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My Black Sheep 10Y Anniversary Mixes
Street Dub EP
Vs Ep
Busy P and Pass 3 Nuits with Myd, Sam Paganini, and 6 more… at Double Mixte (April 19, 2019)
Venue: Double Mixte (Villeurbanne, France) Find tickets
Venue: Reperkusound (Lyon, France) Find tickets
DGTL Amsterdam DGTL Amsterdam 2019
Venue: Ndsm Docklands (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Magic Break – A New Planet Magic Break – A New Planet 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Alanya, Turkey) Find tickets
Slam, Len Faki, Laurent Garnier, KiNK, and 4 more… at SWG3 (April 20, 2019)
Venue: SWG3 (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Charlotte de Witte, Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Mind Against, and 3 more… at Palais 12 (April 27, 2019)
Venue: Palais 12 (Brussels, Belgium) Find tickets
Chris Liebing, Len Faki, Taucher, Dj Taucher, and 1 more… at Westfalenhallen 44139 (April 30, 2019)
Venue: Westfalenhallen 44139 (Dortmund, Germany) Find tickets
AVA Festival AVA Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Belfast, UK) Find tickets
Off Week Festival Off Week Festival 2019
Venue: Parc del Fòrum (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Venue: Parc Floral de Paris (Paris, France) Find tickets
HYTE x We Are Electric Weekender HYTE x We Are Electric Weekender 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Liempde, Netherlands) Find tickets
Kappa FuturFestival Kappa FuturFestival 2019
Venue: Parco Dora (Turin, Italy) Find tickets
Sea You Festival Beach Republic Sea You Festival Beach Republic 2019
Venue: Sea You Festival (Freiburg, Germany) Find tickets
Street Parade Street Parade 2019
Venue: Street Parade Route (Zürich, Switzerland) Find tickets
glitch glitch 2019
Venue: Gianpula Village (Ħaż-Żebbuġ, Malta) Find tickets
SWF SWF 2019
Venue: Havenpark (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Creamfields Creamfields 2019
Venue: Daresbury Estate (Halton, UK) Find tickets
Len Faki Apr 15, 2019
🚌 ✌️
Len Faki Apr 13, 2019
starting the day in my most favorite way with lemon ginger tea☀ and good morning from beautiful Vienna. big thanks for the great night yesterday! always a pleasure. now on my way to Caprices Festival playing in the mountains for the 3rd weekend in a row - i love ❤ see you in Crans-Montana soon with this line up 👊 20h-22h James Mc Hale 22h-00h Pan Pot 00h-02h DVS1 02h- 04h Marcel Dettmann 04h- 06h Len Faki
Len Faki Apr 10, 2019
so nice each time to meet so many dear colleagues and friends at Time Warp and spend some quality time together. to just share two things here - Laurent Garnier told me his memories from the very 1st Time Warp (you can see the the flyer on the wall and by the way he is the only artist that played since day one) 👊 and Seth Troxler was working on a new album that is coming soon and we spoke about his vision behind and studio time, tech talk. the things and inspirations that keep us going and evolving....❤ a wonderful and emotional weekend in any way 😊
Len Faki Mar 31, 2019
kick-end the weeknd 👊 join in for a dance 💃🏻🕺🏻
Len Faki Mar 30, 2019
Andorra - it is love at first sight ❤ not only because of this incredible impressive and beautiful mountains but also because of your warm welcome and the incredible vibe last night. i had the best first time here possible. big thanks to the lovely team at Hibernation for all their effort. i am ready for next time. for sure.👊
Len Faki Mar 29, 2019
on the road again 😊😃 of course it‘s not my first weekend but after such a long break it is so exciting to be behind the decks again! tonight it‘s ✈️Andorra Hibernation tomorrow ✈️Madrid FABRIK and on Sunday evening ✈️ Berlin Berghain / Panorama Bar perfect weekend 👊
Len Faki Mar 19, 2019
first day back in Berlin and reality hit me right in the face, literally🙈 my last wisdom tooth was in pain already for several days of my holiday so it had to be removed right away - autsch! i keep it positiv and watch netflix now all day long 😉
Len Faki Mar 17, 2019
