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Len Faki Dec 13, 2018
very sad news when a great place, like Output club was, has to shut their doors. it remember me to be careful with the balance in our scene of clubs, big venues and mega festivals. this picture taken in 2013 where i have played the very first time at this unique club in brooklyn - good memories at all! in love, peace ❤️
Len Faki Dec 09, 2018
Len Faki Dec 07, 2018
love to be here - it is always so great to play at The Block in Tel Aviv. it‘s a night where i‘m not only a dj but also a listener - the soundsystem is incredibly good, in my top 3 worldwide and it is pure joy to listen to my set on it. so i am much looking forward for tonight!!! 🙌 and as a plus it is a Figure 100 tour stop and i am surrounded by very dear colleagues and friends Roman Poncet Nocow + my team i couldn‘t be happier ❤
Len Faki Dec 07, 2018
fantastic vibe and positive energy last night in Barcelona Razzmatazz with HEX Barcelona ❤️ muchas gracias 🔥
Len Faki Nov 26, 2018
warehouse mood at it‘s best 🔥it was a magical night with magic people at our Figure 100 Nacht in Rotterdam - thank you 🙏🕺🏻💃🏻 #figure100 Rotterdamse Rave Jeroen Search Juxtaposition Roman Poncet @lenfaki
Len Faki Nov 21, 2018
it was the first time this summer that i played my mix of BA3 Breathing and your feedback was overwhelming! track was released yesterday on LF RMX 011 big thanks Kotai for beeing part of the series. #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V.
Len Faki Nov 19, 2018
011 out now 😊 #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V. #kotai
Len Faki Nov 18, 2018
easy sunday #freshcoconut #beachboy #riodejaneiro
Len Faki Nov 17, 2018
greetz + happy weekend 🙌 #freeweekend #riodejaneiro
Len Faki Nov 16, 2018
Deep Club Vibes
Len Faki Nov 15, 2018
staying for some extra days in Rio de Janeiro after the shows last weekend and so far i really like it here 😉 #beachwalk #sunset
Len Faki Nov 13, 2018
Foz do Iguaçu waterfalls are pure energy!! i‘m thankful i had the chance to visit this impressive place ❤
Len Faki Nov 12, 2018
great energy in Curitiba 🙌 big thanks to all of you and Tribaltech for beeing such a lovelee host 🙏
Len Faki Nov 11, 2018
peaceful Sunday morning in Brazil ☀️☀️ greetz ☀️☀️
Len Faki Nov 09, 2018
Obrigado Sao Paulo 🙏 was a wild and packed D-EDGE club last night 🌪 pure FUN to play and to feel the heat 🔥
Len Faki Nov 07, 2018
Airport suntan ☀️ preparing for summertime in Brazil 😍 - see you very soon in Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Foz do Iguaçu 🇧🇷
Len Faki Nov 06, 2018
Footworx 🕺🏻..........and first preview of my last LF RMX release for this year. some recognize the track?
Len Faki Nov 05, 2018
about saturday night in Antwerp 🔥 KNTXT Charlotte de Witte 😘Tomorrowland 🙏Fuse 🙏
Len Faki Oct 30, 2018
a fantastic energy it was in the nature outside of Sao Paulo this September at XXXPERIENCE Festival! and i can't wait to be back for a Brazil weekend in just a few days 🙌 see you very soon! Nov 08th - D-EDGE - Sao Paulo Nov 09th - Tribaltech - Curitiba Nov 10th - Feelings - Foz do Iguacu
Len Faki Oct 26, 2018
what a great celebration yesterday!!!! big thanks to all the artists and dancers for such an awesome in store session @spacehall.official 🙌 #figure100 #berlin #recordstoresession #juxtaposition #ladystarlight #len_faki #pablomateo #setaocmass #truncate
Len Faki Oct 25, 2018
last time was amazing at Loft Club - much looking forward for tomorrow!
Len Faki Oct 22, 2018
010 out now 😊 #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V. #mrg #fex #randomer #cadans #ribé
Len Faki Oct 09, 2018
Printworks London
Len Faki Oct 03, 2018
LF RMX 010 is coming October 15th 😊 you can listen all 4 mixes here 🔈
Len Faki Oct 02, 2018
flipping through #figure100 🖤 the four 12" records sit in a handmade eight-page gatefold that i personally had not seen before. we luckily found this with the help of #intaktberlin, in search of a nice compact packaging that makes for a unique collectors item. FIGURE • #figure100