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Len Faki Jul 30, 2019
„Not everyone understands house music. It's a spiritual thing. A body thing. A soul thing.“ ⠀ Everybody who's familiar with my sets knows that I have a thing for Chicago stuff and love to include jacking house as much as I love to play techno. ⠀ Had the wish for a while now to play house sets on some special occasions and am very excited to let you know that the first one is coming up soon, which i can't freakin' wait for! ⠀ The amazing Jamie Jones and myself will take over the terrace for Paradise Official at DC10 Ibiza on August 21st. More to come!
Len Faki Jul 29, 2019
it was one of my most favorite times in London ever - a club show at it‘s best 🔥 so much fun! thanks to the awesome crowd and Phonox for this unforgettable Sunday evening ❤
Len Faki Jul 28, 2019
hello 🇬🇧 London! feels good to be back again 😊 ⠀ are you ready for a Sunday evening dance? let’s go to the club 💃🏻🕺🏻playing from 7 PM till the end at Phonox
Len Faki Jul 27, 2019
i the best time in Istanbul again. love this city so, so much 😊 ⠀ big thanks to all the dancers and Big Burn Istanbul for a great host 🙏 ⠀ Özellikle burada gittikçe büyüyen ve her geçen gün daha fazla insan ve etkinlik kapsayan bir tekno ailesi olduğu için çok mutluyum ve bunu desteklemek istiyorum. Sevgilerle! ❤️
Len Faki Jul 26, 2019
Merhaba Istanbul 👀❤ ⠀ i arrived last night already to have some time in this crazy fascinating city. ⠀ I am super happy to be back in town and proud to close with my set at Big Burn Istanbul tonight. ⠀ dancing into the sunrise with all of you - can‘t wait for it 🕺🏻🥳🇹🇷 ⠀ and for all Turkish readers. check out my interview with Mixmag Turkey.
Len Faki Jul 24, 2019
weekend is coming closer 🤜 ⠀ 26.07 🇹🇷 Istanbul at Big Burn Istanbul ⠀ 27.07 🇮🇹 Cecina at Tinì SoundGarden ⠀ 28.08 🇬🇧 London Phonox ⠀ #touringnonstop ⠀ #technotravels ⠀ #lenfaki
Len Faki Jul 23, 2019
beloved ravers of FuturFestival - i still think of you 🇮🇹 🔥❤️
Len Faki Jul 21, 2019
sunday evening H O M E W O R K 🕺🏻come in, help me 🙃
Len Faki Jul 19, 2019
great vibe this week at Pyramid Ibiza🕺🏻see you in 2 weeks Ibiza for a second round at Afterlife 👊
Len Faki Jul 18, 2019
2 0 4 8 - still techno 😈 - count on me ✌️
Len Faki Jul 17, 2019
the full moon was magical in Ibiza last night. somehow it was my first time to experience and the whole island was tinted in such magical light and energie! #forceofnature #fullmoonnight
Len Faki Jul 16, 2019
🌴 ↘️ 🙋🏻‍♂️ #ibizalife #streetmood #lenfaki
Len Faki Jul 15, 2019
✌️back in town for Amnesia Ibiza expect some wild hours with me and the lady Charlotte de Witte tonight 🔥👊
Len Faki Jul 14, 2019
Edinburgh, i had a truly wonderful stay - sunshine, good food, beautiful sun set, energetic crowd and atmosphere, warm hearted people and now a sunny day again as i have to leave already to Sea You Festival - i couldn‘t have asked for more 🙏 enjoy your beautiful sunday 😘
Len Faki Jul 12, 2019
this weekend 🕺🏻 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Pulse at The Warehouse 🇩🇪 Sea You Festival 🇪🇸 Amnesia Ibiza #ontourforlife #musicisthekey #lenfaki
Len Faki Jul 11, 2019
jackin‘ and groovy afternoon session at We Are Electric in Eindhoven 🙃 those last week/end was pure FUN people ❤️ thanks to all dancers who joined me in Ibiza at Afterlife 🕺🏻Eindhoven at We Are Electric 💃🏻 Paris at The Peacock Society🕺🏻Turin FuturFestival 🙏
Len Faki Jul 10, 2019
in a good mood until the end 🥳 much love Paris ❤️🙏 we had a fantastic time together at The Peacock Society festival 💃🏻🕺🏻
Len Faki Jul 09, 2019
U N B E A T A B L E C R O W D 💯 ❤️ 🙏
Len Faki Jul 09, 2019
it´s hard to put the emotions during my set at Kappa FuturFestival in torino into words. but the first thought on my mind when i saw the water tube coming in - i wanted to be in the crowd with all of you - dancing, screaming, laughing and feeling the fresh water on my body ❤️ it was such a crazy hot day and incredible that you guys stayed with me at 34° and danced like crazy. there is much more to say…but just let me thank every single person for the great energy that has made this da day so special. big love and respect to the whole Kappa Futurfestival team for being such an extraordinary great host and make us smile the whole day! #technowater #waterdance #lenfaki
Len Faki Jul 08, 2019
LF RMX 017 - is out now ☺️ #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V. #planetloveink #brotherhoodofstructure #illuminatae
Len Faki Jul 07, 2019
a great moment from my last time at Kappa FuturFestival - i‘m on my way to Turin. see you there soon for a Sunday evening dance 🙌 🕺🏻
Len Faki Jul 06, 2019
exiting Saturday. now on my way to Eindhoven for We Are Electric festival and then off to Paris to close The Peacock Society 7AM in the morning. catch me there 🕺🏻 #nonstoptechno #nosleepgang #lenfaki
Len Faki Jul 05, 2019
only good vibes last night in Ibiza and so much fun to play and dance at Hï Ibiza Afterlife thanks to all the dancers, the great team behind and to Tale Of Us for having me 💃🏻🕺🏻❤
Len Faki Jul 04, 2019
back at the airport and ready for a big weekend 🙌 🇪🇸 Ibiza Hiibiza Afterlife 🇳🇱 Eindhoven @weareelectric Festival 🇫🇷 Paris The Peacock Society 🇮🇹 Turin Kappa FuturFestival #nosleepclub #touringnonstop #lenfaki
Len Faki Jul 01, 2019
B Illuminatae - Tremora Del Terra (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) one week to go for the release - here are the third and last remix from upcoming LF RMX 017. played it the first time this year on the 25th anniversary of Time Warp in mannheim which was a special moment i'll never forget. back then in south germany in stuttgart, where i come from, i was dancing to the original in the 90’s so many times. at that time as a dancer and not in charge of the decks, i would wait in clubs longing that this track would be played. many good “RAVE” memories on this 😊🕺🏻 #lfrmx Straßenkinder e.V. #illuminatae