my last evening of island life. one of so many with magical light, surrounded by soothing nature. some last deep inhales of fresh and calming air before going back to my „natural environment“ of clubs, parties, studio, airports and planes 😀 i love and need both world to feel complete. even though it is such an important part of me and maybe the more important one, still doesn‘t mean i‘m only wearing black, only listening to techno and only have fun at parties. i enjoy sport, being active, eating healthy whole foods, sunshine whenever possible and from time to time i even love to wear a classic white shirt. i‘m not always standing in front of dirty backstage walls but also in beautiful nature surroundings.... it‘s not one or the other. i go for having it all 😁 and i hope you enjoy following me in both worlds. but for the next months i will be in my techno universe 💯 ❗️and looking so much forward to see you there 👊
Len Faki Mar 14, 2019
New York - see you soon! Sunday, May 19th The Brooklyn Mirage together with Joseph Capriati and François K 🙌👊
Len Faki Mar 07, 2019
r e l a x y o u r b o d y
Len Faki Mar 05, 2019
still sleepy eyes but happy face. how can you not - look at that breakfast 😋 toasted whole-grain bread with avocado, tomatoes and poached eggs! one of my favs 🤘
Len Faki Feb 25, 2019
LF RMX 013 is out now 😊 especially Luke Slater and Cristian Vogel inspire me since the 90ies with their great work. therefore it means so much to me that i had the chance to work on those tracks and can share them with you today. #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V. #planetaryassaultsystems #cristianvogel #marcelus #lfhardspacemix #lfdeepspacemix
Len Faki Feb 24, 2019
this night was a while back but i remember it like yesterday. it was such a wild and sweaty one. we had soo much fun - i loved it. thank you Antwerp 👊❤️
Len Faki Feb 23, 2019
all green today
Len Faki Feb 22, 2019
Medellin, it has been so long - too long - i miss you guys! but i have good news for you 😊 i will play BAUM PARK on May 4th. so see you very soon now. i can´t wait! ⚡️👊
Len Faki Feb 21, 2019
very happy that Mark's (aka juxta position) and my collab EP has hit the stores just few days ago 😊 the EP contains 4 tracks, both coming in two versions. the two on side A were built around a vocal sample, saying ‚Superstition‘ which was actually recorded from juxta position’s wife. she had a dream in which she had imagined this to be played in a club and with that idea as a basis these tracks came to life. ‚Gathering Clouds‘ on the flip side for me is all about the melancholic strings which i instantly fell in love with, as i am having a weakness for stuff that goes right into your heart and hits that spot in between bitter and beauty. i hope you feel it too. check the ep via the link;
Len Faki Feb 20, 2019
snorkeling was pure fun today 🐠🐢🐙❤️ there is always so much to see and to discover in this different and so quiet underwater world
Len Faki Feb 19, 2019
a moment of freedom and passion 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻
Len Faki Feb 18, 2019
happy monday 😊 my collab release with @juxta_position_failsafe on FIGURE • just hit the stores ⚡️ artwork by @yukio_kimura #figurex04 #techno #lenfaki #juxtaposition
Len Faki Feb 16, 2019
g r e e t z 😁✌️
Len Faki Feb 14, 2019
Love has no age, no limit; and no death.
Len Faki Feb 13, 2019
evening flow, listening through all the tracks doing some last adjustments and cuts here and there - i can tell you i do have some truly great edits and remixes for you already and still 3 weeks more to go. so there is even more to come. i can´t wait to play them all and curious about your reactions and to hear them on a propper soundsystem. i worked on present tracks, on upcoming ones but also on some rediscovered oldies but goodies that i found in my archive - you will see 🤩🙌
Len Faki Feb 11, 2019
GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! new day, new week - starting with fresh ginger-lemon tea - my favorite 😋
Len Faki Feb 10, 2019
for those of you who miss summer vibes ☀💃🏻🕺🏻
Len Faki Feb 09, 2019
Saturday night - and for me, it´s dinner followed by movies. so it will be an unusually quiet one. what are you up for? i start to miss dancing...