazing moment and view having manhattan and all the people surrounded by me 🌟 next one is Pol fully concentrated with coordinating all the live cameras (big respect for his great work). the sunset and evening light made the boat and skyline shine and then my set time was already over. time was flying. after the interview, Derek from Cercle showed a video from the heli ride i got as a present from them to me and Micha @michael_balde is my dear booker since many years. glad he made it to join me in New York for this one. a great experience we had together. and the last photo shows the brunch next day. was so nice to eat together and chat about the adventures we just experience. big thanks to Cercle for having me and Teksupport for the perfect production 🙏❤️ the full video of the show is online on youtube. 👉
Len Faki Jun 12, 2019
just realizing i haven‘t shared this video from my fantastic dark and intimate 🇨🇦 Montreal warehouse session yet. big thanks to all the dancers in the sweaty box Société des arts technologiques [SAT] - it was truly incredible! 🔥
Len Faki Jun 08, 2019
on my way to🇨🇭VIBEZ Openair 🙌 see you dancers 💃🏻 🕺🏻 12:00 - 13:30 DARRIEN 13:30 - 15:00 I HATE MODELS 15:00 - 16:30 MARCEL DETTMANN 16:30 - 18:00 PAUL RITCH 18:00 - 19:30 VICTOR RUIZ 19:30 - 21:00 ELLEN ALLIEN 21:00 - 22:45 CHARLOTTE DE WITTE 22:45 - 00:30 LEN FAKI
Len Faki Jun 07, 2019
my live set for Cercle from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum New York is now on online at YouTube 🙌 👉
Len Faki Jun 06, 2019
thank you New York! i had a fantastic time 🙏❤
Len Faki Jun 05, 2019
LF RMX 016 - Jesse Somfay remixes is out now ☺️ A. Can You See Me I‘m Waving (LF Hardspace Mix) B. Small Pebbled Forest (LF Deepspace Mix) listen to it here 👉 #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V. #jessesomfay
Len Faki Jun 04, 2019
oh my goodness - what a crazy awesome event! thank you so much to Cercle and Teksupport for having me and offering me this great opportunity! big thanks to all the dancers for the great vibe and your passion and to everyone that joined the live stream. thanks so much for all your support. i will remeber this night forever 🙏
Len Faki Jun 03, 2019
hello New York 🤩 happy to see we have sunny weather today. i´m a little nervous about the live stream tonight. but at the same time, i love the challenge and i feel save in New York. it´s the first city i ever played at in North America many years back and i was welcomed in the best way each time. so i am super happy my debut show for Cercle will happen here in this special location. i will start at 7:30pm New York time which is 1:30 in the morning European time. i see you later! 🙌🕺🏻
Len Faki Jun 02, 2019
The Crave in Den Haag is still a young festival. was their 3rd year and my first time playing there but it is definitely one to watch 👀 it has a young and visionary team behind and there was such a nice crowd of all different age groups and styles which created such a infecting good energy and high spirit that i really loved playing for you guys 🙌 thanks for having me! 🙏❤️
Len Faki Jun 01, 2019
🇬🇧Belfast 👊 it was a pleasure to play AVA Festival yesterday. thanks for having me 🙏 now already in my way to Den Haag to The Crave Festival - see you there soon 🙌
Len Faki May 31, 2019
🇬🇧 Belfast - i‘m on my way 🛫 playing at AVA Festival for the first time tonight! very exciting 😊
Len Faki May 31, 2019
good morning report 😀 7 AM floating acid moves at Lehmann Club - i really do love this dark, sweaty basement place. danke stuttgart 🖤 🙏
Len Faki May 29, 2019
come, dance with me the next days 🇩🇪 🕺🏻Airport | Würzburg 🇩🇪 🕺🏻Lehmann | Stuttgart 🇮🇪 🕺🏻Ava Festival | Belfast 🇳🇱 🕺🏻Crave Festival | Den Haag 🇺🇸 🕺🏻Cercle | New York
Len Faki May 28, 2019
yes! i know this guy 😂 #walkinyourname #london #shoreditch
Len Faki May 26, 2019
🇵🇹 Obrigado Oporto 🙏 sunshine and bright morning light after a dark and wild night ❤ big thanks to the NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival gang - great host 👊
Len Faki May 24, 2019
hallo München ✌️ich zu meinem teil hab richtig bock auf heute abend 🕺🏻 bis später 👉 BLITZ Music Club 👊🔥
Len Faki May 24, 2019
it´s time for action NOW! CONCRETE is an institution for the techno scene in Paris and in the whole of Europe. i connect so many great, intense, wild and sweaty memories with this place that i wouldn´t want to miss and i really hope there are more to come. this can´t be the end now after seven years. we need to get active. please sign the petition and spread the word! 🙏❤️ 👉 #concreteparissupport
Len Faki May 23, 2019
C A N Y O U S E E M E I ' M W A V I N G #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V. #jessesomfay #comingsoon
Len Faki May 22, 2019
✨ SAVE THE DATE NEW YORK ✨ my Cercle Concert debut will happen on Monday 03rd of June at Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (USS Intrepid aircraft carrier) with the New York City skyline in the background. will be a unique experience to all of us - i am super excited about! event link 👉 Cercle Teksupport
Len Faki May 22, 2019
New York - it´s already time to leave you again my love. always so nice to spend time in this awesome city ❤️ i can´t reveal everything now but let me just say - i will be back in town much sooner then you would expect me to and with a very special event and location 👊 info to come in the next days...