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Chapter One
Relativity by Nite
Relativity By Nite
Lemaitre Aug 15, 2019
OSLO!! Dette blir helt sinnsykt fett. Vi spiller i Operaen fredag 11 oktober! Et nytt skreddersydd show kun for anledningen. Billetter i salg nå!
Lemaitre Jul 25, 2019
Touring this summer has been amazing all over, but Roskilde was nuts!!
Lemaitre May 24, 2019
Our good friend and collaborator Coucheron did a remix of Smoke and it's out today. Check it:
Lemaitre May 08, 2019
Our dear friend Johannes, also known as Joe passed away last weekend. Johannes was like a 3rd member of the group. He gave us our start using our music in his videos. We’re lucky we got to travel the world, live and work together for many years. Most importantly Johannes was our best friend, brother and the kindest person we’ve ever known. We love you❤️We’ll miss him forever and wish his family and loved ones love ❤️
Lemaitre Mar 01, 2019
FAST LOVERS EP out now! Here is a recap from last night's release concert in Oslo <3
Lemaitre Feb 04, 2019
Fast lovers is out now!
Lemaitre Jan 25, 2019
New tune coming February 1st!
Lemaitre Dec 13, 2018
All you ever wanted to know about us, in one single clip! (Ok, not really, but a nice little Q & A together with Timbuktu at least) Check it out below!
Lemaitre Nov 29, 2018
Here it is, the first clip of our session at the YouTube Space in London! "Big" featuring none other than Swedish rapper Timbuktu joining us on stage. Watch it here: At the session we invited a small number of fans & friends for a personal and intimate show as well as a short Q & A and mingle. We had a blast and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did making it. This is the first clip, sort of like an extended teaser for the full session, to be dropped next week. Stay tuned!
Lemaitre Nov 19, 2018
EURO TOUR IS A WRAP! Hey North-America, you're up next!
Lemaitre Nov 16, 2018
Hey good folks of the world! Here is a short teaser from our YouTube Space London performance! We took over the space for a day, invited some fans, did a short Q&A with Swedish rapper Timbuktu as well as an intimate live set. Everything was documented and starting next Thursday (the 22nd of November) we will release weekly clips from it during the following month right here on our channel. Sound good? Good! So head over to our YouTube channel (, buckle up and get ready!
Lemaitre Nov 02, 2018
Lemaitre Oct 30, 2018
We had an amazing time touring Europe with Dagny, now that it's over we start our solo Norway tour this weekend! And in no way connected to any of that, here's a little recap from the summer that we finally got fully edited lol! ENjoy <3
Lemaitre Oct 25, 2018
Excited to share our new songs "Big" feat Timbuktu and our cover of "Feels like we only go backwards" on Spotify! Check them out here:
Lemaitre Oct 23, 2018
Excited to share our new songs "Big" feat Timbuktu and our cover of "Feels like we only go backwards" on Spotify!
Lemaitre Sep 25, 2018
BIG is out now! 🔥
Lemaitre Sep 18, 2018
Lemaitre Sep 14, 2018
Big is out now!
Lemaitre Sep 10, 2018
Lemaitre Jun 25, 2018
get tickets for our upcoming shows at
Lemaitre Jun 23, 2018
Tickets for our US tour is now on sale! get yourrsss
Lemaitre Jun 20, 2018
Tune in tonight!! Our exclusive guest mix for #TrapNationRadio
Lemaitre Jun 11, 2018
OUT NOW!! Check it out here:
Lemaitre May 22, 2018
Our release party for Rocket Girl with Betty Who was something else 🔥we spent our whole marketing budget so pls watch this 😅a lovely evening in our backyard 😎
Lemaitre May 15, 2018